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Rose McIver is a talented and captivating actress who has captured the hearts of millions with her incredible performances. With a diverse range of roles under her belt, she has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. From her breakout role in the critically acclaimed television series “iZombie” to her memorable appearances in films like “The Lovely Bones” and “A Christmas Prince,” McIver has showcased her versatility and ability to bring characters to life.

In this article, we will dive into 30 fascinating facts about Rose McIver, exploring her personal life, her career milestones, and the impact she has had on the world of entertainment. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering her incredible talent, these facts will give you a deeper appreciation for the remarkable actress that is Rose McIver.

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Early Life and Background

Rose McIver was born on October 10, 1988, in Auckland, New Zealand. She grew up in a family with a strong artistic background, as her father was a photographer, and her mother was an artist and musician.

Acting Debut

Rose McIver made her acting debut at the young age of two, appearing in various commercials in New Zealand. Her early exposure to the entertainment industry sparked her love for acting.

Breakthrough Role in “The Lovely Bones”

McIver gained international recognition for her role as Lindsey Salmon in the 2009 film “The Lovely Bones.” Her performance received critical acclaim, showcasing her ability to portray complex characters with depth and emotion.

Notable Television Roles

Rose McIver has made a significant impact on the small screen with her various notable roles. She is best known for her portrayal of Olivia “Liv” Moore in the hit TV series “iZombie,” which ran from 2015 to 2019.

A Multilingual Actress

McIver is not only talented in acting but also possesses impressive language skills. She can speak fluent English, Spanish, and Mandarin, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Youngest Recipient of New Zealand’s Critics’ Choice Award

At the age of 16, Rose McIver became the youngest recipient of the New Zealand Film and Television Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 2009 film “The Lovely Bones.”

Acting Legacy

Rose McIver comes from a family with a strong acting legacy. Her mother, Annie McIver, and her late grandfather, Bruce McIver, were both actors, providing inspiration and guidance throughout her career.

Love for Animals

Aside from her passion for acting, McIver is an avid animal lover. She actively supports animal welfare organizations and uses her platform to raise awareness about animal rights.

Role in “Power Rangers RPM”

In 2009, McIver joined the cast of “Power Rangers RPM” as the Yellow Ranger, showcasing her versatility in both film and television.

Collaboration with Director Peter Jackson

Rose McIver had the opportunity to work with acclaimed director Peter Jackson in the 2009 film “The Lovely Bones.” This experience further solidified her passion for acting and motivated her to pursue more challenging roles.

Possesses Great Comic Timing

Aside from her dramatic roles, McIver has proven her comedic chops. She displays impeccable comic timing, making her performances in comedic roles highly entertaining.

A Philanthropist

Rose McIver actively engages in philanthropic work, supporting various charitable organizations and using her platform to raise awareness for important causes.

Versatility Across Genres

McIver has showcased her versatility by appearing in a wide range of genres, including horror, romance, comedy, and fantasy. Her ability to adapt to different roles demonstrates her talent and dedication as an actress.

Role in “A Christmas Prince” Trilogy

Rose McIver gained popularity among the Netflix audience for her role as Amber Moore in the heartwarming “A Christmas Prince” trilogy. Her charming portrayal of the lead character brought joy to millions of viewers.


McIver holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Auckland, where she studied psychology and linguistics while actively pursuing her acting career.

Recognition for “iZombie”

McIver received praise for her performance in “iZombie,” earning nominations for the Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards for her portrayal of Liv Moore, a crime-solving zombie.

Role in “Masters of Sex”

Rose McIver also showcased her acting range in the critically acclaimed TV series “Masters of Sex” as Vivian Scully, a troubled young woman caught in a tumultuous relationship.

Social Media Presence

McIver is active on social media platforms and regularly interacts with her fans. Her engaging posts and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life further enhance her connection with her dedicated followers.

Collaboration with Wes Craven

McIver had the opportunity to work with legendary horror director Wes Craven in the 2010 film “The Last House on the Left,” solidifying her talent and dedication to the craft of acting.

Love for Nature

Rose McIver finds solace in nature and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. She often shares her adventures and love for the environment on her social media platforms.

Role in “Once Upon a Time”

McIver portrayed the memorable character of Tinker Bell in the popular TV series “Once Upon a Time.” Her portrayal added depth and charm to the beloved fairy character.

Vocal Talent

In addition to her acting skills, McIver possesses a beautiful singing voice. She showcased her vocal talents in the “iZombie” musical episode, which further highlighted her versatility as an artist.

Role in “Brightest Star”

Rose McIver displayed her acting versatility in the 2013 film “Brightest Star,” where she played the lead role of Charlotte, a charismatic and unpredictable young woman.

Support for LGBTQ+ Community

McIver is a staunch supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and equality. She actively participates in events and campaigns that aim to create a more inclusive and accepting society.

Collaboration with Quentin Tarantino

Rose McIver had the privilege of working with acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino in the 2009 film “Inglourious Basterds,” further cementing her place in the industry.

Voice Acting

In addition to on-screen roles, McIver has lent her voice to various animated projects. Her ability to bring life to animated characters showcases her versatility as an actress.

Advocacy for Mental Health

McIver is an advocate for mental health awareness and actively supports organizations that work towards providing resources and support for individuals struggling with mental health issues.

Role in “Recovery Road”

Rose McIver captivated audiences with her portrayal of Maddie Graham in the TV series “Recovery Road,” showcasing her ability to immerse herself in complex and challenging roles.

Collaboration with Renowned Directors

Throughout her career, Rose McIver has had the privilege of working with esteemed directors such as Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, and Quentin Tarantino, a testament to her talent and the respect she commands within the industry.

Bright Future Ahead

With her talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft, Rose McIver is destined for a bright future in the entertainment industry. Fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming projects, eager to witness her continued growth as an actress.


These 30 facts about Rose McIver provide a comprehensive glimpse into the life and achievements of this remarkable actress. From her early beginnings in New Zealand to her international success, McIver has captivated audiences with her talent and versatility. With her magnetic presence on both the big and small screens, Rose McIver continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry. Keep an eye out for her future projects as she takes on new and exciting roles.

The 30 Facts about Rose McIver guide has given us a deeper understanding of this talented actress’s journey, from her early roots to her future endeavors. Whether it’s her breakthrough role in “The Lovely Bones,” her time on the hit show “iZombie,” or her collaborations with renowned directors, Rose McIver’s passion for acting shines through in every performance. Let’s celebrate her talent and look forward to the amazing projects that lie ahead for this remarkable actress.


Rose McIver is a talented actress known for her versatile performances in both television and film. With a career spanning over a decade, she has appeared in numerous acclaimed projects, showcasing her range and skill as an actress. From her breakout role in “The Lovely Bones” to her captivating portrayal of a zombie in the popular series “iZombie,” McIver has proven time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. With her charm, grace, and remarkable talent, it’s no wonder that she has become one of the most beloved actresses of her generation.


1. When was Rose McIver born?
Rose McIver was born on October 10, 1988.

2. What is Rose McIver’s full name?
Rose McIver’s full name is Frances Rose McIver.

3. Where is Rose McIver from?
Rose McIver was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

4. What are some of Rose McIver’s notable roles?
Some of Rose McIver’s notable roles include Olivia “Liv” Moore in “iZombie,” Tinker Bell in “Once Upon a Time,” and Amber Moore in “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

5. Has Rose McIver won any awards?
Yes, Rose McIver has won several awards for her performances, including the Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television for her role in “iZombie.”

6. Is Rose McIver involved in any social causes?
Yes, Rose McIver is actively involved in various social causes, including supporting environmental sustainability and advocating for women’s empowerment.

7. Does Rose McIver have any upcoming projects?
As of now, there are no announced upcoming projects for Rose McIver, but fans are eagerly awaiting her next on-screen venture.