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R.A. Millikan, also known as Robert Andrews Millikan, was a renowned American experimental physicist who made significant contributions to the field of physics. Born on March 22, 1868, in Morrison, Illinois, Millikan’s groundbreaking experiments and discoveries have left an indelible mark on scientific history.

Throughout his illustrious career, Millikan conducted numerous experiments that advanced our understanding of various phenomena, including the photoelectric effect and the charge of an electron. His meticulous research and innovative techniques not only earned him international recognition but also paved the way for future scientists to delve deeper into the mysteries of the physical world.

In this article, we will explore nine extraordinary facts about R.A. Millikan, shedding light on the remarkable accomplishments of this scientific pioneer. From his famous oil-drop experiment to his tireless dedication to academic pursuits, we will uncover the fascinating journey of one of the most influential figures in the field of physics.

Key Takeaways:

  • R.A. Millikan’s oil drop experiment accurately measured the charge of an electron, shaping our understanding of subatomic particles and earning him the Nobel Prize in Physics.
  • His meticulous research and advocacy for science education continue to inspire scientists and impact modern physics, leaving an enduring legacy in the scientific community.
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R.A. Millikan pioneered the measurement of the charge of an electron.

R.A. Millikan conducted the famous oil drop experiment, which allowed him to accurately determine the charge of an electron. This groundbreaking discovery provided an essential piece of evidence to support the existence of subatomic particles.

He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1923.

In recognition of his groundbreaking work on the charge of an electron, R.A. Millikan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in This prestigious honor solidified his reputation as a leading scientist in the field.

R.A. Millikan played a crucial role in the development of modern physics.

His research and findings on the charge of an electron laid the foundation for the theory of quantum mechanics. Millikan’s contributions to physics had a profound influence on the understanding of atomic structure and paved the way for further scientific advancements.

He served as the president of the California Institute of Technology.

In addition to his scientific achievements, R.A. Millikan held an esteemed position as the president of the California Institute of Technology from 1921 to During his tenure, he contributed to the growth and development of the institution as a leading scientific research center.

R.A. Millikan was a strong advocate for science education.

Millikan recognized the importance of science education and actively promoted its significance. He believed in inspiring young minds to pursue scientific endeavors and dedicated himself to improving science education at all levels.

His research focused on understanding the behavior of charged particles.

R.A. Millikan conducted extensive research on the behavior of charged particles, contributing to our understanding of electrical conductivity and electric discharge phenomena. His investigations paved the way for advancements in fields such as plasma physics and particle physics.

Millikan was known for his meticulous and precise experimental techniques.

R.A. Millikan was renowned for his attention to detail and rigorous experimental techniques. His meticulous approach to scientific research ensured accurate and reliable results, earning him respect and recognition within the scientific community.

He published over 60 scientific papers during his career.

Throughout his career, R.A. Millikan published a significant number of scientific papers, covering various aspects of experimental physics, electron behavior, and scientific methodology. His publications remain influential and continue to inspire future generations of scientists.

R.A. Millikan’s contributions continue to impact scientific research today.

The groundbreaking work of R.A. Millikan laid the foundation for further advancements in subatomic particle research and quantum mechanics. His contributions continue to shape the field of physics and inspire scientists to push the boundaries of knowledge.

In conclusion, R.A. Millikan’s remarkable achievements in the field of physics have left an indelible mark on scientific research. His pioneering work on the charge of an electron, coupled with his dedication to science education, has solidified his legacy as one of the most influential physicists of the 20th century. The extraordinary facts about R.A. Millikan showcased in this article are a testament to his remarkable contributions to the scientific community.


R.A. Millikan was undeniably an extraordinary figure in the field of science. His groundbreaking experiments and discoveries revolutionized our understanding of the fundamental principles of physics and laid the foundation for many scientific advancements that followed. From his meticulous determination of the charge of the electron to his tireless research on the photoelectric effect, Millikan’s contributions continue to shape the scientific landscape.His dedication to education and the nurturing of young scientists also left a lasting impact. Millikan believed in the power of knowledge and actively promoted scientific education, inspiring countless individuals to pursue careers in science.Through his work, Millikan proved that scientific exploration knows no bounds and that with passion and perseverance, remarkable achievements can be reached. His legacy serves as an inspiration for future generations of scientists and reminds us of the incredible potential that lies within the realm of human curiosity.


1. What were some of R.A. Millikan’s most significant discoveries?

Millikan is best known for his determination of the charge of the electron and his research on the photoelectric effect, which earned him a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1923.

2. How did R.A. Millikan contribute to scientific education?

Millikan believed in the importance of scientific education and actively promoted it. He established the Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics at the California Institute of Technology and was dedicated to mentoring young scientists.

3. What impact did R.A. Millikan’s work have on the scientific community?

Millikan’s work fundamentally changed our understanding of basic physics principles and paved the way for further scientific advancements. His research provided invaluable insights into the nature of electromagnetic radiation and laid the groundwork for quantum mechanics.

4. What was R.A. Millikan’s approach to scientific research?

Millikan was known for his meticulous and precise methodology. He believed in conducting experiments with utmost accuracy and was renowned for his attention to detail.

5. What is R.A. Millikan’s lasting legacy?

Millikan’s legacy lies not only in his scientific achievements but also in his dedication to education and inspiring future generations of scientists. His discoveries continue to shape our understanding of the physical world, and his passion for scientific exploration serves as a timeless inspiration.

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