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Madelyn Cline has taken the entertainment industry by storm with her captivating performances and undeniable talent. From her breakout role in the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks” to her incredible work in other notable projects, Cline has quickly established herself as a rising star in Hollywood.

In this article, we will delve into 48 fascinating facts about Madelyn Cline that showcase the many layers of her personality and the journey that has led her to where she is today. From her early life and career beginnings to her impressive accomplishments and personal interests, these facts will give you a deeper understanding of the woman behind the camera.

So, get ready to discover some captivating insights into the life of Madelyn Cline and learn why she has become one of the most celebrated and cherished celebrities in the industry.

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Madelyn Cline was born on December 21, 1997.

Madelyn Cline, a talented actress hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, was born on December 21, 1997.

She rose to fame for her role as Sarah Cameron in the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks.”

Madelyn Cline gained widespread recognition and a massive fan following with her portrayal of Sarah Cameron in the popular Netflix series “Outer Banks.

Madelyn Cline started her acting career at the age of 19.

At a young age of 19, Madelyn Cline embarked on her acting journey, showcasing her incredible talent and passion for the craft.

She has a background in theatre.

Prior to her on-screen success, Madelyn Cline honed her acting skills through her involvement in various theatre productions, allowing her to develop a strong foundation as an actress.

Madelyn Cline has appeared in several music videos.

Aside from her acting career, Madelyn Cline has also made appearances in music videos, adding another dimension to her creative repertoire.

She has worked with renowned brands like Marc Jacobs and TRESemmé.

Madelyn Cline’s rising popularity has led to collaborations with esteemed brands like Marc Jacobs and TRESemmé, demonstrating her versatility and appeal beyond the acting world.

Madelyn Cline is multilingual.

In addition to her native English, Madelyn Cline is fluent in Spanish, showcasing her linguistic abilities and cultural adaptability.

She is an advocate for mental health awareness.

Madelyn Cline has been vocal about promoting mental health awareness and actively supports initiatives that aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

She has a passion for outdoor activities.

When she’s not on set, Madelyn Cline enjoys spending time outdoors and engaging in activities like hiking, surfing, and exploring nature.

Madelyn Cline has a close-knit relationship with her “Outer Banks” co-stars.

The cast of the Netflix series “Outer Banks” has formed a tight bond, and Madelyn Cline shares a special connection with her fellow co-stars, creating a supportive and harmonious working environment.

She has showcased her talent in various film genres.

Madelyn Cline has proven her versatility as an actress by successfully portraying characters in a range of genres, including drama, thriller, and romance.

Madelyn Cline is active on social media.

With a strong online presence, Madelyn Cline often shares glimpses of her personal and professional life on social media, connecting with her fans and providing them with updates.

She is known for her stunning red carpet looks.

Madelyn Cline consistently dazzles on the red carpet, making fashion statements and turning heads with her impeccable sense of style.

Madelyn Cline is represented by United Talent Agency.

As a rising star, Madelyn Cline is represented by United Talent Agency (UTA), a prestigious talent agency known for representing top-tier actors and actresses.

She has received praise for her performances in theater productions.

Prior to her on-screen success, Madelyn Cline earned critical acclaim for her performances in various theater productions, showcasing her theatrical prowess and stage presence.

Madelyn Cline is of partial German descent.

Madelyn Cline’s heritage includes German ancestry, adding to her diverse background and cultural heritage.

She has an active lifestyle and enjoys staying fit.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important to Madelyn Cline, and she is passionate about fitness, incorporating regular exercise and healthy habits into her daily routine.

Madelyn Cline has attended numerous red carpet events.

As her star continues to rise, Madelyn Cline has had the opportunity to walk numerous red carpets, attending prestigious events and showcasing her glamorous side.

She has a strong fan base on social media.

Madelyn Cline’s talent and charisma have attracted a large and dedicated fan base on social media, with fans eagerly following her journey and supporting her endeavors.

Madelyn Cline has collaborated with renowned photographers.

Her striking looks and photogenic presence have led Madelyn Cline to collaborate with esteemed photographers, resulting in captivating and artistic photo shoots.

She has expressed an interest in pursuing other creative endeavors.

While acting remains Madelyn Cline’s primary focus, she has expressed an interest in exploring other creative outlets, such as writing and directing.

Madelyn Cline has appeared in commercials for major brands.

Her talent and charm have caught the attention of major brands, leading to collaborations and appearances in commercials that have reached a wide audience.

She has a close relationship with her family.

Madelyn Cline values the importance of family and maintains a strong bond with her loved ones, being grateful for their support throughout her journey.

Madelyn Cline is known for her down-to-earth personality.

Despite her rising fame, Madelyn Cline remains grounded and approachable, endearing herself to fans and colleagues with her humble and genuine nature.

She is an advocate for environmental conservation.

Madelyn Cline actively supports causes related to environmental conservation, raising awareness about pressing issues and promoting sustainable practices.

Madelyn Cline has a strong work ethic.

Known for her dedication and professionalism, Madelyn Cline approaches her craft with a strong work ethic, constantly striving for excellence in her performances.

She has performed in various theater productions.

Prior to her breakthrough on screen, Madelyn Cline showcased her acting skills in a multitude of theater productions, refining her talent and stage presence.

Madelyn Cline’s astrological sign is Sagittarius.

Born on December 21, Madelyn Cline falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, known for their adventurous and independent nature.

She has a unique sense of fashion.

Madelyn Cline’s fashion choices reflect her individuality, often opting for bold and edgy looks that make a statement.

Madelyn Cline is passionate about giving back to the community.

Using her platform for good, Madelyn Cline actively participates in philanthropic efforts and supports charitable organizations that make a positive impact.

She has received accolades for her portrayal of Sarah Cameron.

Madelyn Cline’s portrayal of Sarah Cameron in “Outer Banks” earned her critical acclaim, with praise for her compelling performance and ability to bring the character to life.

Madelyn Cline has a natural talent for accents.

With a knack for accents, Madelyn Cline has seamlessly adopted various dialects for her roles, showcasing her versatility and attention to detail.

She has worked with esteemed directors in the industry.

Madelyn Cline’s talent has garnered the attention of esteemed directors, leading to collaborations and the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry.

Madelyn Cline has a presence on YouTube.

In addition to social media platforms, Madelyn Cline maintains a presence on YouTube, engaging with her fans through vlogs and behind-the-scenes content.

She values authenticity and realness.

Madelyn Cline believes in staying true to herself and embracing authenticity, both in her personal life and in the roles she takes on as an actress.

She has a positive outlook on life.

Known for her optimism and positive attitude, Madelyn Cline approaches life with a smile and believes in spreading positivity wherever she goes.

Madelyn Cline has a strong friendship with her co-star, Chase Stokes.

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes, who plays John B in “Outer Banks,” share a close friendship on and off-screen, creating a dynamic and memorable on-screen chemistry.

She is passionate about animal rights.

Madelyn Cline is an advocate for animal rights and actively supports organizations that protect and promote the well-being of animals.

Madelyn Cline enjoys traveling and immersing herself in different cultures.

With a curious and adventurous spirit, Madelyn Cline loves to travel and embraces new experiences, immersing herself in different cultures and broadening her perspective.

She has worked with renowned fashion stylists.

Madelyn Cline has collaborated with esteemed fashion stylists, creating captivating looks that leave a lasting impression on the red carpet and in photo shoots.

Madelyn Cline values self-care and prioritizes mental and physical well-being.

Understanding the importance of self-care, Madelyn Cline prioritizes her mental and physical well-being, engaging in activities that promote relaxation and self-reflection.

She has been praised for her on-screen chemistry with co-star, Rudy Pankow.

Madelyn Cline and Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ in “Outer Banks,” have garnered praise for their captivating on-screen chemistry and compelling performances.

Madelyn Cline has a passion for photography.

Beyond being in front of the camera, Madelyn Cline has a keen interest in photography and enjoys capturing moments through her own lens.

She is a strong advocate for gender equality.

Madelyn Cline actively supports the fight for gender equality and uses her platform to advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all.

Madelyn Cline is inspired by influential actresses like Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett.

Admiring the work and talent of renowned actresses like Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett, Madelyn Cline draws inspiration from their captivating performances and impactful careers.

She is close friends with her “Outer Banks” co-stars.

Madelyn Cline shares a strong bond and genuine friendship with her fellow cast members from “Outer Banks,” creating a supportive and harmonious working environment.

Madelyn Cline has been recognized as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

With her remarkable talent and undeniable charisma, Madelyn Cline has caught the attention of industry insiders and has been hailed as a rising star with a promising future.

She appreciates the support and love from her fans.

Madelyn Cline is incredibly grateful for the support and love she receives from her dedicated fans, acknowledging their role in her success and journey as an actress.


Madelyn Cline is a rising star in the entertainment industry, and with good reason. Her talent, beauty, and dedication to her craft have earned her a place among Hollywood’s brightest stars. From her breakthrough role in Netflix’s hit series “Outer Banks” to her impressive filmography, Cline has proven herself to be a versatile and captivating actress.

With her infectious smile and undeniable charisma, Cline has garnered a massive fan following who admire her not only for her talent but also for her down-to-earth personality and positive attitude. As her career continues to soar, it’s clear that Madelyn Cline is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.


1. How old is Madelyn Cline?

Madelyn Cline was born on December 21, 1997, making her currently 23 years old.

2. Where is Madelyn Cline from?

Madelyn Cline is from Charleston, South Carolina, United States.

3. What is Madelyn Cline’s breakout role?

Madelyn Cline gained widespread recognition for her role as Sarah Cameron in the Netflix series “Outer Banks”.

4. Has Madelyn Cline done any other television or film projects?

Yes, besides “Outer Banks”, Madelyn has appeared in other projects such as “Savannah Sunrise”, “Once Upon a Time in Staten Island”, and “The Giant”.

5. Is Madelyn Cline dating her co-star Chase Stokes?

Yes, Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes, who plays John B in “Outer Banks”, are in a relationship.

6. What are Madelyn Cline’s future projects?

As of now, Madelyn Cline has several projects lined up, including the film “Knives Out 2” and the second season of “Outer Banks”.