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When it comes to iconic Disney princesses, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty stands out as one of the timeless favorites. But Aurora isn’t the only memorable character from the classic 1959 film. Flora, one of the three good fairies who takes care of Aurora, has also won the hearts of viewers young and old. Known for her vibrant personality and magical abilities, Flora brings a delightful charm to the story.

In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of Flora and explore 14 fascinating facts about the character. From her role in the movie to her unique abilities and personality traits, you’ll discover intriguing details that make Flora a beloved character among Disney fans. So, whether you’re a long-time fan of Sleeping Beauty or just curious about the magical world of Disney, join us as we reveal some captivating insights into the life of Flora!

Key Takeaways:

  • Flora, one of the Good Fairies in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, is known for her vibrant red dress, magical abilities, and determination to keep Princess Aurora safe from harm.
  • With her lively personality and powerful magic, Flora plays a crucial role in protecting Aurora and ultimately defeating the evil Maleficent in the beloved Disney classic.
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Flora is one of the three Good Fairies.

Flora, along with Fauna and Merryweather, is a Good Fairy entrusted with protecting Princess Aurora in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Flora is known for her vibrant red dress.

Flora stands out with her beautiful red dress, reflecting her energetic personality and her role as the leader of the trio.

She is voiced by actress Verna Felton.

Verna Felton, known for her iconic voice roles in Disney animated films, lends her voice to Flora, bringing the character to life with her warmth and charm.

Flora possesses the gift of granting the gift of beauty.

Flora is responsible for bestowing the gift of beauty upon Princess Aurora. Her magic ensures that Aurora is the fairest of them all.

Flora is often depicted as being wise and compassionate.

Flora’s wisdom and compassion are evident in her actions throughout the film. She guides and protects Aurora with love and care.

Flora has a magical staff.

Flora wields a magical staff that allows her to perform powerful spells and enchantments, providing an extra layer of protection for Aurora.

She is the most assertive of the three Good Fairies.

Among the trio, Flora is known for her assertive nature. She takes charge and ensures that Aurora is kept safe from the evil Maleficent.

Flora’s name means “flower” in Latin.

The name Flora is derived from the Latin word for “flower,” which perfectly suits her role as the guardian of nature and beauty.

Flora possesses a vibrant personality.

With her lively and vibrant personality, Flora brightens up every scene she appears in, adding a touch of joy to the film.

Flora has a strong bond with her fellow Good Fairies.

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather share a deep bond and work together as a team to protect Aurora and ensure her well-being.

She is determined to keep Aurora safe from harm.

Flora’s determination to keep Aurora safe drives her actions throughout the film. She goes to great lengths to protect the princess from Maleficent’s curse.

Flora’s magic often leads to comedic situations.

Flora’s magical abilities sometimes result in humorous mishaps, adding a lighthearted touch to the story and providing comic relief.

Flora’s signature color is red.

Red is often associated with Flora, symbolizing her passionate nature and her role as the leader of the Good Fairies.

Flora plays a crucial role in the ultimate defeat of Maleficent.

Flora’s bravery and resourcefulness contribute to the defeat of Maleficent, ultimately ensuring Aurora’s safety and happiness.

These 14 Facts About Flora (Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) provide a glimpse into the character’s significance and role in the beloved Disney classic. Flora’s vibrant personality, magical abilities, and unwavering dedication to protecting the princess make her an integral part of the Sleeping Beauty story. Whether it’s granting the gift of beauty or using her powers to foil Maleficent’s plans, Flora’s presence brings excitement and depth to the enchanting world of Disney.


Flora, one of the iconic characters from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, has captivated audiences for decades with her enchanting personality and magical abilities. From her vibrant attire to her kind-hearted nature, Flora has become a beloved character in the world of animation. As a member of the Three Good Fairies, Flora plays a crucial role in protecting Princess Aurora and ensuring her safety.

Throughout the film, Flora showcases her resourcefulness, quick-thinking, and unwavering dedication to her mission. With her fellow fairies, Merryweather and Fauna, Flora embarks on a journey to break the curse placed upon Princess Aurora by the evil Maleficent. The character of Flora serves as a reminder of the power of friendship, love, and the ability to overcome any obstacle in the face of adversity.

With her charming personality and unwavering loyalty, Flora has become an integral part of the Disney universe, leaving a lasting impression on fans young and old alike.


1. Who voices Flora in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty?

Flora is voiced by actress Verna Felton in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Felton was renowned for her voice acting work and brought Flora to life with her memorable performance.

2. What are Flora’s magical abilities?

Being a fairy, Flora possesses various magical abilities. She has the power to conjure objects, transform living beings, and cast spells. Flora’s magic often plays a pivotal role in aiding Princess Aurora and thwarting the plans of the villainous Maleficent.

3. What is Flora’s role in Sleeping Beauty?

Flora is a member of the Three Good Fairies, along with Merryweather and Fauna. Their mission is to protect Princess Aurora and ensure her safety. Flora specifically takes on the responsibility of bestowing beneficial gifts upon the newborn princess, using her magic to counteract the curse placed upon her by Maleficent.

4. What is Flora’s personality like?

Flora is depicted as a wise and resourceful fairy. She possesses a nurturing and caring nature, always looking out for the well-being of others, especially Princess Aurora. Flora is known for her optimism and unwavering dedication to her mission, making her an endearing character to viewers.

5. Is Flora featured in any other Disney films?

Flora is primarily known for her role in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. However, her character has made appearances in other Disney media, such as various Disney theme park attractions and merchandise, ensuring her continued presence in the Disney universe.

Flora's enchanting story is just one piece of the magical tapestry woven by Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Dive deeper into this timeless classic by exploring more captivating facts about the film itself. For those with a passion for the art of animation, a treasure trove of insights awaits, ready to be discovered. And if you find yourself craving more floral-themed adventures, embark on a journey to Taichung, where the World Flora Exposition blooms with wonder and delight.

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