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The Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival is an exciting and dynamic event that brings together the worlds of tattoos and music in a unique and vibrant combination. Founded by legendary Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, Musink has become one of the most popular tattoo conventions and music festivals in the United States.

With its origins rooted in the Southern California tattoo scene, Musink has grown into a multi-day extravaganza that showcases the best in tattoo artistry, live music performances, and a wide range of vendors and exhibitors. Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast or a music lover, Musink offers something for everyone.

This article will delve into some fascinating facts about Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival, shedding light on the event’s history, its impact on tattoo culture, and the incredible lineup of artists and musicians that have graced its stages over the years. Get ready to be inspired and intrigued by the world of Musink!

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14 Facts About Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival

The Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival is an annual event that combines the world of tattoo artistry with live music performances. This unique festival brings together tattoo enthusiasts, artists, and music lovers for a weekend of celebration and creativity.

Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival takes place in California.

Founded in 2008 by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, Musink takes place in various locations across the sunny state of California. Each year, the festival attracts thousands of attendees from all over the country who gather to experience the vibrant tattoo culture and enjoy performances by top-notch musicians.

It showcases the work of renowned tattoo artists.

One of the highlights of the Musink Tattoo Convention is the opportunity to witness the incredible talent of both local and international tattoo artists. From traditional designs to cutting-edge styles, the convention provides a platform for artists to showcase their skills and connect with potential clients.

It features an impressive lineup of musical acts.

At Musink, attendees not only get to appreciate the artistry of tattoos but also enjoy live music performances by some of the biggest names in the industry. The festival has seen performances by bands like Blink-182, Machine Gun Kelly, Deftones, and Bad Religion, among others, making it a must-attend event for music enthusiasts.

Musink offers tattoo competitions.

For those looking to get inked, Musink provides an opportunity to participate in tattoo competitions. Attendees can enter their tattoos into various categories such as Best Color Tattoo, Best Black and Grey Tattoo, or Best Traditional Tattoo, vying for recognition and prizes.

It hosts a wide range of vendors.

The convention also features a diverse range of vendors offering everything from tattoo supplies and equipment to clothing, artwork, and accessories. Attendees can browse through the vendor booths, discover unique products, and indulge in some retail therapy.

The festival promotes tattoo culture and education.

Musink aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of tattoo culture. The event often includes educational seminars and workshops where attendees can learn about different tattooing techniques, the history of tattoo art, and even gain insights from experienced artists.

It attracts celebrities and influencers.

Thanks to its popularity and unique blend of tattoo art and music, Musink has become a magnet for celebrities, influencers, and notable figures in the industry. It’s not uncommon to spot famous musicians, actors, and social media influencers mingling with the crowd.

Musink supports charitable causes.

In addition to being a platform for creative expression, the festival also supports charitable causes. Musink often partners with organizations focused on tattoo removal for those with gang-related or racist tattoos, demonstrating a commitment to positive change within the tattoo community.

It offers a variety of entertainment options.

Aside from live music performances, Musink offers a plethora of entertainment options to keep attendees engaged throughout the festival. This may include art installations, live painting sessions, circus performers, burlesque acts, or even a car show, providing something for everyone.

Musink provides networking opportunities.

For aspiring tattoo artists, Musink serves as an excellent networking opportunity. The convention brings together industry professionals and enthusiasts, creating a conducive environment for collaboration, sharing ideas, and making connections that can further one’s career in the tattoo industry.

It celebrates different tattoo styles.

From traditional Americana to realistic portraits, Musink embraces the diverse range of tattoo styles that exist today. Attendees can appreciate the versatility and artistry that each style brings, gaining inspiration and an appreciation for the vast world of tattooing.

Musink welcomes all levels of tattoo enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo collector or someone considering their first ink, Musink welcomes tattoo enthusiasts of all levels. The festival offers a safe and inclusive space for people to explore their passion for tattoos, interact with artists, and get inspired.

It showcases the fusion of tattoo and music cultures.

Musink embodies the seamless blend of tattoo and music cultures. The festival not only celebrates the art of tattooing but also recognizes the intimate connection between tattoos and the music industry, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere that attracts people from all walks of life.


In conclusion, the Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival is a unique and exciting event that combines the artistry of tattooing with the energy of live music performances. With its impressive lineup of tattoo artists, renowned bands, and a variety of vendors, this event offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast looking to get inked by the best in the business, a music lover wanting to enjoy live performances, or simply someone curious about the tattoo and music culture, Musink provides an immersive experience that will leave you wanting more.


1. What is Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival?

Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival is an annual event that showcases the best of tattoo artistry alongside live music performances.

2. Where does Musink take place?

The festival takes place in various locations, with the main event happening in Orange County, California.

3. Can I get a tattoo at Musink?

Yes, Musink features a wide range of talented tattoo artists who are available for appointments throughout the duration of the event.

4. Are there any restrictions on who can attend?

Musink is open to all ages, but some activities may have age restrictions. It’s advisable to check the event’s website for specific details.

5. What genres of music can I expect at Musink?

Musink features a diverse lineup of rock, punk, metal, and alternative music genres, with performances by both popular and emerging artists.

6. Are there any other attractions besides tattooing and music?

Yes, Musink also offers a variety of vendors selling merchandise, clothing, accessories, and other items related to tattooing and music.

7. How can I purchase tickets for Musink?

Tickets for the festival can be purchased online through the official Musink website or through authorized ticketing platforms.

8. Can I bring my own tattoo design to the convention?

Absolutely! Many tattoo artists at Musink are open to working with custom designs brought in by attendees.

9. Are there food and drinks available at the event?

Yes, Musink offers a selection of food and beverage options for attendees to enjoy during the festival.

10. Is there parking available at the venue?

Yes, there is usually parking available near the event venue, but it’s advisable to arrive early or consider using alternative transportation options.