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Noah Cyrus, the talented young artist who has made a name for herself in the music industry, is often known for her catchy tunes and unique style. With a notable family background – she’s the younger sister of pop superstar Miley Cyrus and daughter of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus – Noah has never shied away from the limelight.

At just 21 years old, Noah Cyrus has already achieved incredible success. From her breakthrough hit “Make Me (Cry)” to her emotionally charged album “The End of Everything,” she has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

But there is so much more to Noah Cyrus than meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into some interesting facts about this rising star, shedding light on her personal life, musical journey, and achievements. Get ready to discover 42 fascinating facts that will make you appreciate Noah Cyrus even more!

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Noah Cyrus comes from a famous musical family.

Noah Cyrus is the younger sister of pop superstar Miley Cyrus and the daughter of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus. Growing up in a house filled with music, it’s no wonder Noah pursued a career in the industry.

She made her musical debut at a young age.

Noah Cyrus released her debut single “Make Me (Cry)” at the age of The emotional ballad showcased her soulful voice and garnered attention from music critics and fans alike.

She has collaborated with notable artists.

Noah Cyrus has collaborated with artists such as Labrinth, XXXTentacion, and Lil Xan. These collaborations have helped to further establish her in the music industry.

She has released an EP.

In 2018, Noah Cyrus released her debut EP titled “Good Cry,” which featured heartfelt and introspective songs that resonated with her audience.

Noah Cyrus has been nominated for several awards.

Her talent has not gone unnoticed, as Noah Cyrus has been nominated for awards such as MTV Video Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards.

She is known for her unique sense of style.

Noah Cyrus embraces her individuality and is often seen sporting edgy and eclectic fashion choices, making her a style icon for many young fans.

She is an advocate for mental health awareness.

Noah Cyrus is open about her struggles with mental health and actively uses her platform to raise awareness and support for mental health issues.

She has a strong social media presence.

Noah Cyrus is active on various social media platforms, where she shares updates about her music, personal life, and engages with her fans.

She has a passion for acting.

In addition to her music career, Noah Cyrus has expressed an interest in pursuing acting and has appeared in projects such as the TV series “Hannah Montana” alongside her sister Miley.

Noah Cyrus is a philanthropist.

She has been involved in charitable initiatives and has used her platform to raise funds and awareness for causes close to her heart.

She has a loyal fan base.

Noah Cyrus has a devoted fan base who support her music and admire her authenticity and relatability.

She is known for her emotional and introspective songwriting.

Noah Cyrus’s music often explores deep emotions and personal experiences, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level.

She has performed at various music festivals.

Noah Cyrus has graced the stages of music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Coachella, further establishing herself as a talented performer.

She has grown as an artist over the years.

Noah Cyrus’s music has evolved since her debut, showcasing her growth and maturation as an artist.

She has a close relationship with her sister Miley Cyrus.

Noah Cyrus and her sister Miley share a strong bond and often support each other in their respective careers.

She has collaborated with other family members.

Noah Cyrus has collaborated with her father Billy Ray Cyrus on the song “Tulsa Time,” showcasing their musical talent as a family.

She has a powerful and captivating stage presence.

Noah Cyrus’s live performances are known for their energy and her ability to captivate the audience with her stage presence.

She has been recognized for her vocal range.

Noah Cyrus’s vocal ability has been praised by critics, with her range and control showcased in her music.

She has a growing discography.

With each release, Noah Cyrus adds to her discography, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

She has a love for animals.

Noah Cyrus has a fondness for animals and often advocates for their wellbeing through social media and other platforms.

She has a unique stage name.

Noah Cyrus chose to use her middle name as her stage name, setting her apart from her famous family.

She is not afraid to speak her mind.

Noah Cyrus is known for being outspoken and uses her voice to express her opinions on various social and political issues.

She has a diverse musical style.

Noah Cyrus’s music incorporates elements of pop, country, and alternative, showcasing her versatility as a musician.

She has an active online presence.

Noah Cyrus interacts with her fans on social media and keeps them updated on her latest projects and endeavors.

She has a passion for fashion.

Noah Cyrus has a keen eye for fashion and often experiments with different styles, making her a trendsetter in the industry.

She has a strong work ethic.

Noah Cyrus is dedicated to her craft and continuously pushes herself to grow and improve as an artist.

She has collaborated with fashion brands.

Noah Cyrus has partnered with brands such as Puma and Converse, showcasing her influence in the fashion world.

She has a unique vocal tone.

Noah Cyrus’s voice is distinctive and recognizable, adding to the overall appeal of her music.

She has been praised for her live performances.

Noah Cyrus’s live shows have received positive reviews for her ability to connect with the audience and deliver powerful performances.

She has a strong following on streaming platforms.

Noah Cyrus’s music is widely streamed, with millions of listeners tuning in to her songs on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

She is active in the LGBTQ+ community.

Noah Cyrus is a vocal ally of the LGBTQ+ community and actively supports equal rights and representation.

She has released collaborations with prominent DJs.

Noah Cyrus has worked with DJs such as Alan Walker and Marshmello, expanding her reach in the electronic music scene.

She has a growing international fan base.

Noah Cyrus’s music has resonated with listeners worldwide, leading to a diverse and dedicated fan base.

She has performed on television shows.

Noah Cyrus has graced the stages of shows like “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” showcasing her talent to a wider audience.

She has released music videos with powerful visuals.

Noah Cyrus’s music videos often tell a story and incorporate captivating visuals that complement the themes of her songs.

She has a growing presence in the fashion industry.

Noah Cyrus has been recognized for her unique style and has attended prestigious fashion events such as the Met Gala.

She is an advocate for body positivity.

Noah Cyrus promotes body positivity and encourages self-acceptance through her social media platform.

She has lent her voice to animated films.

Noah Cyrus has provided her voice for animated films such as “Ponyo” and “Barnyard,” further showcasing her talent beyond music.

She has a close relationship with her family.

Noah Cyrus has a tight-knit bond with her family and often shares glimpses of their support and love on social media.

She has a strong connection with her fans.

Noah Cyrus values her fans and often expresses her gratitude for their continuous support and love.

She has performed at prestigious music events.

Noah Cyrus has graced the stages of events such as the Billboard Music Awards and the iHeartRadio Music Festival, cementing her presence in the music industry.

Her music resonates with a wide range of listeners.

Noah Cyrus’s honest and relatable lyrics have touched the hearts of many, connecting with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


In conclusion, Noah Cyrus is a captivating young talent who has made a significant impact in the music industry. Her unique voice, raw emotions, and heartfelt lyrics have resonated with fans all over the world. With a strong musical lineage and a distinct individuality, Noah has managed to carve her own path and create a successful career for herself.As Noah continues to evolve as an artist, we can expect to see her reach even greater heights. Her ability to connect with listeners on a deep level and her unwavering dedication to her craft will undoubtedly lead to continued success. Whether it’s through her soulful ballads or her infectious pop anthems, Noah Cyrus is here to stay and leave a lasting mark on the music industry.


1. How old is Noah Cyrus?

Noah Cyrus was born on January 8, 2000, making her currently 21 years old.

2. Is Noah Cyrus related to Miley Cyrus?

Yes, Noah Cyrus is the younger sister of pop sensation Miley Cyrus.

3. When did Noah Cyrus start her music career?

Noah Cyrus released her debut single “Make Me (Cry)” in 2016, which marked the beginning of her music career.

4. What genre of music does Noah Cyrus create?

Noah Cyrus’ music is a blend of pop, country, and alternative genres, creating a unique and eclectic sound.

5. Has Noah Cyrus won any awards?

As of now, Noah Cyrus has not won any major awards, but she has been nominated for several prestigious accolades, including a Grammy Award.

6. Does Noah Cyrus write her own songs?

Yes, Noah Cyrus is involved in the songwriting process and has co-written many of her songs.

7. What are some of Noah Cyrus’ most popular songs?

Some of Noah Cyrus’ most popular songs include “July,” “Lonely,” “All Three,” and “Again.”

8. Has Noah Cyrus collaborated with other artists?

Yes, Noah Cyrus has collaborated with several artists, including Labrinth, XXXTentacion, and Leon Bridges.

9. Is Noah Cyrus involved in any philanthropic efforts?

Yes, Noah Cyrus is an advocate for mental health and has been involved in various campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness and support for mental wellness.

10. What are Noah Cyrus’ plans for the future?

While specific details are yet to be revealed, Noah Cyrus has expressed her desire to continue creating music and exploring different styles and genres in her upcoming projects.