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Sammy Guevara, known for his high-flying acrobatics and undeniable charisma, has quickly become one of the most talked-about stars in the world of professional wrestling. With his incredible athletic ability and magnetic personality, Guevara has captured the hearts of fans around the globe.

In this article, we’ll explore 19 fascinating facts about Sammy Guevara that you may not have known. From his early beginnings in the wrestling industry to his rise to stardom in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), we’ll dive deep into the life and career of this talented performer. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering Guevara’s talents, get ready to learn some interesting tidbits about this rising star.

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Sammy Guevara began his wrestling career at the young age of 16.

Sammy Guevara, a rising star in the world of professional wrestling, made his debut in the ring when he was just 16 years old. This early start showcased his immense talent and dedication to the craft.

Guevara is known for his high-flying moves and acrobatic style.

One of the standout qualities of Sammy Guevara is his incredible athleticism. He incorporates breathtaking aerial maneuvers into his matches, leaving audiences in awe of his agility and precision.

Sammy Guevara has competed in several major wrestling promotions.

Throughout his career, Guevara has competed in various wrestling promotions, including All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Major League Wrestling (MLW), and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. His skills and charisma have garnered attention from fans and industry insiders alike.

Guevara is a member of the Inner Circle stable in AEW.

Sammy Guevara joined forces with Chris Jericho and other prominent wrestlers to form the Inner Circle faction in All Elite Wrestling. This alliance has allowed Guevara to showcase his talents and develop intriguing storylines within the promotion.

Sammy Guevara is an accomplished vlogger.

Besides wrestling, Guevara is also known for his vlogging skills. He regularly documents his travels, training sessions, and behind-the-scenes moments, offering fans a glimpse into his life both in and out of the ring.

Sammy Guevara is a former AAA Cruiserweight Champion.

Guevara has found success in championship pursuits, having held the AAA Cruiserweight Championship in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. This accomplishment highlights his in-ring abilities and solidifies his reputation as a top-tier competitor.

Guevara has a strong presence on social media.

With a large fan following, Sammy Guevara actively engages with his supporters on social media platforms. He shares updates, interacts with fans, and provides a unique glimpse into his personality beyond his wrestling persona.

Sammy Guevara is known for his charismatic personality.

Guevara’s charm and magnetic personality have helped him connect with both wrestling fans and casual viewers. His natural charisma shines through in his promos and interviews, making him a popular figure in the industry.

Guevara has competed in high-profile matches against top wrestlers.

Throughout his career, Sammy Guevara has faced off against some of the biggest names in wrestling, including Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, and Kenny Omega. These high-profile matches have allowed Guevara to prove his mettle and establish himself as a formidable competitor.

Guevara is recognized for his unique fashion sense.

Sammy Guevara is known for his trendy and vibrant fashion choices, often sporting unconventional attire that reflects his personality. His fashion sense further sets him apart from other wrestlers and adds to his overall appeal.

Sammy Guevara is multilingual.

Guevara’s diverse background and love for different cultures have allowed him to become proficient in multiple languages. This linguistic skill adds an extra dimension to his versatility and ability to connect with audiences worldwide.

Guevara is a talented musician.

Aside from his wrestling career, Sammy Guevara has a passion for music. He has showcased his musical talents by singing and playing instruments, further displaying his artistic abilities beyond the wrestling ring.

Sammy Guevara has a strong work ethic.

Known for his dedication and hard work, Guevara constantly pushes himself to improve both in the ring and outside of it. His relentless drive and commitment are evident in his performances and the progress he continues to make.

Guevara is known for his risk-taking in matches.

Sammy Guevara is not afraid to take risks during his matches, often executing daring maneuvers that leave spectators in awe. His fearlessness adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to his wrestling style.

Sammy Guevara is an advocate for mental health awareness.

Guevara uses his platform to spread awareness about mental health issues and encourage open conversations. His advocacy helps break stigmas surrounding mental health, inspiring others to seek support and prioritize their well-being.

Guevara has a dedicated fan base known as the “Sammy Squad.”

Sammy Guevara’s loyal fan base, lovingly referred to as the “Sammy Squad,” passionately supports him in all his endeavors. They show their unwavering support through fan art, social media posts, and attending his matches.

Sammy Guevara is known for his signature move, the “GTH” (Go to Hell).

Guevara’s signature move, the “GTH” (Go to Hell), is a devastating knee strike that has helped secure him victories in many matches. This move exemplifies his innovative and impactful wrestling style.

Guevara has appeared on several television shows and podcasts.

Sammy Guevara has made guest appearances on various television shows and podcasts, where he shares insights into his wrestling career, personal life, and future aspirations. These appearances broaden his reach and introduce him to new audiences.

Sammy Guevara continues to rise as one of the top young talents in wrestling.

With each passing year, Guevara’s star power and popularity continue to soar. His relentless dedication, unique style, and magnetic personality make him a standout performer who has a bright future ahead in the world of professional wrestling.


Sammy Guevara is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of professional wrestling. With his impressive athletic abilities, charismatic personality, and dedication to his craft, it’s no wonder he has gained such a strong following. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just hearing about him for the first time, these 19 facts about Sammy Guevara will give you a deeper understanding of the man behind the character. From his early beginnings in the wrestling industry to his current accomplishments in AEW, Sammy continues to capture the hearts of fans worldwide.


1. How did Sammy Guevara get started in professional wrestling?
Sammy Guevara began his wrestling journey at a young age, training in various wrestling schools and honing his skills. He made his professional debut in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since.

2. What promotions has Sammy Guevara wrestled for?
Throughout his career, Sammy has wrestled for promotions such as All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, and Major League Wrestling (MLW), among others.

3. Has Sammy Guevara won any championships?
Yes, Sammy has captured several championships in his career. He is a former AAA World Cruiserweight Champion and has been part of the Inner Circle, a dominant faction in AEW.

4. What is Sammy Guevara’s wrestling style?
Sammy is known for his high-flying and innovative wrestling style. He incorporates acrobatics and athleticism into his matches, making for exciting and captivating performances.

5. Does Sammy Guevara have any notable rivalries?
Sammy has had memorable rivalries with wrestlers such as Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, and Darby Allin. These feuds have showcased his in-ring abilities and storytelling skills.

6. Is Sammy Guevara active on social media?
Yes, Sammy is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. He often interacts with fans, shares updates about his career, and gives a glimpse into his personal life.

7. Has Sammy Guevara appeared on television or in movies?
Apart from wrestling, Sammy has made appearances on television shows such as AEW Dynamite and MLW Fusion. He has also worked on independent film projects.

8. What is Sammy Guevara’s signature move?
Sammy’s signature move is the “GTH” (Go To Hell), a devastating knee strike that he delivers with precision and impact.

9. Has Sammy Guevara competed in any notable matches or events?
Yes, Sammy has competed in high-profile matches such as the Stadium Stampede Match at AEW Double or Nothing 2020 and the Casino Ladder Match at AEW Double or Nothing 2021.

10. What is Sammy Guevara’s future in professional wrestling?
With his talent, passion, and continuous growth, Sammy Guevara’s future in professional wrestling is incredibly promising. He is poised to accomplish even greater things in the industry.