Shanon Bermudez

Shanon Bermudez

Published: 10 Sep 2023


Telly Monster is a beloved character from the iconic children’s television show, Sesame Street. Since his debut in the early 1980s, Telly has captured the hearts of children and adults alike with his endearing personality. With his distinctive round orange nose and perpetually anxious nature, Telly has become a fan-favorite among the colorful cast of characters on the show.

In this article, we will delve into 23 fascinating facts about Telly Monster that showcase his unique traits, memorable moments, and his impact on generations of viewers. From his original design to his entertaining storylines, Telly has left a lasting impression on millions of fans worldwide. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the wonderful world of Telly Monster!

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Telly Monster is a beloved character from Sesame Street.

Telly Monster, one of the main characters on Sesame Street, has captured the hearts of children and adults alike with his endearing personality.

Telly Monster made his debut in 1979.

Since his first appearance on the show in 1979, Telly Monster has become an integral part of the Sesame Street family.

His full name is Television Monster.

Though commonly known as Telly Monster, his full name is actually Television Monster, which reflects his affinity for watching and talking about TV shows.

Telly Monster is best known for his worrywart personality.

With his tendency to fret over every little thing, Telly Monster brings a relatable and lighthearted element to the show.

He became a member of the Monster Clubhouse.

Telly Monster is a proud member of the Monster Clubhouse, where he enjoys playing games and engaging in imaginative play with his fellow monster friends.

Telly Monster has a favorite stuffed animal named Freddy.

Freddy, the stuffed bear, is Telly Monster’s loyal companion and a source of comfort during times of worry.

He has a passion for collecting.

From bottle caps to paperclips, Telly Monster has an eclectic collection of various items that he treasures dearly.

Telly Monster loves to count everything.

With his signature catchphrase “I counted them all!”, Telly Monster’s enthusiasm for counting is contagious and educational.

He has a recurring role in the “Monsterpiece Theater” segments.

As a regular participant in the puppetry parodies of classic literature, Telly Monster showcases his dramatic skills through entertaining and educational performances.

Telly Monster enjoys singing and dancing.

With a penchant for musical numbers, Telly Monster brings joy and energy to the Sesame Street stage with his catchy tunes and lively dance moves.

He has a close friendship with Baby Bear.

Baby Bear and Telly Monster share a special bond, often engaging in playtime and adventures together on Sesame Street.

Telly Monster has appeared in numerous Sesame Street specials and movies.

From “A Sesame Street Thanksgiving” to “Elmopalooza!”, Telly Monster has charmed audiences in various television specials and feature films.

He is a lovable and relatable character for children experiencing anxiety.

Telly Monster’s worrying nature resonates with children who may be going through similar feelings, providing them with a comforting and relatable role model.

Telly Monster has a distinctive voice provided by Martin P. Robinson.

Martin P. Robinson, the talented puppeteer and voice actor, gives Telly Monster his unique and recognizable voice.

He has made appearances on other children’s television shows.

Telly Monster has delighted fans beyond Sesame Street, making guest appearances on shows like “The Muppet Show” and “The Jim Henson Hour.”

Telly Monster has an infectious laugh.

His contagious giggle brings smiles to the faces of both his friends on Sesame Street and viewers at home.

He has a fear of triangles.

Telly Monster’s phobia of triangles adds an amusing and relatable quirk to his character, drawing laughs from audiences young and old.

Telly Monster is known for his distinctive unibrow.

His prominent unibrow is an iconic feature, setting him apart visually from other characters on Sesame Street.

He has appeared in educational segments about emotions and empathy.

Telly Monster has helped teach children valuable lessons about understanding emotions and showing empathy towards others through engaging and relatable segments.

Telly Monster has a curious and inquisitive nature.

With his insatiable thirst for knowledge, Telly Monster asks thought-provoking questions that encourage curiosity and learning.

He often takes on the role of a reporter on Sesame Street.

Telly Monster’s journalistic instincts shine as he conducts interviews and reports on the latest happenings in the neighborhood.

Telly Monster has a large and devoted fan base.

His charming personality and relatability have earned him a loyal following of fans of all ages who adore his unique character traits.

He continues to bring joy and laughter to audiences worldwide.

Decades after his debut, Telly Monster remains an integral part of Sesame Street and continues to spread happiness through his fun and endearing antics.


Telly Monster, one of the beloved characters from Sesame Street, has captured the hearts of audiences young and old for decades. With his endearing personality and relatable characteristics, Telly has become a fan-favorite on the iconic children’s show.Throughout the years, Telly Monster has entertained us with his curiosity, enthusiasm, and lovable quirks. From his obsession with triangles to his hilarious worrywart tendencies, Telly has brought joy and laughter to countless viewers.As we delve into the fascinating world of Telly Monster, we discover 23 intriguing facts about this lovable Sesame Street character. From the origins of his name to his memorable moments on the show, these facts offer a deeper understanding of the character we have all come to adore.Whether you have been a long-time fan of Sesame Street or are just discovering Telly Monster, this comprehensive article will provide you with an entertaining and informative look into the world of this beloved cartoon character.


1. Who is Telly Monster?

Telly Monster is a character from the children’s television show Sesame Street. He is known for his worrywart tendencies and love for all things triangular.

2. When was Telly Monster introduced on Sesame Street?

Telly Monster made his debut on Sesame Street in 1979. Since then, he has become a beloved character on the show.

3. What is Telly Monster’s personality like?

Telly Monster is often seen as anxious and nervous, constantly worrying about various things. However, he is also curious, enthusiastic, and always eager to learn.

4. Why does Telly Monster love triangles?

Telly Monster has a fascination with triangles and enjoys exploring their unique properties. This obsession with triangles is one of his defining characteristics.

5. Who voices Telly Monster on Sesame Street?

Telly Monster is voiced by Martin P. Robinson, who has been performing the character since 1984.

6. Does Telly Monster have any notable catchphrases?

Yes, Telly Monster is known for exclaiming “Oh, I never get to do anything fun!” when things don’t go his way. It has become one of his iconic catchphrases.

7. Are there any memorable episodes featuring Telly Monster?

There have been many episodes highlighting Telly Monster’s character and his unique adventures. Some notable ones include “The T Party” and “The Triangle-Lovers’ Club.”

8. Does Telly Monster have any friends on Sesame Street?

Yes, Telly Monster has several friends on Sesame Street, including Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster. He often engages in fun and playful interactions with them.

9. Is Telly Monster ever able to overcome his worries?

While Telly Monster continues to be a worrywart, there are instances where he learns to manage his anxieties and find a way to enjoy life’s adventures.

10. How has Telly Monster impacted Sesame Street and its audience?

Telly Monster’s relatable personality and endearing quirks have made him a beloved character among Sesame Street fans. He has taught children about emotions, problem-solving, and the importance of friendship.