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Ribombee is a fascinating Pokémon that has captured the hearts of trainers worldwide. This adorable Bug/Fairy-type Pokémon made its debut in the seventh generation of games, Pokémon Sun and Moon. With its unique design, enchanting abilities, and impressive stats, Ribombee has become a popular choice for both competitive battles and casual play. In this article, we will delve into 15 fascinating facts about Ribombee that every Pokémon enthusiast should know. From its evolution line to its signature moves, we will explore the intricacies of this delightful Pokémon. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Ribombee and discover what makes it such a beloved creature in the Pokémon universe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ribombee is a charming Fairy- and Bug-type Pokémon that evolves from Cutiefly with high friendship. Its sweet aroma, powerful wings, and unique move make it a popular choice for both trainers and collectors.
  • Ribombee’s delicate wings, sociable nature, and inspiration from bees and fairies make it a unique and sought-after Pokémon. Its ability to form colonies and create powerful gusts of wind adds to its charm and versatility.
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Ribombee is a Fairy- and Bug-type Pokémon.

Ribombee is a delightful Pokémon that possesses both Fairy and Bug typings, making it a unique and versatile addition to anyone’s team.

It evolves from Cutiefly when leveled up with high friendship.

To obtain a Ribombee, you will need to nurture your Cutiefly’s friendship by spending time with it, battling together, and offering it various affectionate gestures.

Ribombee’s Pokedex number is #743.

When scouring through your Pokedex, you can easily locate Ribombee by its designated number, #743.

It is known as the Bee Fly Pokémon.

Ribombee’s classification as the Bee Fly Pokémon perfectly encapsulates its appearance and nature, combining the traits of both bees and flies into one charming creature.

Ribombee has the Ability “Shield Dust.”

The Shield Dust ability allows Ribombee to prevent additional effects, such as secondary status conditions or stat reductions, when hit by an opponent’s move.

Its height is approximately 0.2 meters.

Ribombee may be small in stature, with an average height of around 0.2 meters, but it compensates for its size with its swift and agile nature.

Ribombee is mainly found in Alola region.

The picturesque Alola region is the primary habitat of Ribombee, where it thrives amidst the tropical climate and lush vegetation.

It is known for its sweet aroma.

Ribombee emits a gentle and delightful fragrance, thanks to the nectar it gathers from various flowers in its environment. Its scent is enough to captivate both Pokémon and trainers alike.

Ribombee can create powerful gusts of wind with its wings.

Despite its small size, Ribombee possesses wings that are surprisingly strong. It can generate powerful gusts of wind by rapidly beating its wings, which aids in both its flight and battles.

Ribombee is a popular choice for competitive battles.

With its unique typing, versatile movepool, and access to strong Fairy-type moves, Ribombee has become a favored choice among trainers participating in competitive Pokémon battles.

It is known to form colonies with other Ribombee.

Ribombee is a sociable Pokémon that enjoys the company of its kin. It often forms colonies with other Ribombee, creating close-knit communities that work together to gather nectar and protect their territory.

Ribombee’s wings are delicate and easily damaged.

Despite its wings’ strength, Ribombee’s wings are fragile. It must be cautious when flying to avoid potential damage, as any harm to its wings could hinder its mobility and aerial capabilities.

Ribombee’s signature move is “Pollen Puff.”

Ribombee possesses a unique move called “Pollen Puff.” This Bug-type move has the power to heal an ally’s HP or harm an opponent depending on the target, making it a versatile move in battle.

It is a favorite Pokémon among collectors.

With its adorable appearance and unique dual typing, Ribombee has become a sought-after Pokémon among collectors and enthusiasts of all ages.

Ribombee’s design was inspired by bees and fairies.

Ribombee’s design takes inspiration from both bees and fairies, blending their characteristics to create an enchanting and charismatic Pokémon that captures the imagination.


Ribombee is a fascinating Pokémon with a unique set of qualities and abilities. Its adorable appearance, combined with its strong capabilities in battle, make it a fan favorite among trainers. Whether you’re looking to add Ribombee to your team for competitive battles or simply want a charming companion in your journey through the Pokémon world, Ribombee is definitely worth considering. With its Fairy and Bug typing, it offers a diverse move pool and can be a valuable asset in various battle scenarios.

So, next time you encounter a Ribombee in the wild or see one on your opponent’s team, remember the incredible facts and characteristics that make this Pokémon special. Its tiny size might be deceiving, but Ribombee is a powerhouse in its own right.


1. What are Ribombee’s types?

Ribombee is a dual-type Pokémon, belonging to the Fairy and Bug types.

2. How can I evolve a Ribombee?

To evolve a Ribombee, you must first catch a Cutiefly and level it up to level 25. At that point, it will evolve into Ribombee.

3. What are some notable abilities of Ribombee?

Ribombee possesses the abilities Honey Gather and Shield Dust, as well as the hidden ability Sweet Veil.

4. Are Ribombee good for battles?

Ribombee can be a great asset in battles, especially in the competitive scene. Its diverse move pool and unique Fairy and Bug typing make it a versatile choice.

5. Can Ribombee learn any special moves?

Yes, Ribombee can learn special moves like Pollen Puff and Quiver Dance, which can give it an advantage in battle.

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