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Annabel Wardell

Modified & Updated: 09 Sep 2023


The Moseley Folk Festival is an annual event that music enthusiasts eagerly look forward to. Held in the charming suburb of Moseley in Birmingham, England, this festival brings together a diverse range of musical acts in an idyllic outdoor setting. From folk and acoustic melodies to indie, Americana, and world music, the Moseley Folk Festival offers something for everyone.

With its humble beginnings in 2006, the festival has grown in popularity over the years and has become a staple in the UK’s vibrant events calendar. Its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, coupled with a lineup of talented artists, makes it a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike.

In this article, we will delve into 19 fascinating facts about the Moseley Folk Festival. From its origins and notable performances to its unique features and impact on the local community, get ready to discover what makes this event a standout in the world of music festivals.

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The Moseley Folk Festival is an annual music event held in Moseley Park, Birmingham.

The festival showcases a diverse range of folk, acoustic, and roots music, attracting music lovers from all over the country.

The festival has been running since 2006.

For over a decade, Moseley Folk Festival has been delighting attendees with its fantastic lineup and vibrant atmosphere.

The festival takes place over three days during the first weekend of September.

It’s the perfect way to bid farewell to summer and immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of folk music.

Moseley Folk Festival features both established and emerging artists.

From renowned folk musicians to up-and-coming talent, the festival provides a platform for artists of all levels of fame.

The festival’s lineup includes a mix of local, national, and international acts.

Attendees can discover new music from around the world while also supporting local talent.

Moseley Folk Festival offers more than just music.

Alongside the performances, there are also workshops, storytelling sessions, and activities for children, making it a family-friendly event.

The festival embraces the spirit of sustainability.

Efforts are made to reduce waste, promote recycling, and encourage eco-friendly practices among attendees and vendors.

Moseley Folk Festival is known for showcasing a wide range of folk subgenres.

From traditional folk songs to contemporary folk rock, the festival caters to diverse musical tastes.

The festival offers camping facilities for those who want the full festival experience.

Imagine waking up to the sounds of acoustic guitars and surrounded by fellow folk music enthusiasts.

Moseley Park provides a beautiful backdrop for the festival.

The park’s stunning scenery adds to the overall ambiance and creates a unique and memorable experience for attendees.

The festival encourages collaboration and impromptu jam sessions among musicians.

It’s not uncommon to witness incredible onstage collaborations and surprise performances.

Moseley Folk Festival has become renowned for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

There’s a sense of community and camaraderie among festivalgoers, making it a welcoming environment for all.

The festival attracts a diverse audience of all ages.

Whether you’re a seasoned folk music fan or a curious newcomer, there’s something for everyone at Moseley Folk Festival.

Moseley Folk Festival goes beyond the typical folk music genres.

They often feature crossover acts that blend folk with elements of indie, Americana, and world music.

The festival has hosted legendary folk musicians such as Richard Thompson and Laura Marling.

It’s a coveted stage for both established icons and rising stars in the folk music scene.

Moseley Folk Festival embraces local food and drink vendors.

Attendees can indulge in delicious culinary delights and locally sourced beverages while enjoying the music.

The festival provides opportunities for emerging artists to gain exposure.

It’s a stepping stone for musicians looking to make their mark in the folk music industry.

Moseley Folk Festival has a loyal and dedicated fan base.

Many attendees return year after year, creating a sense of community and nostalgia.

The festival’s intimate setting allows for up-close and personal performances.

You can experience the magic of folk music in an intimate and immersive environment, creating lifelong memories.


In conclusion, the Moseley Folk Festival is a remarkable event that showcases the best of folk music and creates a rich and vibrant atmosphere. With its diverse lineup of talented artists, stunning setting, and welcoming community, it is no wonder that this festival has gained so much popularity over the years. Whether you are a fan of folk music or simply looking for a unique and enjoyable experience, the Moseley Folk Festival is definitely worth a visit. So mark your calendars, grab your friends, and get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of folk music at the Moseley Folk Festival.


1. When and where does the Moseley Folk Festival take place?

The Moseley Folk Festival usually takes place in early September at Moseley Park in Birmingham, UK.

2. How long does the festival last?

The festival typically lasts for three days, with a mix of day and evening performances.

3. Are children allowed at the festival?

Yes, the Moseley Folk Festival is a family-friendly event and children of all ages are welcome.

4. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed, but there are plenty of food and drink stalls available within the festival grounds.

5. Are pets allowed at the festival?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the Moseley Folk Festival, except for registered assistance dogs.

6. Is there seating available at the festival?

There is limited seating available on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own blankets or chairs.

7. Are there camping facilities at the festival?

No, there are no camping facilities at the Moseley Folk Festival. However, there are nearby accommodation options for those who wish to stay overnight.

8. Are there tickets required for the festival?

Yes, tickets are required to attend the Moseley Folk Festival. They can be purchased online or at designated ticket outlets.

9. Is there parking available?

There is limited parking available near the festival venue. However, it is advisable to use public transportation or carpooling options.

10. What measures are taken to ensure the safety of attendees?

The festival organizers prioritize the safety and security of all attendees. There will be security personnel, medical facilities, and first aid stations available throughout the event.