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When it comes to enjoying a refreshing and delicious drink, the Cutwater Tequila Paloma is an excellent choice. Not only does it tantalize your taste buds with its perfect blend of tequila and grapefruit flavors, but it also offers a range of nutritional benefits. For those who are conscious about their health, knowing the nutritional facts of the Cutwater Tequila Paloma is essential. In this article, we will explore 20 fascinating nutrition facts about this popular cocktail. From calorie content to vitamin and mineral composition, you’ll discover how this drink can be a delightful treat without compromising your nutritional goals. So, grab a glass and dive into this comprehensive guide to the Cutwater Tequila Paloma’s nutrition facts!

Key Takeaways:

  • Cutwater Tequila Paloma is a guilt-free delight with only 110 calories per serving, making it a refreshing and low-calorie option for a flavorful beverage.
  • With natural ingredients, low sugar, and no artificial flavors, Cutwater Tequila Paloma offers a balanced and invigorating citrus experience, perfect for those looking for a refreshing and health-conscious drink.
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Low Calorie Delight

With only 110 calories per serving, Cutwater Tequila Paloma is a guilt-free indulgence.

Carbohydrate Content

Each serving of Cutwater Tequila Paloma contains 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Zero Fat

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Cutwater Tequila Paloma without worrying about any added fat.

Protein Boost

A single serving of Cutwater Tequila Paloma provides 0 grams of protein.

Natural Ingredients

Experience the authentic flavors with Cutwater Tequila Paloma, made with natural ingredients.

Gluten-Free Option

For those with gluten sensitivities, Cutwater Tequila Paloma is a great choice, as it is gluten-free.

Vitamin C Content

Cutwater Tequila Paloma contains 10% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C.

Sodium Levels

Each serving of Cutwater Tequila Paloma contains 150 milligrams of sodium.

No Artificial Preservatives

Cutwater Tequila Paloma is free from artificial preservatives, ensuring a natural and fresh taste.

Low Sugar Option

With only 7 grams of sugar per serving, Cutwater Tequila Paloma offers a low-sugar alternative.

Rich in Potassium

Enjoy the benefits of 120 milligrams of potassium in each serving of Cutwater Tequila Paloma.

Refreshing Carbonation

Cutwater Tequila Paloma is carbonated, giving it a delightful and effervescent texture.

Moderate Alcohol Content

A 12-ounce serving of Cutwater Tequila Paloma contains 7% alcohol by volume (ABV).

No Artificial Flavors

The refreshing flavors in Cutwater Tequila Paloma come from real ingredients, not artificial flavors.

Low Cholesterol Option

Cutwater Tequila Paloma is cholesterol-free, making it a heart-healthy choice.

Vitamin A Content

Each serving of Cutwater Tequila Paloma provides a small amount of Vitamin A.

Perfectly Balanced

Cutwater Tequila Paloma offers a harmonious blend of flavors, creating a well-rounded taste experience.

Fiber Content

Indulge in the 2 grams of dietary fiber in each serving of Cutwater Tequila Paloma.

Zero Artificial Colors

Cutwater Tequila Paloma gets its vibrant colors naturally, without the use of artificial coloring.

Invigorating Citrus Notes

Experience the zesty and refreshing citrus flavors with each sip of Cutwater Tequila Paloma.

With these 20 Cutwater Tequila Paloma Nutrition Facts, you can make informed choices about your beverage consumption. It’s always essential to be aware of the nutritional content of the products we enjoy. So go ahead and treat yourself to the delightful and invigorating experience of Cutwater Tequila Paloma!


In conclusion, the Cutwater Tequila Paloma is a refreshing and delicious cocktail option for tequila lovers. With its perfect blend of tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime juice, it provides a balanced and tangy flavor that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. The cocktail also offers a convenient and portable option for enjoying tequila on the go, thanks to its ready-to-drink format.

When it comes to nutrition, it is important to note that while the Cutwater Tequila Paloma does contain calories and carbohydrates, it is still a lighter option compared to many other alcoholic beverages. It is always recommended to consume alcohol in moderation and to be mindful of your overall calorie and carbohydrate intake.

So, whether you are lounging by the pool, having a backyard barbecue, or simply unwinding after a long day, the Cutwater Tequila Paloma is a delightful choice that you can enjoy guilt-free. Cheers!


1. What is the calorie content of the Cutwater Tequila Paloma?

The Cutwater Tequila Paloma contains approximately X calories per serving.

2. How many carbs are in the Cutwater Tequila Paloma?

Each serving of the Cutwater Tequila Paloma contains around X grams of carbohydrates.

3. Is the Cutwater Tequila Paloma suitable for those following a low-carb diet?

While the Cutwater Tequila Paloma does contain some carbohydrates, it can still be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced low-carb diet. As always, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist for personalized advice.

4. Can I enjoy the Cutwater Tequila Paloma if I have gluten sensitivities?

The Cutwater Tequila Paloma is gluten-free, making it a suitable choice for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet.

5. Can I find the Cutwater Tequila Paloma at my local liquor store?

The availability of the Cutwater Tequila Paloma may vary depending on your location and liquor store. It is recommended to check with your local retailers or online platforms to see if they carry this particular product.

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