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Inter Miami CF is a professional soccer team based in Miami, Florida. Since its inception in 2018, the team has quickly gained recognition and become a prominent figure in Major League Soccer (MLS). With a strong roster of talented players and a passionate fan base, Inter Miami CF has brought excitement and energy to the soccer scene in Miami.

In this article, we will uncover 15 fascinating facts about Inter Miami CF that showcase the team’s history, achievements, and notable moments. From the founding of the club to its stadium, players, and rivalry, we will delve into the intricacies that make this team a force to be reckoned with in the world of soccer.

So, if you’re a fan of Inter Miami CF or simply curious about the team’s journey, join us as we explore these intriguing facts that contribute to the ever-growing legacy of this dynamic soccer club.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inter Miami CF, co-owned by soccer legend David Beckham, aims to build a championship team and has made high-profile signings like Gonzalo Higuaín and Blaise Matuidi.
  • With its iconic pink and black branding, Inter Miami CF represents the vibrant culture of Miami and is committed to community involvement and youth development.
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Ownership by David Beckham

Inter Miami CF is co-owned by former professional soccer player David Beckham, who played for world-renowned clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid throughout his career.

Formation in 2018

The team was officially formed in 2018, and it began competing in MLS in 2020 as the league’s 25th franchise.

First Stadium – DRV PNK Stadium

Inter Miami CF plays its home games at the DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The stadium has a seating capacity of over 18,000 fans and features state-of-the-art facilities.

Signature Pink and Black Colors

The team’s colors, pink and black, were chosen to represent the vibrant culture and energy of Miami. The pink color is a nod to the city’s famous sunsets.

Official Mascot – Sir Nigel

Inter Miami CF’s official mascot is Sir Nigel, a heron that embodies the grace and beauty of South Florida’s wildlife.

Ambassador Program

Inter Miami CF has an ambassador program known as “The Southern Legion,” which brings together passionate supporters and helps create an electric atmosphere during matches.

Stadium Expansion Plans

The club has plans to build a new stadium, Freedom Park, which will be a state-of-the-art facility located in Miami. This expansion will allow for greater seating capacity and enhanced fan experiences.

First Match against LAFC

Inter Miami CF played its first-ever match against Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) on March 1, 2020, at the Banc of California Stadium.

Captain Diego Alonso

The team’s first head coach was Diego Alonso, a former Uruguayan soccer player and successful coach in other leagues.

Youth Development Academy

Inter Miami CF has a thriving youth development academy that aims to cultivate the next generation of soccer stars in South Florida.

International Appeal

With its diverse population and vibrant cultural scene, Miami has become an attractive destination for international players, contributing to the team’s global appeal.

Inaugural Season Challenges

Like any new team, Inter Miami CF faced challenges in its inaugural season, but it showed promise and growth throughout the year.

High-Profile Signings

Inter Miami CF has made several high-profile signings in its short history, including players like Gonzalo Higuaín, Blaise Matuidi, and Rodolfo Pizarro.

Community Involvement

Inter Miami CF is committed to being an active member of the South Florida community, engaging in various philanthropic initiatives and supporting local causes.

Building a Championship Team

Inter Miami CF has set its sights on building a formidable team that can compete for championships and establish a winning tradition in Major League Soccer.

With these 15 facts about Inter Miami CF, it’s clear that the team has quickly made its mark in the world of soccer. From its ownership to its exciting players, Inter Miami CF is a team to watch as it continues to grow and succeed.


In conclusion, Inter Miami CF is a fascinating sports team that has gained considerable attention since its establishment. From its unique ownership group to its impressive stadium, the team has already made a significant impact on the world of soccer in the United States. With a devoted fan base and a promising roster of players, Inter Miami CF is poised to become a force to be reckoned with in Major League Soccer. As the team continues to grow and evolve, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this dynamic franchise.


1. When was Inter Miami CF established?

Inter Miami CF was established in 2018 as a Major League Soccer expansion team.

2. Who owns Inter Miami CF?

Inter Miami CF is co-owned by former soccer star David Beckham and a group of renowned businesspersons including Marcelo Claure and Jorge and Jose Mas.

3. Where does Inter Miami CF play their home games?

Inter Miami CF plays their home games at DRV PNK Stadium, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

4. Who is the head coach of Inter Miami CF?

The head coach of Inter Miami CF is Phil Neville, a former English footballer and Manchester United player.

5. Has Inter Miami CF won any titles or championships?

As a relatively new team, Inter Miami CF has not won any titles or championships yet. However, they have a strong foundation and are determined to achieve success in the near future.

6. Can I buy tickets to Inter Miami CF games?

Yes, tickets for Inter Miami CF games can be purchased through their official website, as well as through authorized ticketing platforms.

7. Are there any player transfers or signings to look out for?

As with any sports team, Inter Miami CF continuously explores opportunities for player transfers and new signings. Stay updated with the latest news and announcements from the team to stay informed about any potential changes.

8. How can I become a fan of Inter Miami CF?

If you would like to become a fan of Inter Miami CF, you can start by following them on social media, attending their games, and supporting the team through various fan engagement activities and initiatives.

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