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Wooldoor Sockbat is a beloved character from the animated series “Drawn Together.” This zany show takes a unique approach by bringing together a motley crew of cartoon characters from various genres and eras. Wooldoor, in particular, stands out with his distinctive appearance and quirky personality.

In this article, we will delve into 11 intriguing facts about Wooldoor Sockbat that every “Drawn Together” fan should know. From his origin story to his distinctive traits, we will uncover the essence of this hilarious character. So, get ready to embark on a whimsical journey through the world of Wooldoor Sockbat!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wooldoor Sockbat is a colorful and unpredictable character from Drawn Together, known for his zany antics, unique superpowers, and iconic catchphrase “I do what I wanna!”
  • Voiced by James Arnold Taylor, Wooldoor Sockbat has become an iconic cartoon character with a loyal fanbase, appealing to both children and adults through his comedic relief and vibrant personality.
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Wooldoor Sockbat is a colorful and eccentric character.

Wooldoor Sockbat is a beloved character from the animated TV show Drawn Together. With his vibrant appearance and quirky personality, Wooldoor quickly became a fan-favorite among viewers of the show.

Wooldoor Sockbat is a parody of classic cartoon characters.

As a character in the show Drawn Together, Wooldoor Sockbat serves as a clever parody of various iconic cartoon characters. From his exaggerated features to his zany antics, Wooldoor embodies the spirit of classic animated entertainment.

Wooldoor Sockbat has a unique set of superpowers.

In the fictional world of Drawn Together, Wooldoor possesses a range of extraordinary powers. From shape-shifting to flying, he showcases his abilities in unpredictable and hilarious ways throughout the series.

Wooldoor Sockbat has a distinct catchphrase.

Wooldoor is known for his signature catchphrase, “I do what I wanna!” This catchphrase perfectly captures his rebellious and carefree attitude, adding to his charm and memorable presence in the show.

Wooldoor Sockbat is an unpredictable character.

One of the defining characteristics of Wooldoor Sockbat is his unpredictability. Viewers never know what he will say or do next, keeping them entertained and engaged with his wild antics.

Wooldoor Sockbat brings comedic relief to the show.

With his wacky behavior and humorous personality, Wooldoor Sockbat serves as a source of comedic relief in Drawn Together. His hilarious antics and outlandish adventures often result in laughter and amusement for the audience.

Wooldoor Sockbat appeals to both children and adults.

While Drawn Together is an adult-oriented animated series, the character of Wooldoor Sockbat has a broad appeal. Children can appreciate his energetic and colorful presence, while adults can enjoy the clever parodies and satirical elements infused into his character.

Wooldoor Sockbat has a loyal fanbase.

Wooldoor Sockbat has garnered a strong following of dedicated fans who appreciate his unique personality and comedic contributions to Drawn Together. His memorable presence in the show has left a lasting impact on viewers.

Wooldoor Sockbat is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

James Arnold Taylor provides the voice for Wooldoor Sockbat, bringing the character to life with his distinct vocal talents. Taylor’s energetic performance adds depth and dimension to the lovable and eccentric character.

Wooldoor Sockbat has appeared in crossover episodes.

Wooldoor Sockbat has made appearances in crossover episodes with other popular animated shows, further solidifying his status as a recognizable and beloved character in the world of animation.

Wooldoor Sockbat has become an iconic cartoon character.

Through his memorable catchphrase, zany personality, and vibrant appearance, Wooldoor Sockbat has cemented his place as an iconic cartoon character in the hearts of fans of Drawn Together and animation enthusiasts alike.

Overall, the 11 Facts About Wooldoor Sockbat (Drawn Together) highlight the distinctiveness and enduring appeal of this beloved animated character. From his quirky personality to his memorable catchphrase, Wooldoor Sockbat has left a lasting impression on fans and continues to be a beloved icon in the world of cartoons.


Wooldoor Sockbat, one of the iconic characters from the animated series “Drawn Together,” has captured the hearts of viewers with his wacky and hilarious personality. As a parody of various cartoon characters, Wooldoor brings a unique blend of innocence and absurdity to the show. From his unpredictable behavior to his catchy catchphrases, Wooldoor Sockbat has become a fan favorite.

With his distinctive appearance and unforgettable antics, Wooldoor Sockbat has made a lasting impact on the world of cartoon characters. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the show, exploring these 11 fascinating facts about Wooldoor will deepen your appreciation for this animated gem.


1. Who created the character Wooldoor Sockbat?

Wooldoor Sockbat was created by Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser, the creators of the animated series “Drawn Together.”

2. What is Wooldoor Sockbat’s personality like?

Wooldoor Sockbat has a childlike innocence combined with a mischievous and unpredictable nature. He often says and does outrageous things, providing comic relief in the show.

3. What kind of animal is Wooldoor Sockbat?

Wooldoor Sockbat is a fictional cartoon character and doesn’t represent any specific animal species. He is an amalgamation of various cartoon character archetypes.

4. What are some of Wooldoor Sockbat’s catchphrases?

Wooldoor Sockbat is known for his catchphrases such as “Spank me with a paddle,” “Suck on my taint,” and “I do what I want!” These phrases have become synonymous with his character.

5. Is Wooldoor Sockbat a part of any particular cartoon universe?

No, Wooldoor Sockbat is a character from the animated series “Drawn Together” and does not belong to any specific cartoon universe.

6. What are some memorable moments featuring Wooldoor Sockbat?

Wooldoor Sockbat has had many memorable moments in the show, including his attempts to save the world, his hilarious interactions with other characters, and his outrageous stunts.

7. Does Wooldoor Sockbat have any special abilities?

No, Wooldoor Sockbat does not possess any special abilities. He relies on his comedic timing and unpredictable behavior to entertain the viewers.

8. Is Wooldoor Sockbat a popular character among “Drawn Together” fans?

Absolutely! Wooldoor Sockbat has gained a significant following among “Drawn Together” fans due to his outrageous personality and memorable moments in the show.

9. What is the significance of the name “Wooldoor Sockbat”?

The name “Wooldoor Sockbat” is a play on words, combining the silliness of the character with random and unrelated objects like a wool door and a sock bat.

10. Does Wooldoor Sockbat have any recurring storylines?

While Wooldoor Sockbat doesn’t have specific recurring storylines, his character serves as a source of comedy and chaos throughout the series.

11. Can I expect more appearances of Wooldoor Sockbat in future projects?

As of now, there have been no announcements regarding future projects featuring Wooldoor Sockbat. However, fans continue to cherish his memorable moments from “Drawn Together.”

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