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Nicolea Rozier

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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a professional Canadian football team based in Hamilton, Ontario. Founded in 1950, the Tiger-Cats have a rich history and are one of the most successful teams in the Canadian Football League (CFL). With a strong fan base and a tradition of excellence, the Tiger-Cats have become a beloved institution in the city of Hamilton.

In this article, we will delve into 18 fascinating facts about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats that every sports fan should know. From their championship victories to their legendary players, we will explore the highlights that have shaped the team’s storied history. Whether you’re a die-hard Tiger-Cats fan or simply curious about the world of Canadian football, these facts are sure to entertain and educate.

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Established in 1950

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats were founded in 1950, making them one of the oldest CFL teams in existence.

Rich Championship History

Throughout their history, the Tiger-Cats have won the Grey Cup, the CFL’s championship title, a total of 8 times.

Close Rivalry with the Toronto Argonauts

The Tiger-Cats have a longstanding and fierce rivalry with the Toronto Argonauts, known as the “Battle of Ontario.

Home Field at Tim Hortons Field

The team plays their home games at Tim Hortons Field, a modern stadium with a seating capacity of over 24,000.

Iconic Team Colors

The team’s colors are black, gold, and white, which are proudly displayed on their uniforms and team merchandise.

Team Mascot – Stripes

The Tiger-Cats’ mascot is an energetic character named Stripes, who entertains fans during games and community events.

Hall of Fame Players

Over the years, the Tiger-Cats have been home to many legendary players who have been inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Fan Support and Dedicated Supporters’ Groups

The Tiger-Cats have a passionate fan base, with dedicated supporters’ groups like the “Tiger-Cats Cheerleaders” and the “Ticats Fan Club.”

Legendary Coaches

The team has been led by acclaimed coaches such as Ralph Sazio, Al Bruno, and most recently, Orlondo Steinauer.

A Proud Community Tradition

The Tiger-Cats are deeply rooted in the Hamilton community, serving as a source of pride for the city and its residents.

Successful Seasons and Playoff Appearances

The team has had many successful seasons, consistently making appearances in the CFL playoffs throughout their history.

Strong Defensive Line

The Tiger-Cats have had a reputation for their formidable defensive line, which has consistently ranked among the league’s best.

Offensive Powerhouse

Known for their explosive offensive plays, the Tiger-Cats have produced some of the most exciting moments in CFL history.

Game-Winning Field Goals

The team has had several memorable victories sealed by dramatic field goals, showcasing their clutch performances.

Community Involvement

The Tiger-Cats are actively involved in community initiatives, supporting local charities and promoting youth development through sports.

Memorable Grey Cup Moments

The team has been part of numerous historic moments in Grey Cup history, with thrilling victories and intense battles over the years.

Famous Tiger-Cats Alumni

Several former Tiger-Cats players have gone on to have successful careers both within and outside of professional football.

Dedicated Fanbase

The Tiger-Cats are known for their loyal and passionate fanbase, who proudly support the team through thick and thin.

These 18 facts about Hamilton Tiger-Cats showcase the team’s rich history, successes, and deep connection to the community. Whether it’s dominating the field, engaging in intense rivalries, or making a positive impact off the field, the Tiger-Cats have left a lasting legacy in Canadian football.


In conclusion, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a fascinating sports team with a rich history and dedicated fan base. From their early beginnings in 1869 to their success in the Canadian Football League, the Tiger-Cats have become a symbol of pride for their hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. With a winning tradition and a roster of talented players, the team continues to leave their mark on the football field.Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual sports enthusiast, learning about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats provides a deeper appreciation for their contributions to the sport. From their iconic black and gold colors to their memorable moments in championship games, the Tiger-Cats have left an indelible impression on Canadian football.So, whether you’re attending a home game at Tim Hortons Field or cheering from the comfort of your own home, be sure to show your support for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. With their rich history and bright future, they are truly a team that deserves recognition.


1. When was the Hamilton Tiger-Cats founded?

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats were founded in 1950.

2. What is the home stadium of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats?

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats play their home games at Tim Hortons Field.

3. How many Grey Cup championships have the Tiger-Cats won?

The Tiger-Cats have won a total of eight Grey Cup championships.

4. Who are some notable players that have played for the Tiger-Cats?

Notable players who have played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats include Joe Montford, Angelo Mosca, and Garney Henley.

5. Who is the current head coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats?

The current head coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is Orlondo Steinauer.

6. What is the team’s official mascot?

The team’s official mascot is called “Stripes,” a black and gold tiger.