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Christopher Timothy is a name that has graced the entertainment industry for decades, captivating audiences with his remarkable talent and charismatic presence. From his memorable roles in both television and film to his contributions to the world of theatre, Timothy has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

In this article, we delve deeper into the life and career of Christopher Timothy, uncovering 17 astonishing facts that will undoubtedly pique your curiosity. From his early beginnings to his rise to stardom, we explore the fascinating journey of this incredibly talented actor. So, let’s kick off this journey and discover the intriguing facts that lie behind the curtain of Christopher Timothy’s life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Christopher Timothy, born in 1940, gained fame for his role as James Herriot in “All Creatures Great and Small” and is known for his love of animals and versatile acting career.
  • With a passion for animals and a talent for bringing period characters to life, Christopher Timothy’s legacy as an actor and author continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.
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Christopher Timothy was born on October 14, 1940.

Christopher Timothy, the talented actor known for his memorable roles on both stage and screen, was born on October 14, 1940, in Bala, Merionethshire, Wales.

He gained fame for his portrayal of James Herriot.

Christopher Timothy gained widespread acclaim for his portrayal of James Herriot in the hit television series “All Creatures Great and Small,” based on the beloved books by Alf Wight.

Timothy made his acting debut at the age of 12.

Christopher Timothy’s passion for acting started at a young age, and he made his debut on stage at the age of 12 in a production of “The King and I.”

He began his career as a radio and television actor.

Prior to his breakthrough role in “All Creatures Great and Small,” Christopher Timothy appeared in various radio and television productions, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Timothy has worked extensively in the theater.

Aside from his successful television and film career, Christopher Timothy has also made a name for himself in the theater world, performing in a wide range of productions.

He has appeared in numerous films.

Christopher Timothy’s talent extends beyond the small screen, as he has also graced the big screen in various films, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Timothy is an animal lover.

Throughout his life, Christopher Timothy has shown a deep love and appreciation for animals, which is fitting considering his iconic role as a veterinarian in “All Creatures Great and Small.”

He has received multiple awards for his acting.

Christopher Timothy’s talent and dedication to his craft have been recognized with various awards and nominations throughout his illustrious career.

Timothy has lent his voice to animated characters.

In addition to his live-action performances, Christopher Timothy has also provided his distinctive voice to a number of animated characters in popular television shows and movies.

He has appeared in popular TV series.

Christopher Timothy has made memorable guest appearances on a wide range of television series, showcasing his versatility and talent as an actor.

Timothy is an accomplished author.

Aside from his acting career, Christopher Timothy has also delved into writing, authoring several books that reflect his love for animals and his experiences in the entertainment industry.

He is well-regarded for his portrayal of period characters.

Christopher Timothy has a natural ability to transport audiences to different time periods, bringing to life characters from various eras with authenticity and depth.

Timothy is recognized for his distinctive voice.

From his warm and soothing tone to his impeccable delivery, Christopher Timothy’s voice has become synonymous with captivating storytelling.

He has appeared in West End productions.

Christopher Timothy has made his mark in London’s prestigious West End, showcasing his talent and captivating audiences with his stage performances.

Timothy is involved in charitable work.

Christopher Timothy is actively involved in various charitable endeavors, lending his voice and support to causes close to his heart.

He continues to be an in-demand actor.

Even after decades in the industry, Christopher Timothy remains a sought-after actor, consistently delivering powerful performances that captivate audiences.

Timothy’s legacy lives on.

Christopher Timothy’s talent, passion, and impact on the entertainment industry continue to inspire and leave a lasting legacy for future generations of actors.


Christopher Timothy is undeniably a fascinating and accomplished celebrity. From his iconic role as James Herriot in “All Creatures Great and Small” to his extensive theater work and television appearances, he has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. In addition to his acting prowess, Timothy has a deep passion for animals, which is reflected in his real-life veterinary skills. His talent, versatility, and genuine love for his craft have earned him a special place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. Through this article, we have uncovered 17 astonishing facts about Christopher Timothy that showcase his multifaceted career, dedication to animal welfare, and personal achievements. Whether you are a long-time fan or just discovering his work, Christopher Timothy’s contributions to the world of entertainment are nothing short of extraordinary.


1. When was Christopher Timothy born?

Christopher Timothy was born on October 14, 1940, in Bala, Merionethshire, Wales.

2. What is Christopher Timothy’s most famous role?

Christopher Timothy is best known for his role as James Herriot in the television series “All Creatures Great and Small,” which aired from 1978 to 1990.

3. Is Christopher Timothy a trained veterinarian in real life?

Yes, Christopher Timothy trained as a veterinary surgeon and worked in veterinary practice before pursuing an acting career. This experience gave him valuable insights into his iconic role as James Herriot.

4. What other notable television shows has Christopher Timothy appeared in?

Christopher Timothy has appeared in various television shows, including “Doctors,” “Holby City,” “Foyle’s War,” and “Dalziel and Pascoe,” among others.

5. Has Christopher Timothy won any awards for his performances?

Yes, Christopher Timothy has received several awards throughout his career. He won a BAFTA TV Award for Best Actor for his role in “All Creatures Great and Small” in 1980, and a Laurence Olivier Award for his performance in “The Riding Club” in 1974.

6. Is Christopher Timothy married?

Yes, Christopher Timothy is married. He married Annie Veronica Swatton in 1973, and they have two children together.

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