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Looking for some nutritional information about Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA? Look no further! In this article, we will dive into the nutrition facts of this popular craft beer. Whether you are a beer connoisseur or just someone who enjoys an occasional cold one, it’s important to be aware of what you’re putting into your body. Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA, known for its bold and hoppy taste, is a favorite among beer enthusiasts. But what about its nutritional content? How many calories does it contain, and what are the key ingredients? Join us as we explore the nutrition facts of Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA and discover just how well it aligns with your dietary choices.

Key Takeaways:

  • 18 Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA packs a punch with 250 calories and 9% ABV. It’s a hop-forward brew with 20g carbs, 2g protein, and no fat or added sugar. Best enjoyed with spicy foods and grilled meats.
  • Brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company, this award-winning IPA is available year-round. Enjoy responsibly in a tulip or pint glass to savor its exceptional taste and quality.
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One serving of 18 Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA contains approximately 250 calories.

Alcohol Content

With an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of 9%, this IPA packs a punch.


Each serving of Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA contains around 20 grams of carbohydrates.


There is approximately 2 grams of protein in each serving of this flavorful IPA.


This beer is fat-free.


Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA does not contain any fiber.


There is no added sugar in this IPA.


This brew has a low sodium content, with only 10 milligrams per serving.


This beer may contain gluten, as it is made from barley.


Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA does not provide significant amounts of vitamins.


This beer does not offer significant minerals.


With an IBU (International Bitterness Units) of 70, this IPA delivers a hop-forward taste.

Serving Size

A serving size of 18 Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is typically 12 fluid ounces.


This beer is best enjoyed in a tulip or pint glass to enhance its aroma and flavor.


Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA pairs well with spicy foods, grilled meats, and strong cheeses.


This IPA is proudly brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company in the United States.

Seasonal Availability

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is available year-round.


This beer has received numerous awards and accolades for its exceptional taste and quality.

So there you have it, the 18 Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA nutrition facts. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or simply curious about the nutritional content of this brew, these facts provide insight into what makes this beer unique. Enjoy responsibly and savor the flavors of 18 Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA!


In conclusion, the nutrition facts of Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA provide valuable insights into the content of this popular beer. With its bold and hoppy flavor profile, this beer is a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts. However, it is essential to consume it in moderation, considering its high alcohol content and calorie count.

By understanding the nutrition facts, you can make more informed choices about incorporating Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA into your diet. Whether you enjoy it on its own or pair it with your favorite food, be mindful of the serving size and the overall nutritional impact it may have on your health goals.

Remember, responsible consumption is key, and always consult with a healthcare professional regarding any specific dietary concerns or restrictions.


1. How many calories are in Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA?

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA contains approximately X calories per serving. It is important to note that the calorie content may vary slightly depending on the specific recipe and brewing process.

2. What is the alcohol content of Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA?

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA has an alcohol content of approximately X%. It is classified as a strong beer due to its higher alcohol by volume (ABV) compared to regular beers.

3. Are there any carbohydrates in Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA?

Yes, Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA does contain carbohydrates. However, the exact amount may vary and can be found in the nutrition facts of the specific brand or brewery.

4. Can Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA be part of a balanced diet?

While Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, it is important to consume it in moderation due to its higher calorie and alcohol content. It should not replace the consumption of essential nutrients from wholesome foods.

5. Is Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA gluten-free?

No, Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is not gluten-free as it is brewed using barley malt, which contains gluten. Individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease should choose gluten-free beer alternatives.

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