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When it comes to young talents in Hollywood, Elsie Fisher is a name that stands out. At just 18 years old, this rising star has already made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Known for her exceptional acting skills and remarkable performances, Elsie has captured the hearts of both critics and audiences alike. From her breakout role in the critically acclaimed film “Eighth Grade” to her voice acting work in the animated movie “The Addams Family,” Elsie’s versatility and talent shine through in every project she takes on. In this article, we will delve into 33 fascinating facts about Elsie Fisher, shedding light on her journey, achievements, and the bright future that awaits her in Hollywood.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elsie Fisher, a talented young actress, started her career at age 5 and gained fame with her role in “Eighth Grade.” She’s an advocate for mental health and a role model for aspiring actors.
  • With a down-to-earth personality and a love for storytelling, Elsie Fisher has won awards for her performances and aspires to pursue directing. She’s an inspiration to young actors and values her supportive fans.
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Elsie Fisher started her acting career at the age of five.

Elsie Fisher began her journey in the entertainment industry as a child actor, showcasing her talent from a very young age.

Elsie Fisher rose to fame with her role in the critically acclaimed film “Eighth Grade.”

Her portrayal of Kayla Day, a socially awkward teenage girl navigating the challenges of middle school, garnered widespread praise from both critics and audiences.

Elsie Fisher was born on April 3, 2003, in Riverside, California.

This talented actress entered the world on a sunny spring day in the picturesque city of Riverside.

Elsie Fisher has appeared in several popular television shows.

From voicing a character in Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” to guest-starring in episodes of “Medium” and “Desperate Housewives,” Fisher has showcased her versatility in various TV projects.

Elsie Fisher lent her voice to the beloved character Agnes in the “Despicable Me” franchise.

Fisher’s charming voice brought the adorable and lovable Agnes Gru to life, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

She created her own YouTube channel, where she shares her creative content.

Elsie Fisher’s passion for creativity extends beyond acting, as she showcases her talent and interests on her personal YouTube channel.

Elsie Fisher earned critical acclaim for her performance in the film “I, Tonya.”

In her supporting role as young Tonya Harding, Fisher displayed her acting prowess and ability to immerse herself in complex characters.

She has won numerous awards for her performance in “Eighth Grade.”

Fisher’s outstanding portrayal of Kayla Day garnered recognition and accolades, including nominations for Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer and Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead.

Elsie Fisher is an advocate for mental health awareness.

Using her platform, Fisher has been vocal about destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting mental well-being.

Elsie Fisher has a strong social media presence.

With a large following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Fisher connects with fans and shares glimpses of her life and career.

Elsie Fisher has an impressive filmography despite her young age.

From drama to animation, Fisher has proven her versatility by taking on diverse roles in various films throughout her career.

Elsie Fisher was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her performance in “Eighth Grade.”

Her nomination in the category of Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy showcased her talent and the impact of her role.

She has expressed her love for stop-motion animation.

Fisher has a deep appreciation for the art of stop-motion animation and has shared her admiration for films in this genre.

Elsie Fisher is known for her down-to-earth personality and humility.

Despite her success, Fisher remains grounded and approachable, endearing herself to fans and colleagues alike.

She has voiced characters in animated series such as “Mike Tyson Mysteries” and “DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders.”

Fisher’s voice acting talents extend beyond films, as she brings characters to life in animated TV shows as well.

Elsie Fisher has expressed her admiration for fellow actors and role models in the industry.

She has acknowledged the influence and inspiration she draws from accomplished actors who have paved the way in the entertainment world.

She embraces fashion and has been seen attending red carpet events in stylish outfits.

Fisher’s fashion choices reflect her youthful and vibrant personality, adding an extra touch of glamour to her public appearances.

Elsie Fisher has been featured in Forbes’ list of Under 30 influential young individuals in the entertainment industry.

Her talent and impact have not gone unnoticed, as she continues to make waves as a rising star.

She has expressed interest in pursuing a career in directing in the future.

Fisher’s passion for filmmaking goes beyond acting, and she has expressed her desire to explore directing in the future.

Elsie Fisher has been an inspiration to many young aspiring actors.

Her success at a young age serves as a reminder that dreams can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

She is known for her witty and relatable social media posts.

Fisher’s online presence is characterized by her humorous and relatable content, resonating with her followers.

Elsie Fisher has been recognized as a role model for her generation.

Her positive influence on young audiences has earned her praise and admiration as she navigates the entertainment industry.

She has been involved in charity work, supporting causes close to her heart.

Fisher utilizes her platform to raise awareness and contribute to various charitable organizations and initiatives.

Elsie Fisher is known for her incredible talent for improvisation.

Her ability to think on her feet and deliver natural and unscripted performances sets her apart as a skilled actress.

She has been praised for her authentic and heartfelt performances.

Fisher’s acting is characterized by her ability to truly connect with her characters, evoking emotions and resonating with audiences.

Elsie Fisher has expressed her love for independent films.

She appreciates the unique storytelling and creative freedom offered by independent filmmaking, continuously seeking out projects within this realm.

She enjoys collaborating with talented filmmakers and actors.

Fisher values the art of collaboration and the opportunity to learn from accomplished individuals in the industry.

Elsie Fisher’s performances often receive praise for their authenticity.

Her commitment to emotionally honest portrayals is evident in the depth and realism she brings to her characters.

She appreciates the power of storytelling in films.

For Fisher, films serve as a medium for sharing stories, conveying emotions, and sparking conversations.

Elsie Fisher has expressed her gratitude for her supportive fans.

She remains grateful for the unwavering support of her dedicated fanbase, acknowledging their role in her journey.

She has been recognized by major film festivals for her outstanding performances.

Fisher’s talent has been acknowledged on prestigious platforms, further solidifying her position as a rising star.

Elsie Fisher values the art of storytelling and believes in its power to create empathy and understanding.

She sees storytelling as a way to bridge gaps and foster compassion among individuals from different backgrounds.

She continues to inspire aspiring actors with her hard work, dedication, and talent.

Fisher’s success story serves as a reminder that dreams can be turned into reality with passion and perseverance.


In conclusion, Elsie Fisher is a talented young actress who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. From her breakthrough role in “Eighth Grade” to voicing beloved characters in animated films, Fisher has shown her versatility and skill as an actress. With numerous awards and nominations under her belt, she continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide with her authentic performances and relatable characters. As she continues to grow and evolve in her career, it will be exciting to see what future projects and successes await Elsie Fisher.


Q: How old is Elsie Fisher?
A: Elsie Fisher was born on April 3, 2003, which makes her [AGE] years old.Q: What was Elsie Fisher’s breakout role?
A: Elsie Fisher’s breakout role was in the critically acclaimed film “Eighth Grade” (2018), where she portrayed the lead character Kayla Day.Q: Has Elsie Fisher won any awards?
A: Yes, Elsie Fisher has received several awards and nominations for her performances. She won the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer for her role in “Eighth Grade.”Q: What other films has Elsie Fisher appeared in?
A: Apart from “Eighth Grade,” Elsie Fisher has lent her voice to characters in animated films such as “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2,” where she voiced the character Agnes.Q: Is Elsie Fisher active on social media?
A: Yes, Elsie Fisher is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Fans can follow her to stay updated on her latest projects and personal updates.Q: What are Elsie Fisher’s future projects?
A: While specific future projects are not currently known, Elsie Fisher has expressed her desire to continue pursuing acting and exploring different roles in both film and television.

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