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Alessandra Zachary

Published: 04 Sep 2023


WordGirl, the popular animated TV series, brought to life a unique and fascinating character known as Theodore “Tobey” McCallister III. Tobey, a.k.a. WordGirl’s arch-nemesis, captures the attention of viewers with his clever schemes and witty banter. But there’s more to Tobey than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll dive into 11 fascinating facts about this intriguing character that will deepen your understanding of his complex personality and make you appreciate his role in the show even more. From his obsession with robots to his genius-level intellect, Tobey’s character is one that stands out among the other villains in the cartoon world. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the world of Tobey McCallister III, also known as WordGirl’s primary foe!

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Tobey McCallister III is the main antagonist in the animated series “WordGirl.”

Tobey McCallister III, commonly known as Tobey, is a recurring character in the children’s animated show “WordGirl.” He is portrayed as a brilliant yet eccentric young inventor who becomes WordGirl’s nemesis.

Tobey is voiced by actor Thomas Middleditch.

In the series, Tobey’s voice is brought to life by the talented actor Thomas Middleditch. Middleditch’s unique vocal delivery adds a touch of humor and quirkiness to Tobey’s character.

Tobey has a crush on WordGirl.

One of the recurring themes in the show revolves around Tobey’s infatuation with WordGirl. Despite being on opposite sides, Tobey often finds himself conflicted between his love for WordGirl and his desire to defeat her.

Tobey is known for his extravagant and complex inventions.

As an inventor, Tobey is constantly creating bizarre and intricate gadgets to aid him in his schemes. From giant robots to mind control devices, his inventions showcase his genius but are often foiled by WordGirl’s quick thinking.

Tobey’s alter ego is known as “The Amazing Tobey.”

When Tobey takes on his superhero alter ego, he becomes “The Amazing Tobey.” In this persona, he believes he is a hero, but his actions usually end up causing more trouble than good.

Tobey has a loyal assistant named “Theodore.”

Theodore, often referred to as Tobey’s sidekick, helps him with his inventions and assists him in his master plans. Despite his loyalty to Tobey, Theodore occasionally questions the morality of their actions.

Tobey is known for his stylish fashion sense.

Tobey is always seen wearing a distinctive outfit that consists of a purple suit, red gloves, and a yellow bowtie. His flamboyant fashion choices add to his eccentric personality.

Tobey is a member of the Ultimate Genius Junior Inventors Club.

In the “WordGirl” series, Tobey is part of the prestigious Ultimate Genius Junior Inventors Club, an exclusive group for exceptionally talented young inventors. This further highlights his intelligence and inventing prowess.

Tobey’s arch-nemesis is WordGirl’s alter ego, Becky Botsford.

WordGirl’s secret identity, Becky Botsford, is Tobey’s ultimate nemesis. Despite his crush on WordGirl, Tobey is determined to defeat her and prove his own intelligence.

Tobey often resorts to using his inventions for nefarious purposes.

While Tobey is undeniably intelligent, his intentions are often misguided. He frequently uses his inventions to cause chaos and wreak havoc in the city, posing a constant challenge for WordGirl to stop him.

Tobey’s character explores themes of redemption and friendship.

Throughout the series, Tobey’s character arc delves into ideas of redemption and the power of friendship. He often finds himself torn between his desire for recognition and his potential for personal growth.


In conclusion, Theodore “Tobey” McCallister III, also known as WordGirl’s arch-nemesis, is an iconic character in the world of cartoons. With his brilliance and inventiveness, Tobey adds a unique twist to the classic superhero versus villain dynamic. Whether you love to root for the heroes or find yourself drawn to the complex and intriguing villains, Tobey’s character provides an entertaining and memorable experience for fans of WordGirl. From his lofty aspirations to his intricate inventions, Tobey continues to captivate audiences of all ages, making him one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time.


Q: Who is Theodore “Tobey” McCallister III?

A: Theodore “Tobey” McCallister III is a character from the animated series WordGirl. He is WordGirl’s arch-enemy, known for his intelligence and knack for inventing contraptions.

Q: What is Tobey’s role in the show?

A: Tobey serves as the primary antagonist in WordGirl. He constantly plots to defeat WordGirl and take over the city using his inventions and schemes.

Q: What are Tobey’s special abilities?

A: Tobey doesn’t possess any superpowers, but he compensates with his intelligence and mechanical skills. He is an expert inventor and often builds complex gadgets to aid in his villainous activities.

Q: Does Tobey have any redeeming qualities?

A: Despite being a villain, Tobey occasionally displays moments of vulnerability and compassion. He is shown to be a highly intelligent and misunderstood character, adding depth to his personality.

Q: What are some of Tobey’s most memorable inventions?

A: Tobey is known for his impressive and imaginative inventions. Some notable ones include the Tobey Mobile, his high-tech robot suit, and various gadgets designed to aid in his plans for world domination.

Q: Does Tobey ever succeed in his plans?

A: While Tobey often comes close to achieving his goals, WordGirl and her super-powered abilities always manage to foil his plans at the last moment. His repeated failures make for entertaining storylines and dramatic showdowns.

Q: Is Tobey a popular character among WordGirl fans?

A: Yes, Tobey is a fan-favorite character in the WordGirl series. His complex personality, unique inventions, and the ongoing rivalry with WordGirl make him a memorable and beloved villain.

Q: Does Tobey ever have moments of redemption?

A: While Tobey doesn’t have a complete redemption arc, there are instances where he rethinks his actions and shows glimpses of remorse. These moments add layers to his character development.

Q: What makes Tobey different from other cartoon villains?

A: Tobey stands out from other cartoon villains due to his intelligence and inventiveness. He relies on his mind rather than superpowers, making him a formidable opponent for WordGirl.

Q: Are there any other characters closely associated with Tobey?

A: Tobey often collaborates with his robot assistant, named Invisi-Bill. Invisi-Bill helps Tobey in executing his plans and adds an interesting dynamic to their villainous endeavors.

Q: Is Tobey a recurring character in WordGirl?

A: Yes, Tobey appears as a recurring character throughout the WordGirl series. His continuous presence ensures ongoing challenges for WordGirl as she combats his villainous schemes.

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