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When it comes to the world of football, there is no shortage of excitement, passion, and adrenaline. One team that has been making waves in the footballing world is Balzan FC. This Malta-based football club has created a name for itself with its stellar performance and dedicated fan base. In this article, we will explore 11 fascinating facts about Balzan FC that have contributed to their success and popularity. From their humble beginnings to their triumphs on the pitch, Balzan FC has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to delve into the world of Balzan FC and discover what makes this football club truly extraordinary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Balzan FC, founded in 1937, has a rich history and competes in the Maltese Premier League, consistently showcasing their passion and determination on the field.
  • With a dedicated fanbase and ambitious future goals, Balzan FC actively engages with the community, develops young talent, and aims for success both domestically and internationally.
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Founded in 1937

Balzan FC was founded in 1937, making it one of the oldest football clubs in Malta. Since its inception, the club has been a symbol of passion and perseverance in the local football scene.

Home Ground: Victor Tedesco Stadium

The team plays their home matches at the Victor Tedesco Stadium, located in the heart of Balzan. With a capacity of over 2,000 spectators, it has witnessed countless thrilling moments in Balzan FC’s history.

The Black and Red Colors

Balzan FC’s official colors are black and red. These colors represent the club’s grit, determination, and relentless spirit on the pitch.

Competing in the Maltese Premier League

Balzan FC currently competes in the Maltese Premier League, the top tier of football in Malta. They have established themselves as a formidable force, consistently challenging the league’s top teams.

Successful Period in Recent Years

Over the past decade, Balzan FC has experienced tremendous success. They have achieved several top-four finishes in the Maltese Premier League, showcasing their consistent performance on the field.

Europa League Participation

Balzan FC has had the privilege of representing Malta in European competitions, including the UEFA Europa League. Their participation has not only elevated the club’s profile but also provided valuable experience and exposure for Maltese football.

Honorable Mention: 2014-2015 Season

The 2014-2015 season was particularly memorable for Balzan FC. They finished in third place in the Maltese Premier League, their highest-ever league finish at the time.

Developing Youth Talent

Balzan FC has a strong focus on developing young talent through their academy. They provide aspiring footballers with a nurturing environment to grow and progress in their football journeys.

Active Community Engagement

Beyond their on-field success, Balzan FC actively engages with the local community. They organize initiatives to promote inclusivity, sportsmanship, and the love for football among the youth.

Passionate Fanbase

Balzan FC boasts a passionate and loyal fanbase who never fail to support the team during matches. Their chants and unwavering support create an electrifying atmosphere in the stadium.

Ambitious Future Goals

Looking ahead, Balzan FC has set ambitious goals to further elevate the club’s profile and strive for more success on the domestic and international fronts. Their determination to achieve greatness continues to drive them forward.

In conclusion, Balzan FC holds a special place in Maltese football history. From its humble beginnings to its current stature, the club’s commitment to the sport and its community is evident. As Balzan FC continues to make strides on the pitch, they leave an indelible mark on the hearts of their fans and the football landscape in Malta.


In conclusion, these 11 football club facts about Balzan FC highlight the rich history, achievements, and dedication of this remarkable team. From their early beginnings to their rise in Maltese football, Balzan FC has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Their commitment to success, both on and off the field, has earned them respect and admiration from fans and opponents alike. Whether it’s their impressive stadium, passionate supporters, or talented players, Balzan FC continues to make their mark in the football world. As they continue to compete at the highest level, it’s no doubt that Balzan FC will continue to add more chapters to their storied legacy.


1. When was Balzan FC founded?

Balzan FC was founded in 1937.

2. What are the team colors of Balzan FC?

The team colors of Balzan FC are red and white.

3. What are some of the notable achievements of Balzan FC?

Some of the notable achievements of Balzan FC include winning the Maltese Premier League and participating in European club competitions.

4. Does Balzan FC have a dedicated stadium?

Yes, Balzan FC plays their home matches at the Victor Tedesco Stadium in Hamrun, Malta.

5. Who are some of the famous players to have played for Balzan FC?

Some famous players who have represented Balzan FC include Ricardo Correa, Alfred Effiong, and Bojan Kaljevic.

6. Does Balzan FC have a strong fanbase?

Yes, Balzan FC has a dedicated and passionate fanbase who support the team both at home and away matches.

7. What are the team’s future goals?

Balzan FC aims to continue their success in Maltese football, qualify for European club competitions, and establish themselves as a dominant force in the football world.

8. Does Balzan FC have any youth development programs?

Yes, Balzan FC is committed to youth development and has various programs in place to nurture young talent.

9. Who is the current coach of Balzan FC?

The current coach of Balzan FC is Oliver Spiteri.

10. Are there any rivalries between Balzan FC and other football clubs?

Balzan FC has developed a rivalry with several teams in the Maltese Premier League, including Birkirkara FC and Valletta FC.

11. How can I get tickets to Balzan FC matches?

Tickets to Balzan FC matches can be purchased online or at the ticket booths at the Victor Tedesco Stadium on match days.

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