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Destiny 2 Facts
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Like any other AAA game, Destiny 2 has a lot of things that the average player who just loves shooters may not even be aware of. A gamer who comes in a couple of times a month to shoot at moving targets doesn’t even know how many interesting things Destiny 2 hides. Therefore, in this article, we decided to collect interesting facts about the game that you might not know about.

Advanced Boosting

There are many games where the boosting service is popular, but Destiny 2 is among the top games for which help is ordered from professionals. This is due to the fact that the game is complex, the mechanics are not always clear to beginners, and the storyline is very action-packed. Players often began to choose destiny 2 carrying service to upgrade their account and receive cool rewards. Popular services include leveling, completing missions, coaching, and obtaining certain items.

One of the advantages of Destiny 2, which many players note, is that you don’t need to play the first part to understand the second. However, the game is still quite difficult for a beginner. Just look at the three different weapon slots, different mission options, battles with other players, weapon modifiers, and so on. Boosting helps to sort out all these questions. If you want advice, take your time, contact a boosting company and they will advise you. Additionally, Destiny’s balance changes frequently. For example, for some time machine guns work best, and after a month the designers will improve sniper rifles. Professionals will help with this too.

Personal Stories of Developers

Bungie studio developer Amillz shared the creation of the character Ada-1. The mysterious guardian of the black arsenal’s legacy received her character based on developer’s experience of dealing with anxiety. It is precisely because of such strong personal creator’s experiences, that the character turned out to be alive, despite the episodic nature of her role. Players appreciated the character, and some wrote in response that she became their favorite character in the game. This really touched the author.

Another developer Bungie said that the date of his wedding anniversary can be found in the description of the sector 618 map from the first part and in the description of the chaos mode in the second part. Both there and there are numbers 618 – it’s easy to guess that we are talking about June 18th. This is a very personal Easter egg from the developer. At the same time, the same developer added the date of birth of his son in the developments for Quake 4.

Easter Eggs for the Season of Abundance

There are several interesting little things here that, again, are invisible on the surface. For example, the name of those very guns that we farm so diligently. Destiny 2 has one of the most amazing weapon systems. Let’s pay attention to the description of one of the sniper rifles – “An artifact from Earth, redesigned to meet the modest demands of the Emperor.” Indeed, players from the first part of Destiny will easily recognize familiar weapons in the images of these guns. We are talking about LDR 5001. This abbreviation in slang stands for long-distance relationship. And the version of this sniper from the second part, which was just modified for the emperor, is called “Beloved”.

But the weapon from the Crown of Sorrow raid also has some reference to the first part. All weapons from this activity are the arsenal of those awakened from the reef, rewritten with the help of the voices of the hive. That’s why we see an infinite number of runes on the body of these guns. And again we turn to the first part – where we can find these same guns but in their original form in a beautiful pink color, for example, the “Her Right Hand” machine gun. At the Crown of Sorrow raid, he falls in a new guise but with a reference to the past with the name “The Right Hand of Gahlran”. The luckiest ones are those who play the English version of the game, since localization may lose the charm.


Now we will return to the Panopticon. One of the Reddit users drew the players’ attention to the name of the first boss in the Panopticon. His name is Hasapiko. Translated from Greek it is “butcher’s dance”. That is, it is not just a set of letters. This is actually the name of a Greek dance. This dance was performed by Greek warriors during the holidays. Rhythmic movements emphasized their fighting spirit. Well, the minotaur is one of the brightest legends in ancient Greek mythology, so it is quite natural that the ideas of the folklore of these people are continued in the names of these opponents from the game. However, the story doesn’t end with this boss’s name. Do you remember the location in which our battle with Hasapiko takes place? Yes, that’s right, the battle takes place in the Theater. Well, the triumph for beating the boss is called “Brain for Drama.” That is, we see how everything is very theatrical. During the battle, the guards themselves seem to be dancing with the minotaur – every now and then we need to go left, then right, then to the center, dodging the force walls. This is the developers’ amazing attention to detail, and such things happen every now and then in the game.

The game has many hidden messages in the names of locations, borrowings from national cultures, and local memes. This is not all that easy to notice. Take a closer look at the game and you will be surprised how rich it is in interesting details. Destiny 2 is a game that is constantly improving. New maps, missions, and story updates appear. This all delights the players. Immersing yourself in this universe and learning new facts about it becomes more and more interesting every time.

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