Trescha Woodhouse

Trescha Woodhouse

Published: 29 Jul 2023


Jenna Ushkowitz is a well-known name in the entertainment industry, with a diverse range of talents and a vibrant personality that has captivated audiences worldwide. From her early beginnings on Broadway to her breakthrough role in the hit TV series “Glee,” Ushkowitz has established herself as a multifaceted performer and a beloved celebrity.

In this article, we will delve into 40 intriguing facts about Jenna Ushkowitz that showcase her journey, accomplishments, and personal life. From her humble beginnings to her rise to fame, and even her philanthropic efforts, we will uncover the qualities that have made her such a cherished and influential figure in the entertainment world.

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She was born on April 28, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea.

Jenna Ushkowitz, a talented actress and singer, entered this world in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea, on April 28, 1986.

Jenna Ushkowitz is best known for her role as Tina Cohen-Chang on the hit TV show “Glee.”

One of Jenna’s most notable achievements is her portrayal of Tina Cohen-Chang, a lovable and quirky character on the immensely popular musical comedy-drama series “Glee.”

She started her acting career at a young age.

Jenna’s passion for performing began at a tender age, and she made her Broadway debut in the musical “The King and I” when she was only nine years old.

Jenna is also a talented singer.

In addition to her acting prowess, Jenna has a beautiful singing voice, which she showcased numerous times throughout her career, both on “Glee” and in other musical performances.

She is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Jenna is a passionate supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, and she has used her platform to raise awareness and promote inclusivity and acceptance.

Jenna has Korean and American heritage.

Due to her adoption at a young age, Jenna embraces both her Korean roots and her American upbringing, creating a unique and diverse cultural identity.

She co-authored a book about her experiences with “Glee” titled “Choosing Glee.”

Jenna shared her personal journey and insights about her time on “Glee” in a book she co-wrote called “Choosing Glee.” It offers fans an intimate glimpse into her life behind the scenes.

Jenna has a passion for food and cooking.

When she’s not on set or the stage, Jenna enjoys exploring her culinary skills and sharing her love for food on her social media platforms.

She has appeared in several other TV shows and movies.

Aside from her prominent role in “Glee,” Jenna has made appearances in various television shows and films, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Jenna is an active supporter of animal rights.

She frequently advocates for animal welfare and encourages her followers to adopt rescue pets instead of buying from breeders.

She has a strong presence on social media.

Jenna keeps her fans in the loop by regularly posting updates and engaging with them on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Jenna has showcased her talent in stage productions as well.

A true performer, Jenna has taken part in various stage productions, including “Spring Awakening,” where she showcased her singing and acting abilities.

She hosted a podcast called “Infinite Positivities.”

Jenna shared her positivity and self-care insights through her podcast, where she interviewed guests and discussed various topics related to personal growth.

Jenna has been a guest judge on various reality TV shows.

With her experience in the entertainment industry, Jenna has been invited to share her insights as a guest judge on reality television competitions.

She is involved in philanthropic endeavors.

Jenna supports various charitable causes, using her platform to make a positive impact on the world around her.

Jenna’s role in “Glee” earned her critical acclaim.

Her portrayal of Tina Cohen-Chang garnered praise from both viewers and critics, solidifying her status as a talented actress.

She has a close bond with her “Glee” co-stars.

Throughout her time on “Glee,” Jenna formed deep friendships with her co-stars, and they continue to support and uplift each other even after the show ended.

Jenna has showcased her dancing skills on various occasions.

As a multifaceted performer, Jenna’s dancing abilities have been spotlighted in several performances, leaving audiences in awe of her talent.

She has been honored with awards for her contributions to the arts.

Jenna’s talent and dedication to her craft have earned her recognition and accolades from prestigious organizations within the entertainment industry.

Jenna is an inspiration to many aspiring actors and performers.

Through her hard work, determination, and ability to embrace her unique identity, Jenna serves as a role model for those who dream of pursuing a career in the arts.

She has made appearances in music videos.

Jenna has lent her charisma and presence to several music videos, adding her own touch of magic to the visual storytelling of various artists.

Jenna is actively involved in community theater projects.

She supports local theater initiatives and believes in the power of the arts to bring communities together.

She has been recognized for her philanthropic efforts.

Jenna’s commitment to giving back to society has earned her accolades and recognition from organizations dedicated to making a positive difference.

Jenna collaborated on a Christmas album with her “Glee” co-stars.

To spread holiday cheer, Jenna joined her fellow “Glee” cast members in releasing a festive Christmas album, delighting fans with their joyful renditions of beloved holiday classics.

She has a passion for fashion.

Jenna has a keen sense of style, often showcasing her fashionable choices on red carpets and social media.

Jenna is a Broadway enthusiast.

Having started her career on Broadway, Jenna has a deep appreciation for the magic and artistry of live theater.

She has appeared in music documentaries and specials.

Jenna’s talent has graced music documentaries and specials, where she shared her insights and experiences with audiences around the world.

Jenna is an active supporter of mental health awareness.

She uses her platform to advocate for mental health awareness, encouraging open conversations and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

She has a passion for photography.

Jenna’s creative endeavors extend beyond acting and singing, as she also enjoys capturing moments through the lens of her camera.

Jenna is a proud dog mom.

Her love for animals is evident in her role as a dog mom, providing a loving and caring home for her furry companion.

She has been involved in Broadway charity concerts.

Jenna has participated in various charity concerts that bring together talented performers to raise funds for notable causes.

Jenna is a skilled multi-instrumentalist.

In addition to singing and acting, Jenna can also play several instruments, further highlighting her versatility as an artist.

She has a strong connection to her Korean heritage.

Jenna embraces her Korean heritage, regularly celebrating and sharing aspects of Korean culture with her fans.

Jenna has starred in independent films.

She has explored her artistic range by taking on roles in independent films, showcasing her dedication to her craft beyond mainstream productions.

She is passionate about environmental conservation.

Jenna is an advocate for sustainable living and makes conscious efforts to reduce her environmental footprint.

Jenna has performed on international stages.

Her talent has taken her to various countries, where she has delighted audiences with her performances on international stages.

She has a strong bond with her fans.

Jenna deeply appreciates her fans’ support and frequently engages with them through various fan events and social media interactions.

Jenna has shared glimpses of her personal life through vlogging.

She has documented aspects of her life through vlogs, allowing her fans to get a closer look at her off-screen adventures.

She actively promotes self-love and body positivity.

Jenna encourages her followers to embrace self-love and body positivity, promoting a healthy mindset and acceptance of oneself.

Jenna continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

With her talent, grace, and dedication, Jenna Ushkowitz continues to leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her performances and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

These forty facts about Jenna Ushkowitz offer a glimpse into the remarkable life and career of this talented actress and singer. From her groundbreaking role on “Glee” to her advocacy for important causes, Jenna has cemented herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Whether she’s dazzling audiences with her acting skills, serenading them with her beautiful voice, or using her platform for positive change, Jenna Ushkowitz continues to captivate and inspire fans worldwide.

So, whether you’re a dedicated fan or a newcomer to her work, get ready to be swept away by the incredible talent and infectious charm of Jenna Ushkowitz.


In conclusion, Jenna Ushkowitz is a multi-talented actress and singer who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Her journey from being a Broadway performer to becoming a beloved television star has cemented her status as a versatile and admirable talent. With her infectious personality, dedication to her craft, and passion for philanthropy, Jenna continues to inspire countless fans around the world. Whether she’s lighting up the stage or gracing the screen, Jenna Ushkowitz’s contributions to the world of entertainment are undeniable, and her future endeavors are definitely worth looking forward to.


Q: How did Jenna Ushkowitz gain fame?

A: Jenna Ushkowitz gained fame through her role as Tina Cohen-Chang in the hit musical television series “Glee.” Her exceptional singing and acting skills, paired with her captivating on-screen presence, helped her garner a massive fan following.

Q: Has Jenna Ushkowitz released any music albums?

A: Yes, Jenna Ushkowitz has released music albums. In 2019, she released her debut EP titled “Here for You,” which showcases her incredible musical talents and features her unique blend of pop and R&B influences.

Q: Apart from acting and singing, is Jenna Ushkowitz involved in any philanthropic activities?

A: Yes, Jenna Ushkowitz is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors. She is a strong advocate for promoting arts education, mental health awareness, and the inclusion of Asian-American voices in the entertainment industry.

Q: Has Jenna Ushkowitz won any awards for her performances?

A: Yes, Jenna Ushkowitz has received recognition for her performances. She was part of the “Glee” ensemble that won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 2010 and 2011. She has also been nominated for Teen Choice Awards and Audience Choice Awards.

Q: What are some notable roles Jenna Ushkowitz has portrayed besides “Glee”?

A: Besides her iconic role in “Glee,” Jenna Ushkowitz has appeared in various television shows such as “The Vampire Diaries,” “Drop Dead Diva,” and “The Wedding Planners.” She has also performed in celebrated Broadway productions like “The King and I” and “Waitress.”