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When it comes to rock and roll drummers, Mikkey Dee is a true living legend. Known for his incredible talent and powerful stage presence, Dee has made a significant impact on the music industry throughout his career. From his awe-inspiring performances with bands like Motörhead and Scorpions to his collaborations with renowned artists, Dee’s drumming skills have captivated audiences worldwide.

In this article, we will uncover 24 astonishing facts about Mikkey Dee that exemplify his contributions to the world of music. From his early beginnings to his rise to fame, and even some lesser-known tidbits, we’ll explore the life and career of this iconic drummer. Get ready to dive into the realm of rock and learn more about Mikkey Dee’s remarkable journey in the spotlight.

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Mikkey Dee was born on October 31, 1963, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The rock and roll spirit seems to run through his veins, as Mikkey Dee entered this world on Halloween night.

He started playing drums at the age of 14.

Mikkey Dee discovered his passion for music at a young age and quickly picked up the drumsticks, setting him on a path to becoming one of the most renowned drummers in the world.

Mikkey Dee gained recognition as a member of King Diamond’s band.

Before achieving worldwide fame, Mikkey Dee made a name for himself as the drummer for the Danish heavy metal band, King Diamond. His powerful drumming style caught the attention of many in the music industry.

He joined Motörhead in 1992.

In a moment that would change his career forever, Mikkey Dee became a member of the iconic British rock band Motörhead. He replaced the band’s original drummer and quickly became an integral part of the group’s dynamic sound.

Mikkey Dee’s real name is Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou.

Although he’s widely known as Mikkey Dee, the drummer was born Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou. He adopted the stage name to make it easier for fans to pronounce and remember.

He has collaborated with numerous artists and bands.

Mikkey Dee’s incredible talent has led him to collaborate with various renowned artists and bands, including Scorpions, Helloween, Don Dokken, and Thin Lizzy, to name just a few.

Mikkey Dee has earned multiple awards throughout his career.

Thanks to his remarkable contributions to the music industry, Mikkey Dee has received numerous accolades, including awards for his drumming skills and his dedication to rock and roll.

He became a Swedish citizen in 2006.

Despite being born in Sweden, Mikkey Dee became a naturalized Swedish citizen in He proudly represents his home country wherever he goes.

Mikkey Dee played drums on one of the biggest-selling albums of all time.

As a member of Motörhead, Mikkey Dee had the honor of playing drums on the band’s iconic album, “Ace of Spades.” This album went on to become one of the best-selling rock albums in history.

He appeared in the movie “Anvil! The Story of Anvil.”

Mikkey Dee made a cameo appearance in the critically acclaimed documentary film “Anvil! The Story of Anvil.” The film follows the journey of the Canadian heavy metal band Anvil and their pursuit of musical success.

Mikkey Dee is known for his energetic and powerful drumming style.

When Mikkey Dee takes his place behind the drum kit, he brings a level of energy and intensity that leaves audiences in awe. His powerful drumming style perfectly complements the high-energy rock and roll sound of Motörhead.

He holds a world record for the most drum beats in one minute.

In 2012, Mikkey Dee set a world record for the most drum beats in one minute by hitting a staggering 1,024 beats. This impressive feat highlights his incredible speed and precision as a drummer.

Mikkey Dee toured with the Scorpions for over two decades.

For more than 20 years, Mikkey Dee served as the drummer for the legendary German rock band, the Scorpions. His powerful drumming contributed to the band’s success and electrifying performances.

He is known for his trademark drum solo during Motörhead’s live shows.

Mikkey Dee’s drum solo during Motörhead’s live performances was always a highlight of the show. His impressive skills and rhythm captivated audiences and left them wanting more.

Mikkey Dee is a proud endorser of Sonor drums.

Throughout his career, Mikkey Dee has been loyal to Sonor drums, using their high-quality instruments to create his powerful and distinctive sound.

He collaborated with the legendary guitarist, Slash.

Mikkey Dee had the opportunity to work with the iconic guitarist Slash on his solo album, contributing his exceptional drumming skills to the project.

Mikkey Dee was inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

In recognition of his significant contributions to the music industry, Mikkey Dee was honored with an induction into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

He played on the album “Rock or Bust” with AC/DC.

After the passing of AC/DC’s longtime drummer, Phil Rudd, Mikkey Dee stepped in to record and tour with the band, leaving his mark on their album “Rock or Bust.”

Mikkey Dee has a passion for motorcycles.

When he’s not behind the drum kit, Mikkey Dee can often be found enjoying his other passion: motorcycles. He has a deep love for riding and has even participated in motorcycle racing.

He has been hailed as one of the greatest drummers in rock history.

With his powerful drumming style, technical precision, and electrifying stage presence, Mikkey Dee is widely regarded as one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock music.

Mikkey Dee toured with the Scorpions after the passing of their drummer, James Kottak.

When James Kottak, the drummer of the Scorpions, was unable to tour due to personal reasons, Mikkey Dee stepped in to fill his shoes and continued touring with the band.

He played his last show with Motörhead on December 11, 2015.

After more than two decades with the band, Mikkey Dee played his final performance with Motörhead in Germany, marking the end of an era.

Mikkey Dee joined the band Scorpions as a full-time member in 2016.

Following his tenure as a touring member, Mikkey Dee officially became a full-time member of the Scorpions in 2016, solidifying his place in yet another legendary rock band.

He continues to inspire and amaze fans worldwide.

Mikkey Dee’s incredible talent, passion for music, and unforgettable performances continue to inspire and amaze fans around the world. His legacy as a true rock and roll icon lives on.

There you have it, folks – 24 astonishing facts about Mikkey Dee that showcase his impressive career and undeniable impact on the music industry. From his early days in the Swedish metal scene to his stellar performances with Motörhead and the Scorpions, Mikkey Dee has solidified his place as one of rock music’s greatest drummers. So, let’s raise our drumsticks in salute to the incredible Mikkey Dee!


In conclusion, Mikkey Dee is a truly exceptional musician who has left a significant impact on the world of music. With his unparalleled drumming skills, remarkable stage presence, and extraordinary work ethic, he has solidified his position as one of the greatest drummers of all time. From his early beginnings with bands like King Diamond and Don Dokken, to his legendary tenure with Motörhead, and his current role as the drummer for Scorpions, Mikkey Dee has consistently showcased his incredible talent and versatility.

Whether it’s his thunderous drum solos, his energetic live performances, or his infectious passion for music, Mikkey Dee continues to captivate audiences around the globe. His contribution to the metal and rock genres is unparalleled, and he has undoubtedly earned his place in music history. As fans eagerly await his future endeavors, one thing is for certain – Mikkey Dee’s legacy will continue to inspire aspiring musicians for generations to come.


Q: When did Mikkey Dee join Motörhead?

A: Mikkey Dee joined Motörhead in 1992 after the departure of their original drummer, Phil Taylor.

Q: What are some of Mikkey Dee’s notable contributions to Motörhead?

A: Some of Mikkey Dee’s notable contributions to Motörhead include his incredible drumming performances on albums such as “Bastards,” “Sacrifice,” and “Inferno.” He also played a vital role in the band’s live shows, adding energy and precision to their iconic stage presence.

Q: Has Mikkey Dee received any awards for his musical achievements?

A: Yes, Mikkey Dee has received several awards throughout his career. In 2015, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Motörhead.

Q: Apart from Motörhead, has Mikkey Dee played with any other bands?

A: Before joining Motörhead, Mikkey Dee played with renowned bands such as King Diamond and Don Dokken. He also recorded drums for various artists, including Helloween and Thin Lizzy.

Q: What is Mikkey Dee’s current role in the music industry?

A: Mikkey Dee is currently the drummer for the German rock band Scorpions. He joined the band in 2016 and continues to impress audiences with his exceptional drumming skills.