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Queens Park Rangers, commonly referred to as QPR, is a professional football team based in West London. Established in 1882, the club has a rich and storied history that has made it a beloved and iconic presence in English football. As a member of the Championship, the second tier of English football, QPR has showcased their skills and passion on the field, captivating fans and earning a dedicated following. In this article, we will delve into 14 fascinating facts about Queens Park Rangers that every fan and football enthusiast should know. From their triumphs and challenges to their iconic players and memorable moments, these facts will shed light on the legacy and impact of QPR in the world of sports.

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The Formation of Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers, also known as QPR, was formed in 1882 as a football club in West London.

The Club’s Nickname

QPR is commonly referred to as “The Hoops” due to the distinctive blue and white hoops on their shirts.

Queens Park Rangers’ Stadium

The team plays its home matches at Loftus Road Stadium, located in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Notable Achievements

QPR has had success both in domestic and international competitions, including winning the Football League Cup in 1967 and reaching the final of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1976.

Former Players

Many talented players have graced the QPR squad over the years, including Rodney Marsh, Stan Bowles, and Les Ferdinand.

Queens Park Rangers’ Rivalries

QPR has intense rivalries with other London clubs, including Chelsea and Fulham.

Memorable Managers

Notable managers who have guided QPR include Terry Venables, Harry Redknapp, and Ian Holloway.

Promotion to the Premier League

QPR has had several spells in the Premier League, with the most recent promotion in the 2020-2021 season.

The Famous Loftus Road Atmosphere

Loftus Road is renowned for its lively and passionate atmosphere, with dedicated QPR fans creating an electric atmosphere on matchdays.

Community Engagement

QPR has been actively involved in community projects, supporting local initiatives and contributing to charitable causes.

QPR Youth Academy

The club has a successful youth academy, nurturing young talent and providing them with opportunities to progress in their football careers.

Historic Comebacks

QPR has had some memorable comebacks in their history, thrilling fans with their never-say-die attitude.

QPR Women’s Team

In recent years, the club has established a QPR Women’s Team, competing in various leagues and tournaments.

Queens Park Rangers’ Fanbase

QPR has a dedicated and passionate fanbase, supporting the club through thick and thin.


In conclusion, Queens Park Rangers is a historic and esteemed football club that has left an indelible mark on the world of sports. From its humble beginnings in West London to its triumphs and challenges over the years, the club has fostered a loyal fan base and continues to be a prominent force in the footballing community.With its rich history, iconic stadium, and notable players, Queens Park Rangers has solidified its place in the annals of football. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, the club’s legacy and dedication to the sport is undeniable. So, the next time you find yourself in London, consider catching a match at Loftus Road and experience the electric atmosphere that is Queens Park Rangers.


1. When was Queens Park Rangers founded?

Queens Park Rangers was founded in 1882.

2. What stadium does Queens Park Rangers play in?

Queens Park Rangers currently plays their home matches at the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium, formerly known as Loftus Road.

3. Has Queens Park Rangers ever won a major trophy?

Yes, Queens Park Rangers won the Football League Cup in 1967 and the Championship Play-Off Final in 2014.

4. Who are some notable players to have played for Queens Park Rangers?

Notable players who have represented Queens Park Rangers include Stan Bowles, Rodney Marsh, Les Ferdinand, and Tony Currie.

5. What is the team’s nickname?

Queens Park Rangers are commonly known as the “Rs” or the “Hoops” due to their traditional blue and white hooped kit.

6. What is the capacity of the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium?

The Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium has a capacity of approximately 18,439 spectators.

7. Are there any local rivalries that Queens Park Rangers have?

Queens Park Rangers has a heated rivalry with Fulham due to their proximity as West London clubs.

8. Has Queens Park Rangers ever played in the Premier League?

Yes, Queens Park Rangers have had multiple stints in the Premier League, with their most recent appearance being in the 2014-2015 season.

9. How can I buy tickets to a Queens Park Rangers match?

Tickets to Queens Park Rangers matches can be purchased through the official club website or through authorized ticketing partners.

10. Is Queens Park Rangers involved in any community initiatives?

Yes, Queens Park Rangers is actively involved in various community initiatives, particularly through the QPR Community Trust, which focuses on youth development and engagement.