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The Ice King, a beloved character from “The Lego Movie,” has captured the hearts of audiences with his quirky personality and unique style. Known for his icy powers and eccentric behavior, he adds a touch of excitement and humor to the animated film. But there’s much more to the Ice King than meets the eye. In this article, we will explore 19 fascinating facts about this iconic cartoon character, delving into his origins, abilities, and memorable moments. From his distinctive voice to his ever-changing demeanor, the Ice King has become a fan favorite, leaving a lasting impression on viewers of all ages. So, sit back, relax, and join us on an adventure through the frosty world of the Ice King!

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Ice King is one of the main characters in “The Lego Movie.”

Ice King, also known as Simon Petrikov, is a prominent character in “The Lego Movie.” He is a quirky, yet lovable character who adds a touch of humor and chaos to the storyline.

Ice King is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Tom Kenny, known for his iconic role as SpongeBob SquarePants, lends his voice talent to bring Ice King to life. His unique vocal range and comedic timing add depth and charm to the character.

Ice King’s signature weapon is the Ice Staff.

The Ice Staff is a powerful weapon that Ice King wields, allowing him to create ice and freeze his enemies. It is a key element in his quest for ultimate domination in the Lego universe.

Ice King has a pet penguin named Gunter.

Gunter, the adorable little penguin companion of Ice King, often accompanies him on his adventures. Despite being a non-verbal character, Gunter’s expressions and actions bring a sense of comedic relief to the film.

Ice King’s ultimate goal is to find the magical artifact, the “Piece of Resistance.”

The Piece of Resistance is a powerful artifact sought after by Ice King and other characters in the movie. Its significance lies in its ability to save the Lego universe from destruction.

Ice King has a villainous alter ego named Simon Petrikov.

Simon Petrikov is Ice King’s alter ego, a character plagued by the madness and powers of the Ice Crown. This duality adds an intriguing layer to Ice King’s personality and motivations.

Ice King has a fascination with capturing princesses.

Throughout the film, Ice King’s obsession with capturing princesses is depicted in a comical and slightly misguided manner. His relentless pursuit of princesses adds a humorous twist to the storyline.

Ice King is known for his catchy villainous songs.

Ice King is not only a master of ice and mischief but also a talented singer. He often bursts into villainous musical numbers that are catchy and entertaining.

Ice King’s iconic line is “I am the Ice King, I control ice and snow!”

This memorable line is frequently uttered by Ice King, emphasizing his authority over ice and snow. It has become one of the character’s trademarks within “The Lego Movie.”

Ice King is a complex character with a tragic backstory.

Beneath his humorous exterior, Ice King carries a tragic backstory. The movie delves into his past, revealing the heartbreaking events that led to his transformation into Ice King.

Ice King’s appearance is distinct, with his blue skin and white beard.

Ice King stands out visually among the Lego characters, with his unique blue skin and long white beard. This distinctive appearance adds to his allure and recognition as a central character.

Ice King’s favorite hobby is capturing princesses and building ice castles.

When he’s not causing mischief, Ice King enjoys capturing princesses and constructing elaborate ice castles. These hobbies reflect his desire for power and control in the Lego universe.

Ice King has a rivalry with other characters, including Batman.

Throughout “The Lego Movie,” Ice King finds himself in humorous clashes with various characters, most notably with the famous superhero Batman. These rivalries contribute to the film’s comedic dynamic.

Ice King’s powers are derived from the Ice Crown.

The Ice Crown is a powerful artifact that grants Ice King his ice-related abilities. It serves as a source of both his powers and his internal struggle against the madness it brings.

Ice King’s real name, Simon Petrikov, is revealed in the movie.

The movie explores Ice King’s origins and uncovers his true name, Simon Petrikov. This revelation adds depth and emotional resonance to the character, further expanding his story arc.

Ice King is a scene-stealer in “The Lego Movie.”

With his eccentric personality and hilarious antics, Ice King consistently steals the spotlight in “The Lego Movie.” His presence adds a memorable and enjoyable element to the overall film experience.

Ice King’s character development is a significant part of “The Lego Movie.”

As the movie progresses, Ice King undergoes a transformation that goes beyond his icy exterior. His character development and redemption arc form a crucial narrative thread in the film.

Ice King’s actions have unintended consequences for the Lego universe.

While Ice King’s intentions may be misguided, his actions have far-reaching consequences for the Lego universe. These consequences drive the plot and force the other characters to confront their own challenges.

Ice King’s complexity makes him a fan-favorite character in “The Lego Movie.”

Due to his multidimensional nature and comedic presence, Ice King quickly became a fan-favorite character in “The Lego Movie.” Audiences were captivated by his unique blend of villainy and charm.


In conclusion, Ice King from The Lego Movie is a fascinating and complex character. With his icy powers, mysterious past, and eccentric personality, he adds depth and intrigue to the film. From his initial appearance as a villain to his unexpected transformation, Ice King keeps audiences guessing and engages them with his unique traits. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Ice King is an unforgettable presence in The Lego Movie.


Q: Who voices Ice King in The Lego Movie?
A: Ice King is voiced by comedian and actor Billy Dee Williams.

Q: What are Ice King’s powers?
A: Ice King has the ability to create and control ice and cold temperatures with his magical powers.

Q: Is Ice King a hero or a villain?
A: Ice King starts as a villain but later undergoes a transformation and becomes an ally to the main characters in The Lego Movie.

Q: What is Ice King’s backstory?
A: Ice King’s true identity and backstory are revealed as the movie progresses, showcasing his complex history and motivations.

Q: Does Ice King have any weaknesses?
A: While Ice King is powerful, his powers are most effective in cold environments. He can be weakened or immobilized in warmer conditions.