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Welcome to an intriguing journey through the life and political career of one of the most controversial figures in recent Brazilian history – Jair Bolsonaro. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Bolsonaro has captured the world’s attention with his outspoken views and unconventional leadership style. In this article, we will delve into 11 mind-blowing facts about Jair Bolsonaro that shed light on his rise to power, his policies, and his impact on the Brazilian society. From his military background to his bold statements on environmental issues, Bolsonaro’s story is both fascinating and polarizing. So, get ready to discover some surprising facets of this influential political figure and gain new insights into the man at the center of Brazilian politics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, has a military background, conservative stance, and a strong social media presence, sparking both support and controversy.
  • Bolsonaro’s presidency is marked by environmental controversies, a pro-gun agenda, and skepticism about climate change, leading to widespread protests and criticism.
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Bolsonaro is a former military officer.

Born in 1955 in Glicério, São Paulo, Bolsonaro served in the Brazilian Army for 17 years before entering politics. His military background has influenced his leadership style and policies.

Bolsonaro is known for his conservative stance.

Bolsonaro is often identified with conservative ideologies such as nationalism, traditional values, and a strong opposition to left-wing politics. He has been an advocate for stricter immigration policies and pro-market economic reforms.

Bolsonaro has faced numerous controversies.

Throughout his political career, Bolsonaro has been embroiled in various controversies, including his remarks on race, gender, and the environment. He has been criticized for his derogatory and inflammatory comments, sparking both outrage and support.

Bolsonaro has a significant social media presence.

Known for his active use of social media, Bolsonaro has utilized platforms like Twitter and Facebook to connect directly with the public and bypass traditional media channels. He often shares his views and controversial statements without filters.

Bolsonaro’s presidency has been marked by environmental controversies.

Under Bolsonaro’s leadership, deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has increased significantly, drawing international criticism. His policies favoring economic development over environmental protection have sparked concern among environmentalists.

Bolsonaro survived an assassination attempt.

In 2018, Bolsonaro was stabbed during a campaign rally, suffering serious injuries. This incident further fueled his supporters’ loyalty and contributed to his narrative as an anti-establishment figure.

Bolsonaro has a strong base of supporters.

Bolsonaro’s charismatic personality and provocative rhetoric have garnered him a loyal following, particularly among conservative and right-wing voters. His ability to resonate with the frustrations of a significant portion of the population played a crucial role in his presidency.

Bolsonaro has pursued a pro-gun agenda.

As an advocate for loosening gun control laws, Bolsonaro has implemented policies that make it easier for Brazilians to obtain firearms. This stance has been both praised by supporters who value personal security and criticized by those concerned about escalating gun violence.

Bolsonaro has expressed skepticism about climate change.

In contrast to scientific consensus, Bolsonaro has frequently expressed doubts about the urgency and impact of climate change. His position on this issue has stirred controversy, particularly given Brazil’s ecological importance as the home of the Amazon rainforest.

Bolsonaro has pursued close ties with the United States.

Since taking office, Bolsonaro has sought to strengthen Brazil’s relationship with the United States, aligning himself with former President Donald Trump’s policies. This shift has had implications for both domestic and international affairs.

Bolsonaro has been challenged by ongoing political and social unrest.

Bolsonaro’s presidency has been marked by widespread protests and criticism from various sectors of society. From indigenous rights activists to LGBTQ+ advocates and labor unions, a range of groups have voiced their discontent with his policies and approach to governance.

These 11 mind-blowing facts about Jair Bolsonaro provide a glimpse into the complexities and controversies surrounding his presidency. Whether you admire him or disagree with his views, there is no denying the impact he has had on Brazilian politics and the international stage.


In conclusion, Jair Bolsonaro is a figure that has sparked both admiration and controversy. These 11 mind-blowing facts about him provide a glimpse into his life, beliefs, and political career. From his military background to his unconventional statements, Bolsonaro has captured the attention of the world.Whether you agree or disagree with his policies, one cannot deny the impact Bolsonaro has had on Brazil and beyond. His rise to power and his bold decisions have left a lasting impression on the political landscape.Love him or hate him, Jair Bolsonaro continues to be a polarizing figure, provoking intense debates and discussions. As the world watches Brazil’s future unfold under his leadership, it remains to be seen how history will judge his legacy.


Q: Who is Jair Bolsonaro?

A: Jair Bolsonaro is a Brazilian politician who is currently serving as the President of Brazil. He assumed office on January 1, 2019.

Q: What is Jair Bolsonaro known for?

A: Bolsonaro is known for his controversial and conservative stance on various issues such as crime, the environment, and human rights. He has also been known for his outspoken and sometimes provocative remarks.

Q: Is Jair Bolsonaro popular in Brazil?

A: Bolsonaro has a strong base of supporters in Brazil who appreciate his tough-on-crime approach and his emphasis on conservative values. However, he also has a significant number of critics who disagree with his policies and rhetoric.

Q: Has Jair Bolsonaro made any significant policy changes?

A: Yes, Bolsonaro has made several significant policy changes since taking office, particularly in areas such as the environment, indigenous rights, and social welfare. These changes have generated both praise and concern domestically and internationally.

Q: How has Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency impacted Brazil?

A: Bolsonaro’s presidency has had a significant impact on Brazil. His administration has introduced reforms in areas such as the economy and law enforcement, but these changes have also faced criticism for their potential negative consequences on marginalized communities and the environment.

Q: What are some controversies surrounding Jair Bolsonaro?

A: Bolsonaro has been involved in several controversies, including his remarks on women, LGBTQ+ rights, and indigenous communities. His handling of environmental policies, particularly in relation to the Amazon rainforest, has also been a topic of concern and debate.

Q: How has Jair Bolsonaro’s foreign policy been perceived?

A: Bolsonaro’s foreign policy has been characterized by a closer alignment with the United States and a more combative stance towards traditional allies such as China and Venezuela. This shift has generated mixed reactions both domestically and internationally.

Q: What is Jair Bolsonaro’s background?

A: Bolsonaro has a military background and served in the Brazilian Army for several years before entering politics. His military experience has shaped his worldview and contributed to his reputation as a strongman leader.

Q: How does Jair Bolsonaro approach the issue of crime?

A: Bolsonaro has taken a tough-on-crime approach, advocating for stronger law enforcement and looser gun control regulations. This approach has resonated with many Brazilians who are concerned about high crime rates in the country.

Q: What are Bolsonaro’s views on the environment?

A: Bolsonaro’s views on the environment have been controversial. He has been criticized for his skepticism towards climate change and his support for policies that could harm the Amazon rainforest, a critical global ecosystem.

Q: What is the legacy of Jair Bolsonaro?

A: The legacy of Jair Bolsonaro is still being written. While some supporters view him as a champion of conservative values and a catalyst for change, his detractors argue that his policies have had detrimental effects on human rights, the environment, and social equality.

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