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When it comes to the world of Pokémon, there are countless fascinating creatures with unique abilities and captivating lore. One such Pokémon that stands out from the rest is Dugtrio. With its iconic trio of heads popping out of the ground, Dugtrio has become a fan favorite and a prominent figure in the Pokémon franchise.

In this article, we will delve into the depths of Dugtrio’s origins and uncover 16 intriguing facts about this ground-type Pokémon. From its appearance to its stats and evolution, there is much to discover about this underground dweller. Whether you’re a long-time Pokémon enthusiast or just discovering the world of pocket monsters, get ready to dig deep into the fascinating world of Dugtrio!

Key Takeaways:

  • Dugtrio is a powerful ground-type Pokemon with three Diglett underground. It has no visible eyes but can detect tremors and has gigantic claws for battling. It’s weak against water, grass, and ice-type attacks.
  • Dugtrio moves in perfect sync and has a diverse movepool. In the Alola region, it has an alternate form with a unique hairstyle. Its mysterious origins continue to fascinate Pokemon trainers worldwide.
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Triple Threat Underground

Dugtrio is a ground-type Pokemon that consists of three Diglett connected underground. It is known for its ability to swiftly dig intricate tunnels and burrows.

Evolved Form of Diglett

Dugtrio is the evolved form of Diglett. When a Diglett reaches a certain level, it undergoes a transformation and emerges from the ground as a powerful Dugtrio.

Unique Underground Habitat

Dugtrio spends most of its time living underground, creating vast networks of tunnels and chambers. It scours the depths of the earth in search of rocks and minerals to consume for sustenance.

No Visible Eyes

Dugtrio lacks visible eyes above ground, leading to speculation that it relies on other senses to navigate underground. Its heightened sense of vibration allows it to detect approaching threats or prey.

Tremor Detection

Due to its sensitive nature, Dugtrio can detect even the faintest tremors from a considerable distance. This ability helps it anticipate earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Gigantic Claws

Dugtrio possesses powerful claws that can easily carve through solid rock and soil. These claws serve as formidable weapons when engaging in battles.

Competitive Nature

Dugtrio is known for its strong competitive spirit. It often engages in fierce battles with other Pokemon, vying for dominance over territory and resources.

Movements in Perfect Sync

Despite being comprised of three separate entities, Dugtrio moves with perfect synchronicity. Its seamless coordination allows it to execute complex maneuvers and surprise opponents.

Type Advantage

As a ground-type Pokemon, Dugtrio possesses an advantage over electric, poison, rock, and steel types. Its sturdy nature and ground-based attacks make it a formidable opponent.

Strong Earthquake Attacks

Dugtrio’s signature move is Earthquake, a powerful ground-type attack that can shake the very foundations of the battlefield. Its opponents should beware.

Diverse Movepool

Dugtrio can learn a wide range of moves, including Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Sucker Punch, and many more. This versatility makes it a valuable asset in various battle scenarios.

Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities

Despite its formidable abilities, Dugtrio is susceptible to water, grass, and ice-type attacks. Trainers should consider these weaknesses when strategizing battles.

Alolan Form Variation

In the Alola region, Dugtrio has an alternate form known as Alolan Dugtrio. This variant has a unique hairstyle and is often seen participating in luxurious hair care practices.

Ground-Based Navigation

While Dugtrio primarily relies on its sensory abilities to navigate underground, it is also adept at reading geological features, such as the presence of underground rivers and valuable minerals.

Family Bonds

The three Diglett that make up Dugtrio share a strong bond, often communicating through vibrations and signals. They work together seamlessly to achieve their goals.

Mysterious Origins

The exact origin and evolution of Dugtrio remain a subject of much debate and speculation among Pokemon researchers. The unique nature of this Pokemon continues to fascinate trainers worldwide.


Dugtrio may seem like a simple Pokemon at first glance, but it boasts a number of fascinating facts that make it an interesting addition to any team. From its unique triple-headed design to its powerful Ground-type moves, Dugtrio has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in battles. Its ability to create tunnels and traverse underground also adds to its versatility in both offense and defense.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon trainer or just starting your journey, exploring the world of Dugtrio will undoubtedly bring excitement and thrill to your gameplay. So go ahead and catch one for your team, and uncover the hidden depths of this remarkable Pokemon!


Q: How does Dugtrio get its three heads?

A: While it may seem mysterious, Dugtrio is born with three heads from the very beginning. This unique feature sets it apart from other Pokemon and gives it an advantage in battles.

Q: Can Dugtrio learn any moves other than Ground-type attacks?

A: Yes, Dugtrio has a diverse movepool and can learn various moves of different types through TMs and breeding. However, it excels in Ground-type attacks due to its typing and abilities.

Q: How does Dugtrio tunnel underground?

A: Dugtrio uses its powerful claws to dig swiftly and create tunnels underground. This ability allows it to navigate beneath the surface effortlessly and catch opponents off guard.

Q: Is Dugtrio a good choice for competitive battles?

A: Dugtrio can be a valuable asset in competitive battles, especially in formats where Ground-type Pokemon are strong. Its speed and access to moves like Earthquake and Stealth Rock make it a formidable opponent.

Q: Can Dugtrio be found in the wild, or is it obtained through evolution?

A: Dugtrio can be found in the wild, particularly in areas with caves or mountains. It also evolves from Diglett starting at level 26, making it accessible through both methods.

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