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Yatterman-1, also known as Yatterman, is a beloved and iconic cartoon character that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Created by acclaimed manga artist Tatsuo Yoshida, Yatterman-1 first appeared in the popular anime series “Yatterman” in 1977. Since then, this crime-fighting superhero has become a staple in Japanese pop culture, spawning numerous spin-offs, movies, and merchandise.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Yatterman-1 and explore 25 intriguing facts about this enigmatic character. From the origins of Yatterman-1’s creation to his incredible array of gadgets and his enduring legacy, we will take a comprehensive look at all things Yatterman-1. So buckle up and get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey filled with excitement, laughter, and a touch of nostalgia as we uncover the secrets behind Yatterman-1!

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Yatterman-1 is a popular character from the anime series “Yatterman”.

Yatterman-1, also known as Gan Takada, is the protagonist of the series and a member of the superhero duo, Yatterman.

Yatterman-1 is known for wearing a distinctive red and white costume.

His outfit features a red helmet with pointy ears and a white mask covering his face. He wears a red jumpsuit with white stripes on the arms and legs.

Yatterman-1 wields a powerful weapon called the “Kendama Yatterwan”.

The Kendama Yatterwan is a weapon that can transform into various forms, including a boomerang, a flail, and a grappling hook.

Yatterman-1 fights against the Doronbo Gang to protect his city from their evil plans.

The Doronbo Gang, consisting of Doronjo, Boyacky, and Tonzra, constantly devises schemes to take over the city, but Yatterman-1 always foils their plans.

Yatterman-1 is known for his catchphrase, “Yatterman wa ippatsu da!” which translates to “Yatterman is one shot!”.

This phrase signifies his determination to defeat the Doronbo Gang with a single strike.

Yatterman-1 possesses superhuman strength and agility.

He can perform incredible acrobatic feats and has the ability to lift heavy objects with ease.

Yatterman-1 has an impressive arsenal of gadgets.

From his utility belt, he can deploy gadgets such as smoke bombs, bombs, and a jetpack to aid him in battle.

Yatterman-1’s real identity, Gan Takada, is a skilled mechanic.

When he’s not fighting crime, Gan works at a repair shop and uses his mechanical skills to create and maintain the Yatterwan robot.

Yatterman-1’s parents were famous scientists who mysteriously disappeared.

His parents’ disappearance inspires him to follow in their footsteps and fight against evil in their honor.

Yatterman-1 is often accompanied by his loyal companion, Yatter-pelican.

Yatter-pelican is a robotic pelican who assists Yatterman-1 in his missions and provides comic relief.

Yatterman-1 has a close bond with his childhood friend and partner, Yatterman-2.

Together, they form an unstoppable team and share a strong bond of friendship and trust.

Yatterman-1 is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

He has received extensive martial arts training, allowing him to defeat his enemies with swift and powerful strikes.

Yatterman-1’s goal is to create a world free from the Doronbo Gang’s tyranny.

He fights tirelessly to protect the innocent and ensure a safe and peaceful future for his city.

Yatterman-1’s design is inspired by classic superhero characters.

His costume and appearance draw influences from iconic superheroes like Ultraman and Kamen Rider.

Yatterman-1 has appeared in various adaptations and spin-offs of the Yatterman series.

His popularity has led to appearances in video games, merchandise, and even crossover events with other anime franchises.

Yatterman-1’s signature move is the “Yatter Shield”.

He can generate an energy shield that can deflect incoming attacks and protect himself and others.

Yatterman-1 is known for his unwavering sense of justice and determination.

He never gives up in the face of adversity and always fights for what is right.

Yatterman-1 has a fan club dedicated to him.

Fans of the series often gather to show their support for Yatterman-1 and celebrate his heroism.

Yatterman-1’s character has become an inspiration for cosplayers around the world.

His vibrant and recognizable costume makes him a popular choice for anime conventions and cosplay events.

Yatterman-1’s adventures often carry important themes of teamwork, loyalty, and the triumph of good over evil.

The series serves as a reminder that even the smallest heroes can make a big difference.

Yatterman-1’s popularity has made him an enduring symbol of justice and heroism in anime culture.

His legacy continues to inspire new generations of fans and creators alike.

Yatterman-1’s catchphrase has become a memorable part of anime pop culture.

Fans often use the phrase “Yatterman wa ippatsu da!” as a rallying cry or in casual conversation to express determination.

Yatterman-1’s adventures often feature thrilling aerial battles and high-speed chases.

The action-packed sequences keep viewers on the edge of their seats and showcase Yatterman-1’s impressive skills.

Yatterman-1 has a strong sense of compassion and empathy.

He always extends a helping hand to those in need and believes in redemption for even the most villainous characters.

Yatterman-1’s story highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and fighting for what is right, no matter the odds.

His unwavering dedication to justice serves as a powerful example for viewers of all ages.


In conclusion, Yatterman-1 from the animated series Yatterman is a beloved and iconic character. With his trusty robot dog and an arsenal of gadgets, Yatterman-1 fights against the forces of evil to protect his city. His bravery, cleverness, and strong sense of justice make him a truly admirable protagonist.Throughout the series, Yatterman-1’s character has evolved, captivating audiences with his determination, wit, and compassion. With his unique design and memorable catchphrases, he has become an enduring symbol in the world of cartoon characters.Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering Yatterman-1 for the first time, the adventures of this hero will continue to entertain and inspire. Yatterman-1 has left a lasting impact on pop culture, reminding us of the power of heroism and the importance of fighting for what is right.So, join Yatterman-1 on his thrilling escapades as he takes on villains and saves the day, proving that even in a world of CARTOON CHARACTERS, heroes can make a difference.


1. Who is Yatterman-1?

Yatterman-1 is the main protagonist of the animated series Yatterman. He is a crime-fighting hero who battles against villains using his wit, gadgets, and his trusty robot dog.

2. What is Yatterman-1’s role in the series?

Yatterman-1 is the leader of the Yatterman team and is responsible for protecting the city from evil forces. He uses his intelligence, combat skills, and various gadgets to thwart the villains’ plans and maintain peace.

3. How does Yatterman-1 differ from other cartoon characters?

Yatterman-1 stands out with his unique design, vibrant costume, and charismatic personality. He is known for his catchphrases and iconic poses, making him a memorable and beloved character among fans.

4. What makes Yatterman-1 a beloved character?

Yatterman-1 is admired for his bravery, determination, and unwavering sense of justice. He serves as a role model, inspiring viewers to stand up against wrongdoing and fight for what is right.

5. How has Yatterman-1 influenced pop culture?

Yatterman-1 has become an iconic character in the world of cartoon characters. His impact is evident in various forms of media, including merchandise, fan art, and references in other cartoons and anime.

6. Is Yatterman-1 suitable for all ages?

Yatterman-1 is generally considered suitable for all ages. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specific content rating of the show or movie featuring Yatterman-1 to ensure it aligns with your preferences and values.