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Rugrats, the beloved animated series that captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world, introduced us to a host of memorable characters. Among them, Phil and Lil DeVille stood out with their mischievous antics and adorable sibling dynamic. These mischievous twins, who were always up to something, brought an extra dose of excitement to the show with their quirky personalities.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Phil and Lil DeVille and explore 13 fascinating facts about these iconic Rugrats characters. From their distinctive appearances to their unique traits and unforgettable adventures, there’s so much to discover about this dynamic duo. So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on a nostalgic journey as we unravel the mysteries behind Phil and Lil DeVille!

Key Takeaways:

  • Phil and Lil DeVille are fraternal twins with distinct styles and personalities, known for their love of reptiles and fashion, and their catchphrases “I’m a big kid!” and “Lil’s a big kid too!”
  • Phil and Lil DeVille, voiced by the same actress, have a close bond with their fellow Rugrats, engage in sibling rivalry, and continue to be beloved characters in pop culture, appearing in multiple Rugrats spin-offs.
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Phil and Lil DeVille are fraternal twins.

Phil and Lil DeVille, the adorable characters from the animated series Rugrats, are fraternal twins. They are distinguishable by their distinct appearances and personalities.

Phil and Lil are voiced by the same actress.

In the original Rugrats series, both Phil and Lil DeVille were voiced by Kath Soucie. Soucie expertly portrayed the unique voices and traits of these lovable twins.

They have distinct individual styles.

While Phil and Lil are twins, they have their own unique sense of style. Phil is often seen wearing a blue shirt, while Lil is often seen in a purple dress.

Phil is known for his love of reptiles.

Phil has a fascination with all things reptilian. Throughout the series, he is often seen playing with his toy lizard, Reptar, and even dons a Reptar-themed shirt.

Lil is more interested in fashion.

Lil’s passion lies in fashion and accessories. She enjoys experimenting with different outfits and is often seen wearing unique hats and accessories.

They have a close bond with their fellow Rugrats.

Phil and Lil share a special bond not only with each other but also with their group of friends, including Tommy Pickles and Chuckie Finster. They embark on exciting adventures together.

Phil and Lil have their own catchphrases.

Phil is known for saying “I’m a big kid!” while Lil exclaims “Lil’s a big kid too!” These catchphrases showcase their eagerness to grow up and be independent.

They sometimes engage in sibling rivalry.

Like many siblings, Phil and Lil occasionally face sibling rivalry. They compete for attention and toys but ultimately care deeply for each other.

Phil and Lil have a shared love for messy adventures.

Both Phil and Lil enjoy getting themselves dirty and engaging in messy activities. Mud puddles and food fights are some of their favorite pastimes.

They have supportive and quirky parents.

Phil and Lil’s parents, Betty and Howard DeVille, are known for their eccentricities and their unwavering support for their children’s unique personalities.

Phil and Lil have distinct hair accessories.

Adding a personal touch, Phil sports a single ponytail, while Lil wears two ponytails adorned with purple bows.

Phil and Lil have appeared in multiple Rugrats spin-offs.

The adventures of Phil and Lil have extended beyond the original Rugrats series. They have made appearances in spin-offs such as All Grown Up! and Rugrats Pre-School Daze.

They remain beloved characters in pop culture.

Even years after the original Rugrats series ended, Phil and Lil DeVille continue to be adored by fans of all ages. Their unique personalities and endearing sibling dynamic have left a lasting impact.


Phil and Lil DeVille, the mischievous twins from the popular cartoon series Rugrats, have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. From their unique personalities to their hilarious antics, these characters have become a beloved part of many childhood memories.

Throughout the show’s run, Phil and Lil DeVille have provided endless entertainment and laughter to viewers of all ages. Whether they were getting into mischief or simply exploring the world around them, their adventures were always filled with excitement and humor.

As we reflect on the 13 facts about Phil and Lil DeVille, we gain a deeper appreciation for these iconic cartoon characters. They have not only entertained us but also taught us valuable lessons about friendship, family, and the importance of being true to ourselves.

So, let’s continue to cherish the memories of Phil and Lil DeVille and their unforgettable journey in the world of Rugrats!


1. Who are Phil and Lil DeVille?

Phil and Lil DeVille are characters from the animated television series Rugrats. They are adventurous twins who love to explore their surroundings and get into mischief.

2. How old are Phil and Lil DeVille?

Phil and Lil DeVille are portrayed as being approximately one year old throughout the Rugrats series. They represent the toddler stage of development.

3. Are Phil and Lil identical twins?

No, Phil and Lil DeVille are not identical twins. While they may look similar, their personalities and mannerisms are distinct, making them fraternal twins.

4. Who are Phil and Lil’s parents?

Phil and Lil DeVille are the children of Betty and Howard DeVille. Betty is the mother of the twins, and Howard is their father. The DeVilles are also close friends with the Pickles family.

5. Do Phil and Lil have any special talents or interests?

Phil and Lil DeVille are known for their shared interest in insects and “mud wrestling.” They often enjoy playing in the dirt and exploring nature, showcasing their adventurous spirits.

6. What is the relationship between Phil and Lil and the other Rugrats characters?

Phil and Lil DeVille are close friends and playmates of the other Rugrats characters, including Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, and Angelica Pickles. They embark on various adventures together, sharing laughter and learning along the way.

7. How did Phil and Lil DeVille contribute to the overall storyline of Rugrats?

Phil and Lil DeVille, along with the other Rugrats characters, played a crucial role in delivering messages of friendship, family, and imagination. Their hilarious antics and unique personalities added depth and entertainment to the show.

8. Are Phil and Lil characters that resonate with audiences?

Absolutely! Phil and Lil DeVille’s mischievous yet lovable nature has resonated with audiences of all ages. Their adventurous spirit and sibling bond make them relatable and endearing.

9. Did Phil and Lil evolve throughout the Rugrats series?

While Phil and Lil DeVille remained consistent in their mischievous and curious nature, they did showcase personal growth throughout the Rugrats series. They learned important life lessons and developed their own unique identities.

10. Can we expect to see Phil and Lil in future Rugrats projects?

As of now, there are no confirmed future projects that involve new Rugrats episodes or movies. However, the legacy of Phil and Lil DeVille will continue to live on through reruns and the hearts of fans worldwide.

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