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Holly Holm is not just your ordinary celebrity. She is a force to be reckoned with in the world of combat sports. From her early kickboxing days to her notable success in mixed martial arts, Holm has captivated audiences with her exceptional skills and fierce determination. But there is more to this striking athlete than meets the eye. In this article, we delve into 23 fascinating facts about Holly Holm that you may not know. From her surprising hobbies and achievements outside of the ring to the challenges she has overcome throughout her career, get ready to discover the many layers of this remarkable celebrity. Strap in and get ready for an inside look at the life and career of Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Holly Holm, a versatile athlete, has conquered boxing and MMA with her exceptional skills and knockout power. Her inspiring journey has made her a role model for aspiring female fighters worldwide.
  • With over a decade of experience, Holly Holm’s disciplined training and calm demeanor have earned her a loyal global fan base. Her impact extends beyond combat sports, inspiring female athletes everywhere.
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Holly Holm was born on October 17, 1981, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Holly Holm, a renowned mixed martial artist, was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has an impressive career in both boxing and MMA.

She is a former professional boxer.

Prior to transitioning to mixed martial arts, Holly Holm made a name for herself in the world of professional boxing. She dominated the boxing scene, securing multiple championship titles.

Holm is known for her exceptional kickboxing skills.

Holly Holm is highly regarded for her outstanding kickboxing abilities, which she incorporated into her MMA career. Her striking techniques and precision have impressed both fans and critics.

She has a background in various forms of martial arts.

Before pursuing a career in combat sports, Holm studied and trained in several disciplines, including kickboxing, taekwondo, and boxing. This diverse martial arts background contributed to her well-rounded skill set.

Holm made her MMA debut in 2011.

In 2011, Holly Holm transitioned to mixed martial arts and made her professional debut in the sport. She showcased her versatile skills and quickly gained attention in the MMA world.

She became the UFC Bantamweight Champion in 2015.

In 2015, Holly Holm achieved a major milestone in her career by defeating Ronda Rousey and capturing the UFC Bantamweight Championship. This victory came as a shock to many, as Rousey was considered unbeatable at the time.

Holm is known for her knockout power.

Holly Holm possesses devastating knockout power, evident by her numerous finishes within the boxing ring and the octagon. Her striking ability and precision have made her a formidable opponent for anyone in her weight class.

She has faced some of the toughest opponents in women’s MMA.

Throughout her career, Holm has faced top-level competition in women’s MMA. She has shared the cage with notable fighters such as Cris Cyborg, Valentina Shevchenko, and Miesha Tate.

Holm is a former professional boxer with a record of 33 wins.

Prior to her success in MMA, Holly Holm had an impressive professional boxing career. She finished with a remarkable record of 33 wins, including several championship victories.

She has been involved in several memorable fights in her career.

Holly Holm has been part of epic battles inside the ring and the octagon. Her fights against Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Valentina Shevchenko are among the most iconic and memorable in women’s MMA history.

Holm has a background in competitive gymnastics.

Before entering the world of combat sports, Holly Holm trained as a gymnast. Her background in gymnastics contributed to her athleticism and agility inside the cage.

She is known for her disciplined training regimen.

Holly Holm is renowned for her disciplined and rigorous training routine. She maintains a high level of physical fitness and constantly works on improving her skills to stay at the top of her game.

Holm has a impressive fight record in both boxing and MMA.

With a combined fight record of over 50 wins in boxing and MMA, Holly Holm’s resume speaks for itself. She has proven time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with in combat sports.

She has been awarded several accolades throughout her career.

Due to her achievements and contributions to combat sports, Holly Holm has received numerous accolades, including Fighter of the Year and Knockout of the Year awards.

Holm is known for her calm and composed demeanor inside the octagon.

One of Holly Holm’s defining characteristics is her ability to remain calm and composed during fights. This mental strength has helped her make strategic decisions and overcome difficult situations.

She has inspired a new generation of female fighters.

Holly Holm’s accomplishments and skill set have inspired many young girls and women to pursue careers in combat sports. She has become a role model for aspiring fighters around the world.

Holm has competed in multiple weight classes.

Throughout her career, Holly Holm has competed in different weight classes, showcasing her versatility as a fighter. She has fought at bantamweight, featherweight, and even ventured into the world of boxing at welterweight.

She has a background in professional kickboxing.

In addition to boxing and MMA, Holly Holm also has experience in professional kickboxing. Her striking skills honed in kickboxing have translated well into the cage.

Holm has defeated opponents with various fighting styles.

Holly Holm has proven her ability to adapt to different fighting styles and defeat opponents with diverse skill sets. Whether it’s striking or grappling, she has showcased her versatility and ability to overcome different challenges.

She has a strong fan base and global following.

Holly Holm has garnered a loyal fan base throughout her career due to her exciting fighting style and humble demeanor outside the cage. Her popularity extends beyond the United States, with fans from around the world supporting her.

Holm is an experienced professional with over a decade in combat sports.

With over a decade of experience in the world of combat sports, Holly Holm has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her longevity in the industry is a testament to her dedication and skill.

She has achieved success in both individual and team sports.

Prior to focusing on combat sports, Holly Holm was part of a successful collegiate soccer team. Her experience in team sports has undoubtedly contributed to her ability to work well within a team and excel individually.

Holm is an inspiration for female athletes worldwide.

Holly Holm’s impact extends beyond the realm of combat sports. She has become an inspiration for female athletes worldwide, proving that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.


In conclusion, Holly Holm is not just a talented athlete, but also a fascinating individual with an inspiring journey. From her impressive boxing and kickboxing career to her unexpected victory over Ronda Rousey, Holm has made a significant impact in the world of combat sports. Her determination, discipline, and unwavering spirit have propelled her to success, and she continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world. With her record-breaking achievements, her passion for fitness, and her genuine personality, Holly Holm has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on both fans and fellow athletes alike. And as she continues to evolve and excel in her career, we can only expect to see more incredible feats from this remarkable athlete.


1. What is Holly Holm’s most notable MMA victory?

Holly Holm’s most notable MMA victory is undoubtedly her shocking knockout win over Ronda Rousey in 2015. It was a historic moment in women’s MMA as Holm dethroned the previously undefeated Rousey to capture the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship.

2. Has Holly Holm competed in other combat sports besides MMA?

Yes, before transitioning to MMA, Holly Holm had a successful career in professional boxing and kickboxing. She is a multiple-time world champion in boxing, with victories in three different weight classes, and she also had an impressive kickboxing record.

3. What is Holly Holm’s fighting style?

Holly Holm is known for her diverse fighting style, which combines elements of boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. She is known for her exceptional striking skills, footwork, and ability to control the distance in the octagon.

4. Has Holly Holm ever held any other MMA titles?

Aside from her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship title, Holly Holm has not held any other MMA titles. However, she has consistently been ranked among the top contenders in her weight class and has faced some of the toughest opponents in the division.

5. What is Holly Holm’s current record in MMA?

As of [DATE], Holly Holm has a professional MMA record of [NUMBER] wins and [NUMBER] losses. Her record includes notable victories over top-ranked opponents and her historic win over Ronda Rousey.

Holly Holm's journey from boxing to MMA stardom is nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication, skill, and passion for combat sports have made her a role model for aspiring athletes worldwide. If you're curious to learn more about the world of mixed martial arts, check out our articles on the fascinating facts surrounding MMA, the thrilling events of the UFC, and the intriguing details that make this sport so captivating.

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