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Common Auto Repair Myths Debunked: What You Need to Know
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In the world of auto repairs, myths and misconceptions abound, often leading car owners astray. However, debunking these myths is essential for making informed decisions about vehicle maintenance. In this article, we’ll unravel common misconceptions surrounding auto repairs, equipping you with the knowledge needed to navigate the maintenance maze with confidence.

Myth 1. You Should Only Get Service from a Dealer Otherwise, You May Void Your Warranty

This myth has been circulating among drivers for a very long time. According to the law, it is impossible to void the warranty — this goes against the law on the protection of consumer rights.

In fact, if you are serviced not by an official dealer but by an independent service center, then if a warranty claim occurs, the dealer’s representatives will do their best to avoid repairs. In reality, they can refuse only if the breakdown occurred due to improper installation of the part at another service station and is directly related to it. Be that as it may, the court will always be on the side of the car owner. If you use auto repair all makes and models services, and you won’t face such problems.

Myth 2. You Only Need to Use Original Spare Parts. They Are of the Highest Quality

Many drivers mistakenly believe that only branded spare parts can boast high quality. It is not true. Third parties manufacture 50% of the original parts. The only thing they have from the factory is the brand emblem. Moreover, large spare parts manufacturers develop them in close partnership with manufacturers and creators of units.

Therefore, you should not think analogs are always inferior in quality to the original. Of course, there are artisanal parts on the market. But quite a lot of spare parts perform in operation no worse than the originals.

Also, many drivers prefer to go to official dealers, believing they will only have original consumables and spare parts. In a regular car service, non-original and even used parts can be used, but this depends solely on the customer’s wishes. If you ask to install only the original spare parts, our technicians will order and install them.

Myth 3. Unscrupulous Services Provide Low-Quality Spare Parts

Car owners very often notice this thing. One box from a spare part installed during maintenance may say Made in Germany, and another box from the same brand may say Made in China. For drivers, this is a red rag. It means that the service supplied low-quality parts. One of them is definitely fake.

In fact, parts suppliers have several factories located all over the world. Products are supplied to the conveyor in a random order. For example, Bosch parts are officially produced in Germany and China. If you have installed spare parts from different countries, then this is not an attempt to make money; it is only using elements from different supplies.

Myth 4. Dealerships Sell Only the Most Expensive Spare Parts

It is wrong. Of course, official dealers install more expensive original spare parts in branded packaging. But during maintenance of a post-warranty car, the owner may be offered to purchase cheaper parts recommended by the manufacturer.

Myth 5. Dealer Service Costs Crazy Money

In some dealerships, you will actually have to pay a tidy sum for car maintenance. But there is a way to compare prices for maintenance from different dealers without leaving your home and sign up for the service that is ready to perform the work at the lowest price.

There is an opinion that dealers employ professional craftsmen who regularly undergo training and do their work well, but the opposite is true in an ordinary auto repair shop. In fact, you can run into unprofessional workers anywhere — this is evidenced by numerous stories from drivers on auto forums. But in an ordinary workshop, you can personally see who will repair your car, but at dealers, this is not always possible.

Myth 6. Services Impose Additional Paid Services

Of course, the dishonesty of some service providers cannot be ruled out. However, a quality auto repair shop would do you a disservice by not checking your vehicle for potential problems. The car must be checked according to 15–40 control parameters regardless of the requested service. Of course, it’s everyone’s choice to agree to additional services or save money. However, as with human diseases that are more easily treated if detected early, correcting minor vehicle defects on time can avoid major repairs in the future.

Myth 7. All Car Services Are the Same

It is not the case, as understood from the above points. It’s not only and not so much about the conscientiousness of the workers of each car service center but also their competence and knowledge. This is especially true in today’s world when new technologies are constantly being introduced to the production and maintenance of cars.

Another important indicator is the availability of modern diagnostics and repair equipment and access to spare parts for the required car model.


Navigating the landscape of auto repairs requires dispelling common myths and understanding the intricacies of vehicle maintenance. From dealership services to independent repair shops, knowing your rights and options empowers you to make informed decisions about your car’s care. By debunking misconceptions and seeking reputable establishments, you can ensure quality service without breaking the bank. Remember, proactive maintenance not only preserves your vehicle’s performance but also safeguards against costly repairs down the road. So, whether it’s choosing spare parts or selecting a service center, knowledge truly is key to confidently maneuvering the maintenance maze.

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