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Jason Priestley is a household name in the world of entertainment, known for his talent as an actor, director, and producer. With a career spanning several decades, he has made a significant impact on the television industry and has gained a massive following of dedicated fans worldwide. From his breakout role as Brandon Walsh in the hit series “Beverly Hills, 90210” to his numerous film and television appearances, Priestley’s charm and charisma have captivated audiences for years.

In this article, we will delve into 37 fascinating facts about Jason Priestley that you may not be aware of. From his early life and career beginnings to his personal life and achievements, we will explore the various aspects that make Priestley the beloved figure he is today. So, buckle up and get ready to uncover some interesting tidbits about this iconic celebrity!

Key Takeaways:

  • Jason Priestley, known for his role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” is not just an actor but also a race car driver, director, and advocate for safe driving, making him a versatile and inspiring figure in the entertainment industry.
  • From his love for hockey and motorcycles to his passion for photography and whiskey, Jason Priestley’s diverse interests and talents make him a multi-faceted and beloved celebrity with a lasting impact on the entertainment world.
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Jason Priestley was born on August 28, 1969, in Vancouver, Canada.

Jason Priestley, a renowned Canadian actor, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry throughout his impressive career spanning several decades.

He rose to fame for his role as Brandon Walsh in the hit television series, “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

Playing the iconic character of Brandon Walsh, Jason Priestley became a household name and gained immense popularity worldwide.

Jason Priestley has Canadian and American citizenship.

Despite being born in Canada, Priestley has dual citizenship, as his mother is American.

He began his acting career at a young age.

Jason Priestley’s passion for acting started at a young age, and he began appearing in commercials and minor roles in television shows before making it big.

Priestley has also ventured into directing.

Aside from acting, Jason Priestley has directed episodes of various television shows, including “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “7th Heaven,” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

He has won several awards for his outstanding performances.

Throughout his career, Jason Priestley has been recognized for his talent and has received awards such as the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a TV Series and the Prism Award for Performance in a Drama Series.

Priestley is an avid race car driver.

Beyond his on-screen endeavors, Jason Priestley has a deep passion for race car driving and has competed in various racing events.

He has a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame.

In recognition of his contributions to the entertainment industry, Jason Priestley was honored with a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame in Toronto.

Jason Priestley has also appeared in numerous films.

Aside from his television work, Priestley has appeared in films such as “Tombstone,” “Love and Death on Long Island,” and “Coldblooded.”

He has made guest appearances on popular television shows.

Over the years, Jason Priestly has made guest appearances on shows like “How I Met Your Mother,” “Psych,” and “Scandal,” showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Priestley is an advocate for safe driving.

Following a life-changing car accident in 2002, Jason Priestley has become an advocate for safe driving practices, particularly against drunk driving.

He has written and published a memoir.

Titled “Jason Priestley: A Memoir,” he candidly shares his experiences, both personal and professional, giving readers a glimpse into his life beyond the spotlight.

Priestley has an interest in the culinary arts.

Jason Priestley is a passionate food lover and has showcased his cooking skills on shows such as “MasterChef Canada” and “Chopped Canada.”

He has a recurring role in the television series, “Private Eyes.”

Currently, Jason Priestley can be seen portraying the character of Matt Shade in the hit Canadian television series, “Private Eyes.”

Priestley has also worked behind the camera as a producer.

In addition to directing, Jason Priestley has produced television shows such as “Call Me Fitz” and “Raising Expectations.

He is involved in charitable endeavors.

Jason Priestley actively supports various charitable organizations and has participated in events and campaigns that aim to give back to the community.

He is fluent in French.

Due to his Canadian background, Jason Priestley is bilingual and fluently speaks English and French.

He has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As a testament to his contributions to the entertainment industry, Jason Priestley was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995.

Priestley has been married twice.

Jason Priestley was first married to actress Ashlee Petersen and later tied the knot with makeup artist Naomi Lowde. He has two children from his second marriage.

He has appeared in various stage productions.

In addition to his work on screen, Jason Priestley has showcased his talent in theater productions, including “The Subject Was Roses” and “Side Man.”

Priestley is an advocate for environmental conservation.

He supports and promotes environmental conservation initiatives and has taken part in campaigns to raise awareness about climate change.

He has made several appearances in music videos.

Jason Priestley has appeared in music videos for renowned artists such as Keith Urban, Tom Cochrane, and Christina Aguilera.

Priestley is a whiskey enthusiast.

Known for his appreciation of fine whiskey, Jason Priestley has made appearances at whiskey tasting events and even collaborated with distilleries.

He has a production company, 90210 Productions.

Jason Priestley established his own production company, 90210 Productions, through which he has produced several television shows.

Priestley has been involved in theater directing.

In addition to his work as an actor and director on screen, Jason Priestley has directed theater productions, including “Race” and “Death of a Salesman.

He has a passion for photography.

Jason Priestley is an avid photographer and has documented his travels and experiences through his photographs.

Priestley has authored a children’s book.

Jason Priestley wrote the children’s book “Jason Priestley: Blackout!” which follows the adventures of a young boy during a power outage.

He has appeared in several commercials.

Throughout his career, Jason Priestley has lent his appeal to various TV commercials for popular brands and products.

Priestley was inducted into the Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2016.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the arts, Jason Priestley was honored with induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame.

He supports LGBTQ+ rights.

Jason Priestley has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has actively supported organizations working towards equality and acceptance.

He has a love for motorcycles.

Jason Priestley is a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys riding and collecting bikes of various makes and models.

Priestley has hosted several television shows.

Known for his charismatic presence, Jason Priestley has hosted shows like “Hollywood and Vines” and “Zoom In.

He has appeared in numerous stage plays.

Jason Priestley has showcased his talents on stage in productions such as “On the Sunny Side of the Street” and “The Death of Harry Leonhardt.”

Priestley is a supporter of animal rights.

He actively advocates for animal welfare and has been involved in campaigns against animal cruelty.

He has made appearances in reality TV shows.

Jason Priestley has participated in reality shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Celebrity Apprentice.

He is actively involved in the Canadian film industry.

Jason Priestley supports Canadian filmmakers and has directed and produced several Canadian films throughout his career.

Priestley is an accomplished hockey player.

Jason Priestley is known for his love of hockey and has participated in various celebrity and charity hockey games.

These 37 facts about Jason Priestley highlight the various facets of his remarkable career and personal life. From his breakthrough role in “Beverly Hills, 90210″ to his ventures in directing, racing, and philanthropy, Priestley continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charm. Whether on screen or off, Jason Priestley remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Jason Priestley is undoubtedly a remarkable figure in the entertainment industry. From his breakthrough role as Brandon Walsh on the hit TV show “Beverly Hills, 90210” to his impressive career as an actor, director, and producer, Priestley has left a lasting impact on the world of television and film.

Throughout this article, we have uncovered 37 fascinating facts about Jason Priestley. We have explored his early life and upbringing, his rise to fame, his personal life, and his accomplishments beyond acting. From his love for auto racing to his passion for philanthropy, Priestley continues to showcase his diverse talents and generous spirit.

Whether you have been a fan of Jason Priestley since his days on “Beverly Hills, 90210” or are just discovering his incredible journey, one thing is for certain – his talent, dedication, and charisma have secured him a special place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.


Q: When was Jason Priestley born?

A: Jason Priestley was born on August 28, 1969, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Q: What is Jason Priestley’s most famous role?

A: Jason Priestley is best known for his role as Brandon Walsh on the popular TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

Q: Has Jason Priestley directed any films or TV shows?

A: Yes, Jason Priestley has directed various episodes of popular TV shows, including “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “7th Heaven,” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

Q: What other projects has Jason Priestley worked on?

A: In addition to his acting and directing career, Jason Priestley has also produced several television series, including “Call Me Fitz” and “Haven.”

Q: Does Jason Priestley have any siblings?

A: Yes, Jason Priestley has a younger sister named Justine Priestley.

Q: Is Jason Priestley involved in any charitable causes?

A: Yes, Jason Priestley is an active philanthropist and has supported various charitable organizations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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