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Rhodie Kurz

Modified & Updated: 28 Nov 2023

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The Kutná Hora International Music Festival is an annual event that brings together musicians and music enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate the beauty and power of music. Held in the charming town of Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, this festival has gained a reputation for its exceptional performances and diverse program.

With a rich history dating back to the 13th century, Kutná Hora provides a picturesque backdrop for this remarkable musical event. The festival showcases a wide range of genres, including classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music, appealing to a broad audience with varied musical tastes.

In this article, we will delve into 15 fascinating facts about the Kutná Hora International Music Festival, from its origins to its impact on the local community. Whether you’re a music lover planning to attend the festival or simply curious about the event, these facts will give you a deeper understanding of this vibrant celebration of music.

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A Renowned Music Festival in Czech Republic

The Kutná Hora International Music Festival is a prestigious annual event that takes place in the beautiful town of Kutná Hora, located in the Czech Republic. It attracts music enthusiasts from around the world.

A Rich Musical Heritage

This festival celebrates the rich musical heritage of Kutná Hora and showcases a diverse range of genres, including classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music.

Stunning Historical Venues

The performances at the Kutná Hora International Music Festival are held in historic venues such as the stunning St. Barbara’s Cathedral, which adds to the unique and enchanting atmosphere of the event.

World-Class Artists

The festival features performances by world-class musicians, orchestras, and choirs, bringing together a high level of talent and expertise.

International Collaboration

The Kutná Hora International Music Festival encourages international collaboration by inviting artists and ensembles from different countries to perform together, promoting cultural exchange and diversity.

Workshops and Masterclasses

In addition to the performances, the festival also offers workshops and masterclasses conducted by renowned musicians, providing aspiring artists with valuable learning opportunities.

Emerging Talent

The festival provides a platform for young, emerging musicians to showcase their skills and gain exposure in the international music scene.

Cultural Exploration

Visitors to the festival have the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Kutná Hora, including its UNESCO World Heritage sites and picturesque medieval architecture.

Family-Friendly Event

The Kutná Hora International Music Festival is a family-friendly event, offering a range of activities for children and creating a welcoming atmosphere for music lovers of all ages.

Community Engagement

The festival actively engages with the local community, organizing outreach programs and concerts in schools and community centers, promoting access to music for all.

Unique Concert Experiences

From open-air performances in historic squares to intimate chamber music concerts in charming venues, the festival offers a variety of concert experiences that cater to different preferences.

Collaboration with Local Artists

The Kutná Hora International Music Festival collaborates with local artists, showcasing their talent and fostering a sense of pride in the region’s artistic achievements.

Celebration of Czech Music

The festival pays tribute to the Czech music tradition by featuring compositions from renowned Czech composers, honoring the country’s rich musical legacy.

Cultural Exchange through Music

The international nature of the festival facilitates cultural exchange, breaking down barriers and fostering understanding through the universal language of music.

Unforgettable Musical Experiences

Attending the Kutná Hora International Music Festival promises unforgettable musical experiences, where audiences can immerse themselves in the captivating world of music and be inspired by exceptional performances.

In conclusion, the Kutná Hora International Music Festival is an exceptional celebration of music, culture, and international collaboration. With its rich history and diverse programming, this festival offers a unique opportunity to experience outstanding performances in the enchanting setting of Kutná Hora. Whether you are a music enthusiast or simply looking for a memorable cultural experience, this festival is not to be missed.


The Kutná Hora International Music Festival is a remarkable event that brings together talent, culture, and music in the beautiful Czech town of Kutná Hora. With its rich history and stunning architecture, the festival provides a unique backdrop for music enthusiasts from all over the world.During the festival, visitors have the opportunity to experience a diverse range of musical performances, including classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music. With renowned musicians from across the globe, the festival showcases exceptional talent and offers a platform for both established and emerging artists.In addition to the captivating performances, the festival provides a cultural experience through its workshops, masterclasses, and collaborations with local artists. This creates a dynamic environment for music education, inspiration, and collaboration.Whether you are a music lover, an aspiring musician, or simply someone who appreciates the arts, the Kutná Hora International Music Festival is an event not to be missed. Immerse yourself in the magic of music, explore the historical and cultural treasures of Kutná Hora, and create unforgettable memories at this extraordinary musical extravaganza.


1. When does the Kutná Hora International Music Festival take place?
The festival takes place annually during the summer months. The exact dates may vary, so it’s best to check the festival’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

2. Where is the Kutná Hora International Music Festival held?
The festival is held in Kutná Hora, a picturesque town located in the Czech Republic, known for its historical significance and architectural gems.

3. How can I purchase tickets for the festival?
Tickets for the Kutná Hora International Music Festival can be purchased through the festival’s website or at designated ticketing outlets. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance due to the popularity of the event.

4. Are there any age restrictions for attending the festival?
No, the Kutná Hora International Music Festival welcomes music enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you’re young or old, you can enjoy the diverse range of musical performances and activities offered at the festival.

5. Are there any accommodation options available near the festival venue?
Yes, Kutná Hora offers a range of accommodation options including hotels, guesthouses, and holiday rentals. It is recommended to book your accommodation well in advance, especially during the festival period.

6. Can I participate in any workshops or masterclasses during the festival?
Yes, the Kutná Hora International Music Festival organizes workshops and masterclasses for aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts. These provide a unique opportunity to learn from renowned artists and gain insights into different aspects of music.

7. Is there parking available near the festival venue?
Yes, there are parking facilities available near the festival venue. However, it is advisable to check the festival’s website for specific information on parking locations and any associated charges.

8. Are food and beverages available at the festival?
Yes, the festival offers a selection of food and beverage stalls, serving a variety of cuisines. You can enjoy a range of delicious food options to complement your musical experience.

9. Is photography or recording allowed during the performances?
In general, photography and recording are not permitted during the performances to ensure an uninterrupted and immersive experience for both the artists and the audience. It is advisable to check the festival’s guidelines for any specific instructions.

10. Is there wheelchair accessibility at the festival venue?
Yes, the festival venue provides wheelchair accessibility to ensure that everyone can enjoy the performances and activities. Additionally, the festival organizers strive to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all attendees.