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Jeremy Shada, the talented actor, singer, and voice artist, has captured the hearts of audiences with his impressive range of skills and undeniable charm. Best known for his role as Finn the Human in the hit animated series Adventure Time, Shada has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. With a career that started at a young age, he has already accomplished so much and continues to leave a lasting impact. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Jeremy Shada and uncover 40 interesting facts about his life, career, and achievements. From his early beginnings to his various ventures in acting and music, get ready to discover the many facets of this remarkable individual.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeremy Shada, the voice of Finn the Human in “Adventure Time,” is a talented actor with a passion for music and a strong presence on social media. He’s also known for his energetic and enthusiastic performances.
  • Jeremy Shada’s versatile talents extend beyond voice acting, as he has a close-knit relationship with his fans, actively participates in charitable initiatives, and continues to explore new creative endeavors.
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Jeremy Shada began his acting career at a young age.

From a tender age, Jeremy Shada showcased his acting talent and started his journey in the entertainment industry.

He is best known for voicing Finn the Human in the animated series “Adventure Time.”

Jeremy Shada’s portrayal of Finn the Human captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, making him an iconic voice in the animated series.

Jeremy Shada was born on January 21, 1997, in Boise, Idaho.

Jeremy Shada’s birthplace is Boise, Idaho, where he grew up and began his pursuit of a career in acting.

He has also appeared in live-action television shows and films.

While primarily known for his voice acting, Jeremy Shada has also showcased his versatility by appearing in live-action television shows and films.

Jeremy Shada has a passion for music.

Aside from acting, Jeremy Shada has a deep-rooted passion for music and enjoys expressing himself through singing and songwriting.

He formed a band called “Make Out Monday” with his brother Zack Shada.

Jeremy Shada and his brother Zack formed the band “Make Out Monday,” showcasing their musical talents and creating music together.

Jeremy Shada has lent his voice to various video game characters.

His vocal talents extend beyond animated series, as he has provided voices for characters in popular video games.

He has a strong presence on social media.

Jeremy Shada actively engages with his fans on social media platforms, sharing insights into his career and personal life.

Jeremy Shada has a love for travel and exploration.

When he’s not working, Jeremy Shada enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cultures around the world.

He has collaborated with other popular voice actors in various projects.

Jeremy Shada has had the opportunity to work alongside renowned voice actors, creating memorable performances together.

Jeremy Shada made his debut in voice acting at the age of 7.

His talent was recognized at a young age, leading him to start his voice acting career at the age of 7.

He has a wide vocal range that allows him to bring different characters to life.

Jeremy Shada’s vocal abilities enable him to portray a diverse range of characters, each with their unique personality and traits.

Jeremy Shada has voiced characters in popular animated series such as “Voltron: Legendary Defender.”

His voice acting talents have extended to other beloved animated series, including his role as Lance in “Voltron: Legendary Defender.”

He has a dedicated fanbase, known as “Shada Squad.”

Jeremy Shada’s talent and charisma have garnered him a loyal fanbase, affectionately known as the “Shada Squad.”

Jeremy Shada is also involved in charity work.

He actively participates in charitable initiatives, using his platform to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Jeremy Shada has performed on stage in theater productions.

His passion for acting extends beyond voice acting and screen performances, as he has also showcased his talent in live theater productions.

He has collaborated with musicians and artists outside of his acting career.

Jeremy Shada’s diverse talents have allowed him to collaborate with musicians and artists in projects outside of the acting realm.

Jeremy Shada has a great sense of humor.

Known for his wit and charm, Jeremy Shada brings a lighthearted and humorous touch to his performances.

He has provided voice acting for various commercials and advertisements.

Jeremy Shada’s distinctive voice has been featured in commercials and advertisements, lending his talent to promote a wide range of products.

Jeremy Shada is skilled in impersonations and accents.

His versatility as a voice actor allows him to convincingly portray different accents and expertly mimic other characters.

He has been involved in the entertainment industry for over two decades.

Jeremy Shada’s career spans over two decades, showcasing his dedication and longevity in the entertainment industry.

Jeremy Shada is considered a role model for aspiring voice actors.

His success in the field of voice acting has inspired many aspiring voice actors to pursue their passion.

He has attended numerous fan conventions and events.

Jeremy Shada actively engages with his fans by attending fan conventions and events, providing an opportunity for them to meet him in person.

Jeremy Shada has contributed his voice to animated films.

In addition to animated series, Jeremy Shada has lent his voice to characters in animated films, further showcasing his talent and versatility.

He has appeared as a guest on various talk shows and podcasts.

Jeremy Shada has made guest appearances on popular talk shows and podcasts, where he shares anecdotes and insights from his career.

Jeremy Shada has a close-knit relationship with his fellow cast members.

His co-stars often praise his professionalism, talent, and ability to create a supportive and enjoyable working environment.

He has been recognized with several awards for his voice acting performances.

Jeremy Shada’s impressive talent has earned him recognition and accolades in the form of awards for his outstanding voice acting performances.

Jeremy Shada’s passion for acting was nurtured by his supportive family.

His family played a significant role in encouraging and supporting his pursuit of a career in acting from an early age.

He is known for his energetic and enthusiastic performances.

Jeremy Shada’s performances are filled with energy and enthusiasm, captivating the audience and bringing his characters to life.

Jeremy Shada has a love for animation and storytelling.

His passion for the art of animation and storytelling is evident in his commitment to delivering captivating performances.

He enjoys interacting with fans at conventions and events.

Jeremy Shada values his fans and enjoys meeting them at conventions and events, taking the time to engage in conversations and create memorable experiences.

Jeremy Shada has lent his voice to characters in the popular animated series “The Legend of Korra.”

His talent as a voice actor extends to “The Legend of Korra,” where he brings a unique voice and personality to his character.

He has a strong connection to his character Finn from “Adventure Time.”

Jeremy Shada has spoken about the personal connection he feels with his character Finn, resulting in a truly authentic portrayal.

Jeremy Shada has appeared in television commercials during his early career.

Before his breakthrough in voice acting, Jeremy Shada appeared in television commercials, gaining early exposure to the entertainment industry.

He has been a guest on various animation and pop culture podcasts.

Jeremy Shada has made appearances on podcasts, discussing his experiences as a voice actor and sharing behind-the-scenes stories.

Jeremy Shada has a charismatic and engaging stage presence.

Whether on stage or behind the microphone, Jeremy Shada commands attention with his charisma and captivating stage presence.

He has provided voices for characters in animated web series.

Jeremy Shada’s talents have extended beyond traditional animated series, as he has provided voices for characters in animated web series as well.

Jeremy Shada is known for his dedication to his craft.

His commitment and dedication to his work are evident in the depth and authenticity he brings to his performances.

He has a strong fan following on various social media platforms.

Jeremy Shada’s popularity extends to social media, where he has a strong following of fans who eagerly await his updates and engage with his content.

Jeremy Shada continues to explore new creative endeavors.

With his versatile talents, Jeremy Shada constantly seeks new opportunities to challenge himself creatively and expand his repertoire.


After delving into 40 intriguing facts about Jeremy Shada, it is clear that this talented actor has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. From his breakout role as Finn in Adventure Time to his portrayal of Lance in Voltron: Legendary Defender, Shada has showcased his versatility and dedication to his craft.Not only does Shada possess incredible acting skills, but he also has a passion for music. His involvement in the band Make Out Monday highlights his diverse talents as a vocalist and guitarist.With a dedicated fanbase and a growing list of accomplishments, Jeremy Shada continues to make waves in Hollywood. Whether he’s lending his voice to animated characters or captivating audiences on screen, Shada’s star is undoubtedly on the rise. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented and charismatic performer.


1. What is Jeremy Shada’s most famous role?
Jeremy Shada is most famous for his role as the voice of Finn in the popular animated series Adventure Time.

2. Does Jeremy Shada have any other talents besides acting?
Yes, Jeremy Shada is also a talented musician and is a member of the band Make Out Monday, where he showcases his skills as a vocalist and guitarist.

3. Has Jeremy Shada won any awards for his acting?
While he has not won any major awards, Jeremy Shada has been nominated for several accolades for his voice acting in Adventure Time.

4. What other animated shows has Jeremy Shada been a part of?
In addition to Adventure Time, Jeremy Shada has also lent his voice to characters in popular animated series such as Voltron: Legendary Defender and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

5. Is Jeremy Shada involved in any other projects?
Apart from his acting and music career, Jeremy Shada also actively engages with his fans through social media platforms and attends conventions to meet his supporters.

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