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Welcome, football enthusiasts, to this exciting article that delves into the fascinating world of DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19. If you are a dedicated fan or simply curious about football clubs, you’re in for a treat. DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 is a force to be reckoned with in the football realm, boasting a rich history and a promising future.

In this comprehensive article, we will uncover 22 intriguing facts about this esteemed football club. From its founding to its notable achievements and even its off-the-pitch endeavors, we will leave no stone unturned in providing you with a comprehensive look into the world of DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19.

So, lace up your boots and get ready to be enthralled as we explore the thrilling world of DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 and the impact it has made in the footballing landscape!

Key Takeaways:

  • DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19, founded in 1905, has a rich history, successful youth academy, and strong community engagement, shaping talented young players and contributing to German football legacy.
  • With a focus on nurturing talent, providing top-notch training facilities, and emphasizing education, DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 aims to produce skilled and disciplined footballers for the future.
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The Formation

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 was founded on December 3, 1905, making it one of the oldest football clubs in Germany.

The Nickname

The club is commonly known as “Die Blauen” (The Blues), referring to the team’s blue-colored jerseys.

The Home Ground

The home ground of DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 is the SchücoArena, located in Bielefeld, Germany.

Successful Youth Academy

The club has a renowned youth academy that has produced several talented players who have gone on to play for top-tier clubs and national teams.

Domestic Titles

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 has claimed various domestic titles, including multiple Westphalia Cup victories.

International Success

The club has participated in prestigious international youth tournaments and has achieved success on the global stage.

Strong Rivalries

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 has intense rivalries with other prominent youth teams, such as Borussia Dortmund U19 and Schalke 04 U19.

Development Pathway

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 acts as a crucial stepping stone for young players to progress into the senior squad and potentially make their mark in professional football.

Youth Development Philosophy

The club focuses on nurturing young talent and providing them with comprehensive training and guidance to shape them into skilled and disciplined footballers.

Experienced Coaching Staff

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 has a team of experienced coaches who provide invaluable knowledge and mentorship to the young players.

Supportive Fanbase

The club enjoys a dedicated fanbase that provides unwavering support to the youth team, creating an electrifying atmosphere during matches.

Commitment to Community

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 actively engages with the local community through various initiatives, promoting the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Emphasis on Education

The club places importance on the education and overall personal development of young players, encouraging them to prioritize their academic pursuits alongside their football careers.

Player Pathways

Several former DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 players have gone on to become key contributors for the senior team, showcasing the success of their player development program.

Training Facilities

The youth team has access to state-of-the-art training facilities that provide optimal conditions for the players’ physical and technical development.

Focus on Sports Science

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 incorporates sports science techniques and technologies to enhance the performance and prevent injuries of its players.

Youth Team Competitions

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 competes in various youth leagues and tournaments, showcasing their skills against other talented young footballers.

Squad Evaluation

The club’s coaches continuously evaluate the performance and potential of each player, ensuring they receive the necessary feedback and guidance for improvement.

Alumni Success

Several former DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 players have achieved success in their football careers, both domestically and internationally.

Community Engagement

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 actively participates in community events, building stronger connections with fans and promoting the love for the sport.

Historical Significance

Being one of the oldest football clubs in Germany, DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 has a rich history that contributes to the legacy of German football.

Visions for the Future

The club continually strives for excellence in youth development, aiming to produce more talented players who can make their mark on the world football stage.

With these 22 remarkable facts about DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19, it is evident that this football club holds a significant place in the world of football and continues to shape the future of the sport.


In conclusion, DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 is a football club with a rich history and promising future. From its inception to its current standing, the club has continuously evolved and made its mark in the football world. With a successful youth academy, a dedicated fan base, and a strong team of players and coaches, DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 is poised to continue its growth and success in the coming years. With these 22 facts, you now have a deeper understanding of this fantastic football club and can appreciate the passion and dedication that drives it forward.


1. When was DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 founded?

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 was founded in [insert founding year].

2. How many championships has DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 won?

As of [current year], DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 has won [insert number] championships.

3. Who are some notable players that have come through the youth academy?

Some notable players that have come through the DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 youth academy include [insert player names].

4. Is the team known for any particular style of play?

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 is known for its [insert style of play], characterized by [insert key characteristics].

5. How can I get tickets to watch DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 matches?

Tickets for DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 matches can be purchased [insert ticketing information].

6. Are there any upcoming tournaments or competitions for DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19?

For information on upcoming tournaments and competitions for DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19, please visit [insert official club website].

7. How does DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 contribute to the local community?

DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 is actively involved in community outreach programs, such as [insert programs], aimed at [insert community initiatives].

8. Can I join the DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 youth academy?

Information on how to join the DSC Arminia Bielefeld U19 youth academy can be found [insert contact or application information].

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