Oralle Murphey

Oralle Murphey

Published: 11 Sep 2023

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Dilbert, created by Scott Adams, is a beloved comic strip that hilariously captures the absurdities of corporate life. At the heart of this iconic comic strip is the character of Wally, who has become a fan favorite over the years. Wally, known for his laziness and indifference towards work, has a loyal following of readers who can’t help but relate to his cunning ways of avoiding tasks. In this article, we will explore 14 fascinating facts about Wally, shedding light on his character traits, memorable moments, and impact on the Dilbert comic strip. So, buckle up and get ready to delve into the world of Wally, a character that perfectly embodies the spirit of workplace escapism.

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Wally is a lazy and unmotivated character.

One of the defining characteristics of Wally in the Dilbert cartoon series is his unwavering laziness and lack of motivation. He often avoids work whenever possible and comes up with clever ways to minimize his efforts.

Wally is a master of office politics.

Despite his lack of work ethic, Wally has a keen understanding of office politics. He knows how to navigate the corporate world and often manages to thrive in the chaos, manipulating situations to his advantage.

Wally has a unique approach to time management.

Wally believes in conserving his energy and avoiding unnecessary work. He is known for his creative time management techniques, such as pretending to be deeply engrossed in a task while actually taking a nap.

Wally is an expert at avoiding responsibility.

Whenever there is a difficult or unpleasant task at hand, Wally magically disappears or conveniently passes the buck to someone else. He has mastered the art of deflecting responsibility and shifting the blame onto others.

Wally is a pro at appearing busy without actually doing any work.

If there’s one thing Wally excels at, it’s looking busy. He can often be found typing away furiously on his computer or carrying around a stack of papers, giving the illusion of productivity while doing the bare minimum.

Wally’s desk is a chaotic mess.

Wally’s desk is a true reflection of his disorganized and carefree nature. It’s piled high with papers, coffee cups, and random objects, making it nearly impossible to find anything within the clutter.

Wally has a sarcastic sense of humor.

Despite his apathetic demeanor, Wally possesses a sharp and sarcastic wit. He often uses humor as a coping mechanism for the absurdities of office life and as a way to deflect criticism from his lack of productivity.

Wally is a master of work avoidance tactics.

From attending pointless meetings to engaging in lengthy conversations by the water cooler, Wally has an impressive repertoire of tactics for avoiding actual work. He has honed the skill of looking busy while accomplishing very little.

Wally is constantly trying to find shortcuts.

Wally’s mission in life is to find the shortest and easiest path to completion. He is always on the lookout for shortcuts, whether it’s automating tasks or delegating them to unsuspecting colleagues.

Wally is an expert at shirking responsibility.

Wally has developed a talent for deflecting any responsibility that comes his way. He skillfully avoids taking on additional tasks and projects, preferring to maintain his minimal workload.

Wally excels at procrastination.

Procrastination is Wally’s middle name. He has become a master at delaying tasks until the last possible minute and often manages to get away with it due to his ability to deliver results when under pressure.

Wally is a master of work-life balance.

Despite his lack of dedication to his job, Wally has a remarkable work-life balance. He prioritizes his personal life and leisure activities, making sure to never let work interfere with his precious free time.

Wally has a knack for appearing invisible.

Wally has perfected the art of blending into the background and going unnoticed. He strategically positions himself in meetings and gatherings where he can easily fade into the shadows without attracting attention.

Wally’s lack of ambition is legendary.

Perhaps the most well-known fact about Wally is his complete lack of ambition. He has no desire for career advancement or recognition and is content with the bare minimum effort required to maintain his job.

In conclusion, Wally from the Dilbert cartoon series embodies the epitome of laziness and work avoidance. His unique approach to office life, mastery of procrastination, and ability to manipulate office politics make him a beloved and relatable character for many. Whether you find him hilarious or frustrating, Wally’s antics serve as a reminder of the absurdities that can exist within the corporate world.


Wally, the lovable and relatable character from the Dilbert cartoon, has captured the hearts of many with his lazy and yet ingenious ways. With his iconic sleep-deprived eyes and perpetual slouch, Wally has become a symbol of office mundanity and middle-management shenanigans. From his witty one-liners to his ability to find shortcuts in the corporate world, Wally has become an emblematic figure for the average worker trying to navigate the complexities of office life.

Through these 14 facts about Wally, we have gained a deeper understanding of his character and what makes him so endearing to fans worldwide. Whether it’s his legendary nap-taking skills or his ability to outwit his clueless boss, Wally reminds us that sometimes, the best way to survive the office jungle is to embrace your inner slacker.

So next time you find yourself struggling with the office grind, remember Wally and his comical escapades. Perhaps a little bit of Wally’s laziness and cunning can help you navigate the corporate landscape with a pinch of humor and a touch of mischief.


Q: Who is Wally in the Dilbert Cartoon?

A: Wally is a character in the Dilbert cartoon created by Scott Adams. He is known for his laziness and knack for finding ways to avoid doing work.

Q: What are Wally’s main characteristics?

A: Wally is known for his perpetual slouch, sleep-deprived eyes, and ability to find shortcuts in the office. He is often seen sleeping at his desk or devising schemes to avoid work.

Q: How does Wally navigate the corporate world?

A: Wally uses his wit and cunning to navigate the complexities of the corporate world. He often comes up with creative ways to get out of work or find loopholes in company policies.

Q: What role does Wally play in the Dilbert cartoon?

A: Wally is a supporting character in the Dilbert cartoon. He is often seen alongside the main character, Dilbert, and provides comic relief with his humorous antics.

Q: What makes Wally a relatable character?

A: Wally’s laziness and desire for an easy life resonate with many office workers. His ability to find shortcuts and avoid unnecessary work makes him relatable to those who have experienced the frustrating aspects of office life.