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Matthew Daddario is a popular American actor who has garnered a massive fan following through his impressive performances on both the big and small screens. Best known for his role as Alec Lightwood in the hit TV series “Shadowhunters,” Daddario has established himself as one of the most talented and sought-after actors in the industry.

With his captivating looks and undeniable acting skills, Daddario has captured the hearts of millions around the world. From his early beginnings to his rise to stardom, there are numerous fascinating facts about Matthew Daddario that many may not be aware of.

In this article, we will delve into 49 intriguing facts about Matthew Daddario, shedding light on his personal life, career highlights, and interesting tidbits that make him the exceptional celebrity he is today.

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Matthew Daddario was born on October 1, 1987, in New York City.

From an early age, it was clear that Matthew had a passion for the performing arts. He grew up in a household surrounded by creativity, as his father was a prosecutor and his mother a lawyer.

He is the eldest of three siblings.

Matthew is the older brother of actress Alexandra Daddario and actor Catharine Daddario. Talent definitely runs in the family!

Before pursuing acting, Matthew studied business at Indiana University.

Although he initially had his sights set on a corporate career, Matthew’s love for acting soon took center stage. He decided to follow his passion and enrolled in The William Esper Studio, a prestigious acting school in New York.

Matthew Daddario made his acting debut in the movie “Breathe In” in 2013.

This independent drama film marked the beginning of Matthew’s acting career, where he showcased his natural talent and ability to captivate audiences.

He gained widespread recognition for his role as Alec Lightwood in “Shadowhunters.”

Matthew’s portrayal of Alec, a complex and brooding Shadowhunter, earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. The TV series, based on the popular book series “The Mortal Instruments” by Cassandra Clare, catapulted Matthew to stardom.

Matthew Daddario stands tall at 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm).

His towering height adds to his on-screen presence, making him even more captivating to watch.

He is known for his mesmerizing blue eyes.

Matthew’s piercing blue eyes have become one of his most distinctive features, often leaving fans swooning over his captivating gaze.

Matthew is an advocate for mental health.

Using his platform for good, Matthew has actively spoken out about the importance of mental health awareness and has supported various campaigns and organizations focused on this cause.

He has a great sense of humor.

Matthew has demonstrated his wit and comedic timing in interviews and social media, often leaving fans in stitches with his hilarious anecdotes and remarks.

Matthew Daddario has a strong presence on social media.

With a large following across various platforms, Matthew keeps fans engaged and entertained with glimpses into his personal life and behind-the-scenes moments from his projects.

He has a passion for photography.

Matthew’s creative side extends beyond acting, and he has a keen interest in photography. He often shares his work on social media, showcasing his talent behind the camera.

Matthew is multilingual.

Aside from English, Matthew is fluent in Italian and has showcased his language skills in interviews and on-screen.

He has a love for animals.

Matthew is a proud pet parent to his adorable dog named Charlie. He frequently shares pictures of his furry friend, showing his affection and dedication to animals.

Matthew Daddario is a natural athlete.

He has actively participated in various sports throughout his life, including basketball and skiing.

He has a deep admiration for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Matthew has expressed his admiration for Leonardo DiCaprio’s talent and career choices, considering him a source of inspiration and an actor he aspires to emulate.

Matthew’s favorite superhero is Spider-Man.

Like many fans, Matthew has a soft spot for the friendly neighborhood superhero and has expressed his love for the character on multiple occasions.

He is an avid reader.

Matthew enjoys immersing himself in books and has recommended several titles to his fans, showcasing his love for literature.

Matthew is a fan of sarcasm.

Known for his quick wit, Matthew has a penchant for sarcasm, often showcasing his dry sense of humor in interviews and social media interactions.

He has worked on various other TV shows and films.

Aside from “Shadowhunters,” Matthew has appeared in popular TV series such as “Cabin Fever” and “Delivery Man,” further highlighting his versatility as an actor.

Matthew Daddario loves to travel.

Exploring new places and experiencing different cultures is something that Matthew thoroughly enjoys. His Instagram feed showcases glimpses of his travel adventures.

He has a close bond with his “Shadowhunters” co-stars.

Matthew’s on-screen chemistry with his co-stars extends off-screen, as they have formed a tight-knit group and often share their camaraderie on social media.

Matthew is known for his thoughtful and articulate interviews.

He has a way with words and often provides insightful responses during interviews, showcasing his intelligence and eloquence.

He enjoys interacting with fans.

Matthew takes the time to engage with his fan base, whether it be through Q&A sessions or attending fan conventions, making his supporters feel appreciated and valued.

Matthew Daddario has a passion for environmental conservation.

He is an advocate for protecting the environment and has actively supported and participated in campaigns focused on conservation efforts.

He has a strong sense of style.

Matthew’s fashion choices always make a statement, whether he’s dressed casually or attending red carpet events. His impeccable style has earned him recognition as a fashion icon.

Matthew has a theater background.

Prior to his on-screen success, Matthew honed his acting skills through theater performances, further showcasing his dedication and love for the craft.

He is a talented voice actor.

Matthew has lent his voice to various animated projects, adding depth and versatility to his already impressive repertoire.

Matthew is a fan of ’90s music.

He has expressed his love for ’90s bands and has shared his favorite songs from that era with his fans.

He is a coffee enthusiast.

Matthew enjoys a good cup of coffee and often shares his love for this beverage on his social media platforms.

Matthew Daddario is close friends with his “Shadowhunters” co-star Harry Shum Jr.

Their strong bond and friendship have been documented on social media, and fans adore their dynamic both on and off-screen.

He has an infectious laugh.

Matthew’s laughter is contagious and can brighten up any room, making him endearing to both his co-stars and fans alike.

Matthew enjoys outdoor activities.

From hiking to camping, Matthew embraces life’s adventures and finds solace in nature.

He is a fan of classic literature.

Matthew has expressed his admiration for works by authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, appreciating the depth and storytelling they offer.

Matthew is a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights.

He has used his platform to advocate for equal rights and acceptance, standing alongside the LGBTQ+ community with his unwavering support.

He has a compassionate and caring nature.

Both on and off-screen, Matthew’s empathy and kindness shine through, making him a beloved figure among his peers and fans.

Matthew Daddario is skilled in archery.

His portrayal of a skilled marksman in “Shadowhunters” required him to undergo training in archery, showcasing his dedication to his craft.

He loves to cook.

Matthew enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and often shares his culinary creations with his fans on social media.

Matthew is a fan of stand-up comedy.

He appreciates the art of stand-up comedy and admires comedians who keep audiences entertained with their humor.

He is a fan of “Game of Thrones.”

Matthew has expressed his love for the epic fantasy series and even shared his thoughts on the show’s ending.

Matthew Daddario enjoys learning new languages.

He has mentioned his interest in expanding his linguistic skills beyond Italian, displaying his curiosity and dedication to self-improvement.

He has an affinity for action-packed roles.

Matthew gravitates towards characters involved in intense and physically demanding situations, allowing him to showcase his athleticism and versatility as an actor.

Matthew is known for his charismatic stage presence.

His ability to command attention on stage has been praised by critics and fans, further solidifying his reputation as a talented performer.

He is a fan of classic films.

Matthew appreciates the artistry and storytelling of classic movies and often shares his recommendations with his fans.

Matthew Daddario values the importance of family.

He frequently expresses his gratitude and love for his family, recognizing their support throughout his career.

He has a passion for storytelling.

Whether it’s through acting or writing, Matthew enjoys delving into narratives and bringing characters to life.

Matthew is skilled in martial arts.

His dedication to his craft extends to physical training, and he has undergone martial arts training to prepare for various roles.

He has a witty and sarcastic sense of humor.

Matthew’s quick wit and dry sense of humor never fail to entertain, leaving fans and co-stars laughing at his clever remarks.

Matthew Daddario values authenticity.

He believes in staying true to oneself and encourages others to embrace their uniqueness and individuality.

Matthew is grateful for his fans.

Throughout his career, Matthew has expressed his appreciation for the unwavering support of his fans, recognizing their role in his success.

These 49 fascinating facts about Matthew Daddario provide a deeper insight into the life and career of this talented actor. From his versatility as an actor to his dedication to various causes, Matthew continues to captivate audiences with his talent and winning personality. As he embarks on new projects and ventures, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued growth and success in the entertainment industry.


Matthew Daddario is undoubtedly a talented and versatile actor who has captivated many with his performances. With his charming looks and impressive acting skills, he has managed to carve a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s his endearing portrayal of Alec Lightwood in “Shadowhunters” or his captivating performance in “Trust,” Matthew continues to leave a lasting impact on his audience. Through his dedication and passion for his craft, he has successfully built a loyal fan following.

As Matthew Daddario’s career continues to flourish, it is evident that he is here to stay. With numerous projects in the pipeline, fans are eagerly anticipating his upcoming performances. Matthew’s talent, charm, and down-to-earth personality make him an actor worth keeping an eye on. We can expect great things from him and are excited to see what the future holds for this rising star.


1. How old is Matthew Daddario?
Matthew Daddario was born on October 1, 1987, which makes him currently 34 years old.

2. Where was Matthew Daddario born?
Matthew Daddario was born in New York City, New York, United States.

3. What are some of Matthew Daddario’s notable roles?
Matthew Daddario is best known for his role as Alec Lightwood in the television series “Shadowhunters” and as Asher Millstone in the drama series “How to Get Away with Murder.”

4. Does Matthew Daddario have any siblings?
Yes, Matthew Daddario has two siblings who are also actors: Alexandra Daddario and Catharine Daddario.

5. Has Matthew Daddario won any awards for his performances?
While Matthew Daddario has not won any major awards, his performances have received critical acclaim and have earned him a dedicated fan base.

6. Is Matthew Daddario active on social media?
Yes, Matthew Daddario is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where he shares updates, interacts with fans, and gives a glimpse into his personal life.