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When it comes to beloved characters from Disney’s classic animated film, “Beauty and the Beast,” Mrs Potts certainly stands out. As the lovable teapot and housekeeper of the Beast’s enchanted castle, Mrs Potts has captured the hearts of generations of viewers with her endearing personality and motherly nature.

In this article, we delve deeper into the enchanting world of Mrs Potts and explore 17 surprising facts about this iconic character. From her origins and casting to behind-the-scenes trivia and her impact on popular culture, there’s so much to discover about this timeless tea-serving friend.

So, grab a cup of your favorite brew and get ready to embark on an adventure through the enchanting tale of Mrs Potts!

Key Takeaways:

  • Mrs Potts, the lovable teapot from Beauty and the Beast, teaches us the importance of kindness, compassion, and seeing the beauty within others, making her a timeless symbol of warmth and motherly love.
  • Mrs Potts and her son Chip symbolize the magic of true friendship and unconditional love, showcasing the enduring strength of a mother’s love for her child and the power of genuine connections.
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Mrs Potts, the Beloved Teapot from Beauty and the Beast

One of the most endearing characters in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is Mrs Potts, the anthropomorphic teapot who looks after the Beast and his enchanted castle. Here are 17 surprising facts about Mrs Potts that you may not know:

Mrs Potts Was Voiced by the Legendary Angela Lansbury

The iconic voice behind Mrs Potts belongs to the talented Angela Lansbury. Known for her distinguished acting career, Lansbury brought warmth and charm to the character through her captivating voice.

Her Design Was Inspired by the Rococo Art Movement

The design of Mrs Potts was heavily influenced by the Rococo art movement, known for its ornate and elaborate style. Her curvaceous teapot shape and delicate floral patterns reflect this artistic inspiration.

Mrs Potts has a Son Named Chip

Did you know that Mrs Potts has a son? Chip, the teacup with the chip on his rim, is Mrs Potts’ lovable and mischievous son. The bond between Mrs Potts and Chip is heartwarming and adds an extra touch of sweetness to their characters.

She Sings the Memorable Song “Beauty and the Beast”

Mrs Potts is not only a nurturing motherly figure but also a talented singer. She is famous for performing the beautiful song “Beauty and the Beast,” which captures the essence of the enchanting love story between Belle and the Beast.

Mrs Potts was Inspired by Real-Life Antique Teapots

The animators and designers drew inspiration from actual antique teapots when creating Mrs Potts. They incorporated intricate details and unique characteristics into her design, making her a truly remarkable and visually appealing character.

Her Timeless Advice: “There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before”

One of Mrs Potts’ most memorable lines in the movie is her wise advice to Belle about looking beyond appearances: “There may be something there that wasn’t there before.” This timeless message encourages us to see the beauty within others.

Mrs Potts Helps Belle Discover the Library

In a heartwarming moment, Mrs Potts guides Belle to the Beast’s impressive library. This pivotal scene showcases Mrs Potts’ role as a supportive and comforting presence, assisting Belle in her journey of self-discovery.

She Remains Loyal to the Beast Throughout His Transformation

Mrs Potts’ unwavering loyalty to the Beast is an integral part of her character. She stands by him, offering support and encouragement, even as he undergoes his transformation back into a human prince.

Mrs Potts’ Voice Actress Received an Honorary Oscar

Angela Lansbury, the voice behind Mrs Potts, was honored with an honorary Oscar for her outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry. This recognition further solidifies the impact of her portrayal of the lovable teapot.

She Represents Warmth and Motherly Love

Mrs Potts embodies the values of warmth and motherly love. Her nurturing nature is symbolized through her comforting presence and her genuine care for those around her, making her a beloved character for fans of all ages.

Mrs Potts is Featured in the Broadway Adaptation of Beauty and the Beast

The character of Mrs Potts extends beyond the animated film. She also plays a prominent role in Disney’s Broadway adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, delighting audiences with her memorable songs and delightful personality.

She Has Become an Endearing Icon of Disney Merchandise

Mrs Potts’ popularity has extended beyond the screen, with her adorable teapot design becoming a beloved and recognizable icon of Disney merchandise. You can find various products featuring her image, from mugs to collectible figurines.

Mrs Potts Teaches Us the Importance of Kindness

One of the underlying messages portrayed through Mrs Potts’ character is the importance of kindness. She demonstrates compassion and empathy, reminding viewers to treat others with respect and understanding.

Mrs Potts Has a Special Place in Fans’ Hearts

Throughout the years, Mrs Potts has captured the hearts of countless fans who cherish her role as a comforting and motherly figure. Her charm and delightful personality continue to make her a beloved character in the Disney universe.

She Represents the Magic of Friendship

Mrs Potts’ friendship with the other enchanted objects in the castle highlights the power of genuine connections. Through the ups and downs, their unwavering support for one another portrays the magic of true friendship.

Mrs Potts and Chip Are Symbolic of Unconditional Love

The relationship between Mrs Potts and Chip symbolizes unconditional love. They care for each other deeply, demonstrating the enduring strength of a mother’s love for her child.


Mrs Potts, the beloved character from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, has captivated audiences for decades. From her warm and caring personality to her iconic role as the talking teapot, there is always something intriguing about Mrs Potts. In this article, we delved deep into the character and uncovered 17 surprising facts that many may not know about her.From her design being inspired by a historical figure to her remarkable voice actress, Angela Lansbury, Mrs Potts has a fascinating backstory that adds depth to her character. We learned that she has a son named Chip and that she was transformed into a teapot by the enchantress’s curse.Mrs Potts is not just a teapot; she is a symbol of love, nurturing, and wisdom. Her relationship with Belle and her role in helping the Beast find true love make her a cherished character in the hearts of fans of all ages.So, the next time you watch Beauty and the Beast, keep these surprising facts in mind, and enjoy the magical journey of Mrs Potts and the enchanting world she belongs to.


Q: Who is the voice actress for Mrs Potts?

A: The voice of Mrs Potts is portrayed by the talented Angela Lansbury.

Q: How does Mrs Potts turn into a teapot?

A: Mrs Potts, along with the other enchanted objects in the castle, was transformed by the curse of the enchantress.

Q: Does Mrs Potts have any children?

A: Yes, Mrs Potts has a son named Chip who is also transformed into a teacup.

Q: What is the significance of Mrs Potts’ character in the story?

A: Mrs Potts plays a crucial role in the story as she provides guidance, support, and wisdom to Belle and helps the Beast find true love.

Q: What was the inspiration behind Mrs Potts’ design?

A: Mrs Potts’ design was inspired by a historical figure, the British Staffordshire pottery.

Q: Is Mrs Potts a main character in Beauty and the Beast?

A: While Mrs Potts is not the main character, she is a beloved supporting character and plays a significant role in the story.

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