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Darla Dimple, one of the most memorable characters from the animated film “Cats Don’t Dance”, is both loved and loathed by fans of the movie. With her sweet demeanor and innocent appearance, Darla quickly becomes a beloved character. However, as the story progresses, we discover her true colors, making her a compelling and complex figure. In this article, we will dive into the intriguing world of Darla Dimple and uncover 25 fascinating facts about her character. From her iconic catchphrases to her devious schemes, Darla Dimple has left a lasting impression on audiences of all ages. So, join us as we explore the depths of her character and the impact she has made on the world of animation!

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Darla Dimple is the primary antagonist in the animated film “Cats Don’t Dance”.

Darla Dimple, with her signature red hair and manipulative charm, is one of the most memorable and devious cartoon characters in recent years.

Darla is a child star with a dual personality.

Beneath her adorable exterior lies a conniving and ruthless side that she uses to further her own career and sabotage the dreams of others.

Darla Dimple’s full name is Darla Katherine Dimple.

This name reflects her persona as an innocent child star, hiding her true nature behind an angelic facade.

Darla Dimple is voiced by the talented actress Ashley Peldon.

Ashley Peldon brought Darla to life with her exceptional voice acting skills, capturing the character’s manipulative and cunning traits.

Darla Dimple is only 6 years old.

Despite her young age, Darla possesses an impressive level of intelligence and a sophisticated understanding of the entertainment industry.

Darla Dimple is known for her iconic catchphrase, “That’s a wrap!”

Whenever things go according to her plan or she successfully sabotages someone, Darla utters this famous line with delight.

Darla Dimple has a pet chimpanzee named Max.

Max serves as Darla’s loyal sidekick and carries out her mischievous plans with unwavering loyalty.

Darla Dimple is a talented singer and dancer.

She frequently showcases her skills in extravagant musical numbers throughout the film, leaving audiences in awe of her performances.

Darla Dimple’s inspiration draws from classic child stars like Shirley Temple.

With her innocent appearance and manipulative tactics, Darla pays homage to the dark side that can sometimes lurk behind beloved child stars.

Darla Dimple’s ultimate goal is to eliminate competition and secure the spotlight for herself.

She stops at nothing to ensure that she remains the center of attention, even if it means destroying the dreams of others.

Darla Dimple despises animals and believes they have no place in show business.

Her disdain for animals drives her determination to sabotage the efforts of the animal performers in the film.

Darla Dimple’s design is reminiscent of the typical 1930s child star.

Her vintage-inspired wardrobe and curly red hair reflect the essence of classic Hollywood child actors.

Darla Dimple’s character was inspired by real-life child stars turned manipulative adults.

The creators of “Cats Don’t Dance” drew inspiration from some infamous cases of child stars who struggled with fame and transitioned into troubled adulthood.

Darla Dimple’s motivation stems from her fear of losing her fame and fortune.

She believes that any competition, especially from animal performers, poses a threat to her successful career.

Darla Dimple is known for her exaggerated facial expressions and theatrical mannerisms.

These over-the-top actions add to her villainous charm and make her an unforgettable character.

Darla Dimple’s favorite color is pink.

Her wardrobe and accessories are often themed around this vibrant and girly hue.

Darla Dimple’s birthday falls on January 10th.

Although she may be young, Darla Dimple’s ambition and cunning make her a force to be reckoned with.

Darla Dimple’s signature hairstyle is her perfectly coiled ringlets.

Her distinct hairstyle adds to her overall picture of innocence and masks her true devious nature.

Darla Dimple’s favorite hobby is collecting memorabilia from her favorite child stars.

Her room is filled with posters, autographs, and other nostalgic items that celebrate the golden age of child performers.

Darla Dimple’s portrayal challenged the notion of innocent child stars in animated films.

By creating a character with a sinister side, “Cats Don’t Dance” offered audiences a fresh and unexpected take on the child star archetype.

Darla Dimple’s storyline explores themes of ambition, jealousy, and the dark side of fame.

Her character serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of becoming consumed by one’s desire for success.

Darla Dimple’s iconic laugh has become synonymous with her villainous persona.

Her distinctive cackling laughter sets her apart and sends chills down the spines of both characters and viewers.

Darla Dimple’s pet chimp, Max, often wears matching outfits with her.

This visual representation of their partnership emphasizes their inseparable bond as they work together to achieve Darla’s sinister goals.

Darla Dimple’s character has gained a cult following among fans of “Cats Don’t Dance”.

Her devious nature and memorable catchphrases have made her a beloved and iconic antagonist in the world of animated films.

Darla Dimple’s legacy reminds us of the complexity and darkness that can exist within seemingly innocent characters.

She serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of storytelling and the power of well-crafted villains.

These 25 facts about Darla Dimple paint a vibrant picture of her character and showcase the impactful role she played in the animated film “Cats Don’t Dance”. From her dual personalities to her iconic catchphrases, Darla Dimple continues to captivate audiences with her manipulative charm and devious nature. Whether you adore her or love to hate her, there’s no denying the lasting impact she has made in the world of animated cinema.


In conclusion, Darla Dimple is one of the most memorable and devious cartoon characters in the film Cats Don’t Dance. Her character is known for her manipulative tactics, selfishness, and impressive singing and dancing skills. While she may appear sweet and innocent on the surface, Darla Dimple is a true villain in disguise.

Her unique design, catchy catchphrases, and over-the-top dramatic moments have made Darla Dimple a beloved character among fans of the film. Despite her schemes and attempts to sabotage the main characters, she ultimately learns a valuable lesson about acceptance and the power of friendship.

Whether you love to hate her or simply admire her villainous charm, Darla Dimple undoubtedly left a lasting impact on viewers worldwide. Cats Don’t Dance wouldn’t be the same without her entertaining presence and memorable performances.


1. Who is Darla Dimple?

Darla Dimple is a fictional character from the animated film Cats Don’t Dance. She is a child star turned villain who is determined to thwart the dreams of the film’s main characters, Danny and Sawyer.

2. What are Darla Dimple’s character traits?

Darla Dimple is known for her manipulative nature, selfishness, and desire to be the center of attention. She is also highly talented in singing and dancing, which she uses to her advantage in her schemes.

3. What is Darla Dimple’s role in Cats Don’t Dance?

Darla Dimple serves as the primary antagonist in Cats Don’t Dance. She tries to sabotage Danny and Sawyer’s attempts to become successful in Hollywood, using her fame and influence to manipulate situations in her favor.

4. How did Darla Dimple become a popular character?

Darla Dimple’s unique design, memorable catchphrases, and exaggerated mannerisms have made her a fan favorite. Her villainous antics, combined with her comedic moments, have made her a standout character in the film.

5. What is the moral lesson surrounding Darla Dimple’s character?

Darla Dimple’s character highlights the dangers of selfishness, manipulation, and the pursuit of personal fame at the expense of others. Her ultimate downfall serves as a reminder of the importance of kindness, friendship, and staying true to oneself.