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Corey Carrier is a name that might not ring a bell for everyone, but once you delve into his fascinating life and career, you’ll quickly understand why he is someone worth knowing about. With his talent, charm, and dedication, Corey has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on both the silver screen and the small screen.

From his breakout role as the young Indiana Jones in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” to his captivating performances in various films and television shows, Corey Carrier has proven himself to be a versatile and talented actor. But there’s more to Corey than just his acting prowess. In this article, we’ll uncover 17 astounding facts about Corey Carrier that will give you a deeper insight into his life, his journey, and the impact he has made in the world of entertainment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Corey Carrier, born in 1980, gained fame as Young Indiana Jones and starred in “The Wonder Years.” After a break for academics, he returned to acting, engaging with fans and advocating for the environment.
  • Corey Carrier, a versatile actor, has showcased his talent in film, TV, theater, and voice acting. He’s also passionate about environmental conservation and mentors aspiring actors.
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Corey Carrier was born on August 20, 1980.

Corey Carrier, the talented actor known for his roles in various films and TV shows, was born on August 20, 1980.

Carrier made his acting debut in the film The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father.

One of Corey Carrier’s early breakthroughs was his role as Young Indiana Jones in the film series. His captivating portrayal of the iconic character garnered widespread acclaim.

Corey Carrier starred in the popular TV series “The Wonder Years”.

Carrier gained immense popularity for his role as Kevin Arnold’s younger brother in the beloved coming-of-age TV show “The Wonder Years.” His natural talent and on-screen charm captivated audiences worldwide.

Corey Carrier appeared in the film “Nixon” directed by Oliver Stone.

Carrier had the opportunity to work with renowned director Oliver Stone in the film “Nixon,” where he showcased his versatility as an actor alongside an incredibly talented cast.

Carrier’s performance in “Nixon” earned him critical acclaim.

Corey Carrier’s portrayal of a young Richard Nixon in the film was widely praised by critics and further solidified his status as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Corey Carrier has performed on stage in various theater productions.

In addition to his work in film and television, Carrier has also showcased his acting prowess on stage in numerous theater productions, demonstrating his versatility as a performer.

Carrier was the voice of Young Tod in the animated film “The Fox and the Hound”.

Corey Carrier lent his voice to the beloved character Young Tod in the Disney animated film “The Fox and the Hound.” His voice acting skills added depth and emotion to the character.

Corey Carrier has made guest appearances on popular TV shows such as “ER” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.

Carrier’s talent and versatility have led him to make guest appearances on popular TV shows, showcasing his ability to embody various characters and engage audiences with his performances.

Corey Carrier took a break from acting to focus on academics.

After a successful acting career as a child and teenager, Carrier made the decision to take a break from the entertainment industry to pursue his academic endeavors.

Carrier pursued higher education at the University of Chicago.

Corey Carrier chose to further his education at the prestigious University of Chicago, where he delved into his passion for learning and expanding his knowledge.

In recent years, Corey Carrier has returned to the entertainment industry.

After his hiatus, Carrier has made a comeback to the entertainment industry, eager to showcase his growth as both an individual and an actor.

Carrier has a strong presence on social media and engages with his fans.

Corey Carrier actively interacts with his fans on social media platforms, allowing them to stay connected with his latest projects and updates.

Corey Carrier has appeared in several independent films, exploring diverse roles.

Carrier’s commitment to his craft is evident in his choice to work on independent films, where he can explore a wide range of characters and narratives.

Corey Carrier is passionate about environmental conservation.

Beyond his acting career, Carrier is an advocate for environmental conservation and actively supports various initiatives to protect the planet.

Carrier has lent his voice to audiobooks, bringing stories to life for listeners.

With his captivating voice and storytelling abilities, Corey Carrier has narrated audiobooks, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in captivating narratives.

Corey Carrier continues to inspire aspiring actors through workshops and mentorship.

Carrier is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring actors, conducting workshops and offering mentorship to help them hone their craft.

Corey Carrier’s passion for acting remains unwavering.

Throughout his career and personal journey, Corey Carrier’s passion for acting has remained a driving force, leading him to continually seek new opportunities to showcase his talent.


Corey Carrier is truly a remarkable celebrity with an impressive career. From his early start in acting to his notable roles in films and television, Carrier has shown incredible talent and versatility. His ability to captivate audiences with his performances is truly astounding.

Through this article, we have explored 17 astounding facts about Corey Carrier, shedding light on his achievements, personal life, and contributions to the entertainment industry. From his breakthrough role in the iconic series “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones” to his passion for environmental activism, Carrier has proven himself to be much more than just a talented actor.

As we continue to follow Corey Carrier’s journey, there is no doubt that he will continue to make waves in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s through his on-screen performances or his off-screen endeavors, Carrier’s impact on the world of entertainment is undeniable.

So, keep an eye out for this incredible celebrity as he continues to shine and inspire us all.


1. When did Corey Carrier start his acting career?

Corey Carrier started his acting career at a very young age. He made his debut in the industry when he was just six years old.

2. What are some of Corey Carrier’s notable roles?

Corey Carrier is best known for his role as Young Indiana Jones in the television series “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.” He has also appeared in films like “Nixon” and “Unstoppable.”

3. Is Corey Carrier still acting?

While Corey Carrier has not been actively pursuing acting in recent years, he has made sporadic appearances in films and TV shows. He has been exploring other interests and pursuing his education.

4. Does Corey Carrier have any other talents?

Apart from his acting skills, Corey Carrier is also a talented musician. He plays the piano and has showcased his musical abilities in some of his on-screen performances.

5. Is Corey Carrier involved in any charitable work?

Yes, Corey Carrier is passionate about environmental activism. He has been involved in various initiatives to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable living.

Corey Carrier's journey as an actor is truly inspiring, from his early days as a child star to his current endeavors in the entertainment industry. His dedication and passion for his craft are evident in every role he takes on, whether on the big screen or the stage. If you enjoyed learning about Carrier's fascinating career, you might also be interested in exploring Daniel Day Lewis' illustrious acting career, discovering fascinating facts about the Indiana Jones franchise, or delving into Michael Madsen's impressive filmography.

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