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Larry Ellison is a name that is synonymous with success, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As the co-founder, former CEO, and executive chairman of Oracle Corporation, Ellison has made an indelible mark on the technology industry and has amassed a fortune that has made him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Beyond his business ventures, Ellison is known for his larger-than-life personality, flamboyant lifestyle, and outspoken nature.

In this article, we will delve into the life and achievements of Larry Ellison and uncover 15 fascinating facts that showcase the man behind the Oracle empire. From his humble beginnings to his philanthropic endeavors, Ellison’s story is filled with intriguing anecdotes that shed light on his determination, ambition, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle Corporation, overcame college dropout and adoption to amass a $84 billion fortune, showcasing the power of determination and ambition in achieving success.
  • Beyond his tech empire, Ellison’s love for sailing, Japanese culture, fast cars, and philanthropy paints a picture of a charismatic and adventurous figure, adding depth to his larger-than-life persona.
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Larry Ellison has a net worth of $84 billion.

As a co-founder and former CEO of Oracle Corporation, Larry Ellison has built a massive fortune, making him one of the richest individuals in the world. His success in the tech industry has allowed him to amass a staggering net worth of $84 billion.

Larry Ellison dropped out of college not once, but twice.

Despite his immense success, Ellison did not obtain a college degree. He dropped out of both the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago, believing that formal education was not essential for achieving his goals. This decision did not hinder his entrepreneurial spirit or his ability to build a tech empire.

Larry Ellison was adopted.

Ellison was born to an unwed Jewish mother in New York City, but he was adopted by his mother’s aunt and uncle. This had a profound impact on his life and shaped his strong sense of ambition and determination.

Larry Ellison co-founded Oracle Corporation in 1977.

Alongside Bob Miner and Ed Oates, Ellison co-founded Oracle Corporation, a multinational computer technology corporation that specializes in database software. The company grew rapidly and became a major player in the technology industry.

Larry Ellison is an avid sailor.

Ellison has a deep passion for sailing and has competed in numerous sailing races, including the America’s Cup. He even founded his own sailing team, Oracle Team USA, which has achieved great success in the competitive world of sailing.

Larry Ellison bought the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

In 2012, Ellison made headlines when he purchased 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai for an estimated $300 million. He has undertaken various initiatives to transform the island into a sustainable and innovative community.

Larry Ellison is known for his extravagant lifestyle.

With his vast wealth, Ellison has indulged in a luxurious lifestyle, owning multiple mansions, private jets, and a collection of sports cars. His extravagant taste is often a topic of fascination among the public and media.

Larry Ellison is a dedicated philanthropist.

Despite his lavish lifestyle, Ellison is also dedicated to giving back. He has made substantial donations to various charitable causes, including medical research, education, and wildlife conservation. His philanthropic efforts have had a significant and positive impact on many lives.

Larry Ellison has a fascination with Japanese culture.

Ellison has a deep appreciation for Japanese art, culture, and history. He has amassed an impressive collection of Japanese artifacts and is known to be an avid collector of Japanese art and antiquities.

Larry Ellison has made cameo appearances in films.

Ellison has made brief appearances in a few Hollywood films, including “Iron Man 2″ and “The Internship.” These cameo roles allowed him to showcase his sense of humor and add a touch of excitement to the movies.

Larry Ellison is a licensed pilot.

In addition to his passion for sailing, Ellison is also a licensed pilot. He owns several private aircraft and enjoys flying in his free time.

Larry Ellison’s love for fast cars.

Ellison has a fascination with fast cars and has owned numerous luxury and sports cars throughout his life. His collection includes rare and high-performance vehicles from top automobile manufacturers.

Larry Ellison is an accomplished tennis player.

Ellison is an avid tennis player and has often participated in professional tennis tournaments. He has also invested in tennis ventures, including the purchase of the Indian Wells tennis tournament.

Larry Ellison has been married multiple times.

Ellison has had a colorful personal life and has been married and divorced multiple times. His relationships have often been in the public eye, adding to his celebrity status.

Larry Ellison is known for his charismatic and outspoken personality.

Ellison is renowned for his charismatic and outspoken nature. He is unafraid to express his opinions openly, making him a captivating figure in the tech industry.


In conclusion, Larry Ellison is undoubtedly a fascinating individual. From his humble beginnings to his incredible success as a technology entrepreneur, Ellison’s story is one that inspires and captivates. His innovative mindset, determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence have propelled him to the top of the business world.Through his leadership at Oracle, Ellison revolutionized the technology industry and left an indelible mark on the field of database management systems. His willingness to take risks and his ability to adapt to changing trends in the industry have solidified his position as one of the most influential figures in tech.Moreover, Ellison’s philanthropic endeavors, such as his contributions to medical research and education, highlight his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.Larry Ellison’s journey serves as a testament to the power of ambition, innovation, and perseverance. His achievements continue to inspire budding entrepreneurs and remind us all that greatness can be achieved with the right mindset and determination.


1. What is Larry Ellison’s net worth?

Larry Ellison’s net worth is estimated to be around $91 billion, making him one of the richest individuals in the world.

2. What is Larry Ellison’s most notable contribution to the technology industry?

Larry Ellison’s most notable contribution is the creation of Oracle, a leading software and technology company specializing in database management systems.

3. Is Larry Ellison still involved with Oracle?

While Larry Ellison stepped down as CEO of Oracle in 2014, he still serves as the Chairman of the board and is actively involved in the company’s strategic decisions.

4. Has Larry Ellison been involved in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, Larry Ellison has been actively engaged in philanthropy through the establishment of the Ellison Medical Foundation and his generous contributions to educational institutions like Stanford University.

5. What character traits are commonly associated with Larry Ellison?

Larry Ellison is often described as a visionary, risk-taker, and innovator. His relentless pursuit of excellence, determination, and willingness to challenge the status quo have become synonymous with his persona.

Larry Ellison's remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the world's wealthiest individuals is truly inspiring. His passion for technology, sports, and philanthropy showcases a multifaceted personality that continues to captivate people around the globe. If you enjoyed learning about Larry Ellison's fascinating life, you might also be interested in exploring the equally intriguing story of his daughter, Megan Ellison, who has made her own mark in the film industry as a producer and entrepreneur.

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