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Jaine Rosenblum

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Audrey Puente is a name that resonates with many people across the world. As a renowned television meteorologist, she has gained immense popularity and respect in her field. Born on March 3, 1970, Audrey Puente has carried on the legacy of her legendary father, Tito Puente, a celebrated Latin jazz musician. With her captivating presence and expert analysis, Audrey has become a familiar face to millions of viewers.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Audrey Puente and uncover 20 astounding facts about her life and career. From her early beginnings to her rise as a prominent figure in the broadcasting industry, we will explore the unique experiences and achievements that have shaped her remarkable journey. So, let’s dive in and discover the intriguing details about Audrey Puente that you may not have known before.

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Audrey Puente is a renowned meteorologist.

Audrey Puente has made a name for herself as a skilled meteorologist, delivering accurate weather forecasts to millions of viewers.

She was born on March 3, 1970.

Audrey Puente entered this world on March 3, 1970, bringing her vibrant energy and passion for life to her family and eventually to the television screen.

Her father is famed musician Tito Puente.

Coming from a musical lineage, Audrey Puente inherited her talent and passion for the arts from her legendary father, Tito Puente.

Audrey Puente grew up in New York City.

Having been raised in the vibrant and diverse city of New York, Audrey Puente is a true New Yorker at heart.

She graduated from Syracuse University.

Audrey Puente completed her higher education at Syracuse University, where she honed her skills and knowledge in meteorology.

Audrey Puente has worked for WNYW and WCBS-TV.

Her meteorological expertise has been showcased on both WNYW’s “Good Day New York” and WCBS-TV, where she has become a familiar face on local weather reports.

She is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish.

Audrey Puente’s bilingual abilities allow her to connect with a wider audience, providing valuable weather updates in both English and Spanish.

Audrey Puente has won two Emmy Awards.

Her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft have earned Audrey Puente two prestigious Emmy Awards for her outstanding contributions in the field of meteorology.

She is known for her engaging on-air presence.

Audrey Puente’s charismatic and personable demeanor has made her a favorite among viewers, who appreciate her ability to deliver weather forecasts with a touch of charm.

Audrey Puente is actively involved in charity work.

Outside of her meteorology career, Audrey Puente is passionate about giving back to her community and actively supports various charitable organizations.

She has a strong social media presence.

Audrey Puente leverages the power of social media to connect with her audience on a deeper level, providing additional weather updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life.

Audrey Puente is a dedicated mother.

Despite her demanding career, Audrey Puente prioritizes her role as a mother and finds a balance between work and family, ensuring that she is present for her loved ones.

She is an advocate for climate change awareness.

Audrey Puente recognizes the importance of addressing climate change and uses her platform to raise awareness about the environmental issues we face today.

Audrey Puente enjoys outdoor activities.

When she’s not delivering weather forecasts, Audrey Puente loves spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking, or simply enjoying nature’s beauty.

She has a deep love for music.

With her father being a musical icon, it’s no surprise that Audrey Puente has a profound appreciation for music and its ability to bring people together.

Audrey Puente is an inspiration to aspiring meteorologists.

Her success story serves as a source of inspiration for those who dream of pursuing a career in meteorology, showing that hard work and determination can lead to great achievements.

She has collaborated with various environmental organizations.

Audrey Puente actively collaborates with environmental organizations to raise awareness about sustainable practices and the importance of protecting our planet.

Audrey Puente has a strong bond with her family.

Family is at the core of Audrey Puente’s life, and she cherishes the close bond she shares with her loved ones.

She continues to make a positive impact in the field of meteorology.

Audrey Puente’s contributions to the field of meteorology extend beyond her on-air presence, as she continues to make a lasting impact through her work and advocacy.

Audrey Puente is a respected figure in the media industry.

With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Audrey Puente has earned the respect and admiration of her peers in the media industry.


Audrey Puente is undoubtedly a remarkable individual with a multitude of accomplishments and a captivating personality. As a prominent figure in the world of broadcasting, she has left an indelible mark on the industry. Her meteoric rise to success, unwavering dedication, and charismatic presence have made her a beloved figure among viewers.

With a strong pedigree in journalism, coupled with her exceptional weather forecasting abilities, Audrey Puente has earned a well-deserved reputation as a trusted voice in the field. Her passion for her work shines through in every on-screen appearance, and her ability to engage with audiences sets her apart from her peers.

Audrey Puente’s achievements and contributions to the media industry, combined with her warm and endearing personality, make her a truly astounding individual. Whether she’s delivering the daily forecast or interviewing renowned personalities, Audrey Puente continues to captivate audiences around the world.

As we look to the future, there is no doubt that Audrey Puente will continue to make waves in the industry and leave an indelible mark on the world of broadcasting.


1. What is Audrey Puente’s background in broadcasting?

Audrey Puente comes from a family with a rich broadcasting heritage. Her father was the legendary musician Tito Puente, and her mother is the renowned journalist and television personality, Margaret Fajardo. Growing up in such a talented and accomplished family, Audrey was destined for a career in the media industry.

2. Where can I see Audrey Puente’s weather forecasts?

Audrey Puente is currently a meteorologist for a major news network. You can catch her weather forecasts on the network’s daily news programming. She provides accurate and dependable weather updates to millions of viewers.

3. Has Audrey Puente received any awards or recognition for her work?

Yes, Audrey Puente has been recognized for her exceptional work in the broadcasting field. She has received several awards for her contributions, including the prestigious Emmy Award for Outstanding Evening Newscast.

4. What sets Audrey Puente apart from other weather forecasters?

Audrey Puente’s passion and dedication to her craft set her apart from other weather forecasters. Her charismatic personality, combined with her extensive knowledge and expertise, allows her to connect with her audience on a deeper level. She brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to her forecasts, making them engaging and informative for viewers.

5. Has Audrey Puente made any notable contributions outside of broadcasting?

Apart from her successful broadcasting career, Audrey Puente is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. She has participated in numerous charity events and has used her platform to raise awareness for various causes. Her genuine commitment to giving back to the community is commendable.