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The Chicago Cubs, known as the lovable losers for many years, have become one of Major League Baseball’s most iconic and beloved teams. With a rich history that spans over a century, the Cubs have left an indelible mark on the sport and the city of Chicago. From their humble beginnings in 1876 as the Chicago White Stockings to their historic World Series victory in 2016, the Cubs have captured the hearts of fans around the world.

In this article, we will explore 16 fascinating facts about the Chicago Cubs, shedding light on their unforgettable moments, legendary players, and unique traditions. From their iconic home field, Wrigley Field, to their devoted fanbase known as the “Cubs Nation,” there is much to discover about this storied franchise. So, grab your peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and let’s dive into the captivating world of the Chicago Cubs!

Key Takeaways:

  • The Chicago Cubs, one of the oldest baseball teams, won their last World Series in 2016 after a 108-year drought, bringing joy to their loyal fans and making history.
  • With iconic players, a legendary ballpark, and a dedicated fan base, the Chicago Cubs have left an indelible mark on baseball history, showcasing resilience and tradition.
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The Chicago Cubs have existed since 1870.

The Chicago Cubs, originally known as the White Stockings, have a rich history dating back to They are one of the oldest professional baseball teams in the United States, and their longevity has contributed to their loyal fan base.

Wrigley Field is the second oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball.

Home to the Chicago Cubs since 1916, Wrigley Field has become an iconic landmark in the world of baseball. With its ivy-covered outfield walls and classic architecture, it provides a unique and nostalgic experience for fans.

The Cubs won their last World Series title in 2016.

After a 108-year drought, the Chicago Cubs clinched the World Series championship in This historic victory brought joy to Cubs fans around the world and solidified the team’s place in baseball history.

Ernie Banks, known as “Mr. Cub,” played his entire career with the team.

Ernie Banks, a beloved figure in Cubs history, spent his entire 19-year career with the team from 1953 to He was a 14-time All-Star and the first National League player to win back-to-back Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards.

The Cubs have retired the uniform numbers of several legends.

To honor the contributions of their legendary players, the Chicago Cubs have retired the uniform numbers of notable figures such as Ernie Banks (#14), Ron Santo (#10), and Ryne Sandberg (#23). These players left an indelible mark on the franchise and are forever commemorated.

Harry Caray became a beloved Cubs announcer.

Harry Caray, known for his enthusiastic and passionate broadcasting style, became a beloved figure among Cubs fans during his time as the team’s announcer from 1982 to His famous rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh-inning stretch remains a cherished tradition at Wrigley Field.

The Cubs have won a total of three World Series titles.

While the Chicago Cubs have a storied history, they have only won the World Series three times. Their championships came in 1907, 1908, and most recently in 2016, marking major milestones for the franchise.

The team’s colors are royal blue, red, and white.

The Chicago Cubs proudly wear royal blue, red, and white as their team colors. This distinctive color scheme has become synonymous with the Cubs and can be seen in their uniforms, merchandise, and fan gear.

The Cubs have a fierce rivalry with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals is one of the most intense and historic in baseball. Known as the “Cardinal-Cub Rivalry,” these two teams continuously battle for supremacy in the National League Central division.

The Cubs have had numerous Hall of Fame players.

Throughout their long history, the Chicago Cubs have produced a number of Hall of Fame players. Icons such as Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, and Greg Maddux have all donned the Cubs uniform and solidified their place among baseball’s elite.

“Go, Cubs, Go” is a popular victory song among fans.

Whenever the Chicago Cubs secure a victory, fans celebrate by singing the team’s victory song, “Go, Cubs, Go.” This catchy tune, written by Steve Goodman, has become a cherished anthem for Cubs fans everywhere.

The Cubs host an annual convention for fans.

Every January, the Chicago Cubs host a fan convention where supporters of the team can gather, meet current and former players, and engage in various Cubs-themed activities. This convention has become a must-attend event for Cubs fans seeking to connect with the team and their fellow enthusiasts.

The Cubs have retired the number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson.

In recognition of Jackie Robinson’s pioneering efforts in breaking the color barrier in baseball, the Chicago Cubs retired the number 42 throughout their organization. This gesture serves as a tribute to Robinson’s lasting impact on the game and society.

The Cubs have a dedicated fan base known as the “Cubs faithful.”

Chicago Cubs fans are known for their unwavering devotion and loyalty to the team, earning them the nickname “Cubs faithful.” Through good times and bad, they continue to support the Cubs and fill the stands at Wrigley Field, creating an electric atmosphere.

The Cubs hold the record for the most wins in a single season.

In 1906, the Chicago Cubs accomplished a remarkable feat by winning 116 games in a single regular season. This record-setting achievement still stands as the highest win total in Major League Baseball history.

The Cubs have a popular mascot named Clark the Cub.

In 2014, the Chicago Cubs introduced Clark the Cub as their official mascot. This cheerful and friendly bear has become a beloved figure among fans, especially younger ones, and adds an element of fun and excitement to game days at Wrigley Field.


The Chicago Cubs have a rich history and have left an indelible mark on the world of baseball. From their multiple World Series victories to their loyal fan base, the Cubs are a team that has captured the hearts of many. Whether you’re a die-hard Cubs fan or just a casual observer, learning about the team’s storied past and passionate fan culture is sure to be an enlightening experience. Follow along with the team’s current journey and enjoy the excitement that comes with being a Chicago Cubs supporter.


1. When were the Chicago Cubs founded?

The Chicago Cubs were originally founded in 1870 as the Chicago White Stockings before changing their name to the Cubs in 1903.

2. How many World Series have the Cubs won?

The Chicago Cubs have won a total of three World Series championships. They won their first title in 1907, followed by victories in 1908 and 2016.

3. What is the Cubs’ home stadium?

The Chicago Cubs play their home games at Wrigley Field, which has been their home since 1916. Wrigley Field is known for its iconic ivy-covered brick outfield walls and unique atmosphere.

4. Who are some famous players to have played for the Cubs?

The Cubs have had many talented players throughout their history. Some notable names include Ernie Banks, Ryne Sandberg, Sammy Sosa, and more recently, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.

5. How passionate are Cubs fans?

Chicago Cubs fans are known for their unwavering dedication and passion. They fill up Wrigley Field game after game, creating an electric and lively atmosphere that is second to none.

6. How is the Cubs’ rivalry with the St. Louis Cardinals?

The rivalry between the Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals is one of the oldest and most intense in baseball. The two teams have a storied history of fierce competition and dramatic games.

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