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Denis O’Hare, the talented and versatile actor, has graced both the stage and the screen with his remarkable performances. With his distinctive voice and captivating presence, O’Hare has established himself as one of the most sought-after celebrities in the entertainment industry. From his memorable roles in hit TV series to his critically acclaimed performances on Broadway, O’Hare’s talent knows no bounds. But there is so much more to this incredible actor than meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into 15 fascinating facts about Denis O’Hare that will not only surprise you but also deepen your admiration for his immense talent and intriguing personality. So, get ready to discover some hidden gems about the incredible Denis O’Hare!

Key Takeaways:

  • Denis O’Hare is a versatile actor with a Tony Award for his theater work and a talent for transforming into diverse characters on screen, from vampires to sinister figures.
  • Beyond his acting, O’Hare is an LGBTQ+ advocate, animal lover, and talented writer with a passion for literature and storytelling.
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The legendary Denis O’Hare has an impressive theater background.

Before dominating the silver screen, O’Hare made a name for himself in the theater world. He has appeared in numerous Broadway productions, including “Take Me Out,” for which he won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play.

O’Hare is a master of transforming himself on-screen.

Known for his incredible range, Denis O’Hare has played a wide array of characters throughout his career. From the eccentric vampire Russell Edgington in “True Blood” to the sinister Liz Taylor in “American Horror Story: Hotel,” his ability to completely immerse himself in his roles is truly remarkable.

He has been recognized for his exceptional talent with prestigious awards.

Denis O’Hare’s immense talent has not gone unnoticed. In addition to his Tony Award, he has received several other accolades, including a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for his role in “True Blood.”

O’Hare has lent his voice to various animated films and TV shows.

Did you know that Denis O’Hare has a captivating voice that has been featured in animated films and TV shows? Some notable projects include “The Good Dinosaur,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and “American Dad!”

He has collaborated with acclaimed filmmaker Tim Burton.

Denis O’Hare had the privilege of working with the visionary director Tim Burton on the film “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” O’Hare’s talent and Burton’s distinct visual style made for a captivating cinematic experience.

Denis O’Hare is an LGBTQ+ advocate.

As an openly gay actor, O’Hare has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. He has used his platform to raise awareness and promote inclusivity in the entertainment industry.

He has made memorable appearances in popular TV series.

O’Hare has made guest appearances in various beloved TV shows, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Some notable appearances include “The Good Wife,” “This Is Us,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

O’Hare has a passion for literature.

Besides being a talented actor, Denis O’Hare is also an avid reader and writer. He has even released his own book, titled “Nothing Personal,” which is a collection of essays about his experiences in the entertainment industry and personal reflections.

He has a deep love for animals.

Denis O’Hare is not only compassionate towards humans but also towards animals. He is an advocate for animal rights and has supported various organizations focused on animal welfare.

O’Hare has a distinctive voice that lends itself well to narration.

With his rich and captivating voice, Denis O’Hare has lent his talents to numerous audiobooks and documentary narrations. His narration adds depth and emotion to the stories he tells.

He has appeared in several successful film franchises.

O’Hare is no stranger to blockbuster film franchises. He has appeared in films such as “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Milk,” and “The Proposal,” showcasing his versatility and ability to shine in both independent and big-budget productions.

Denis O’Hare is a talented writer and storyteller.

Aside from his acting career, O’Hare has proven himself to be a skilled writer. He has written and performed in several one-man shows that have been highly praised by critics and audiences alike.

He has a diverse range of interests outside of acting.

Denis O’Hare’s artistic talents extend beyond acting and writing. He is also a skilled photographer and enjoys capturing the beauty of the world through his lens.

O’Hare is known for his incredible work ethic.

Those who have had the opportunity to work with Denis O’Hare often rave about his professionalism and dedication. His commitment to his craft is evident in every role he takes on.

Denis O’Hare continues to captivate audiences with his remarkable performances.

With his immense talent, versatility, and undeniable screen presence, Denis O’Hare remains an esteemed actor who never fails to leave a lasting impression on viewers. His contributions to the entertainment industry are truly remarkable.

These are just a few of the many fascinating facts about Denis O’Hare, a truly exceptional actor who continues to showcase his incredible skill and versatility on stage and screen.


In conclusion, Denis O’Hare is an incredibly talented actor who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From his diverse range of roles to his captivating stage presence, O’Hare has proven time and time again why he is considered one of the finest actors of his generation. Whether it’s his Emmy-winning performance in “American Horror Story” or his unforgettable portrayal of Roy Cohn in “Angels in America,” O’Hare continues to captivate audiences with his remarkable talent and dedication to his craft. With such a storied career and a passion for his work, it’s no wonder that Denis O’Hare remains a beloved figure in the world of acting.


1. What are some notable roles played by Denis O’Hare?

Denis O’Hare has played numerous notable roles throughout his career. Some of his most memorable performances include his portrayal of Russell Edgington in “True Blood,” Liz Taylor in “American Horror Story: Hotel,” and Charles Bromley in “The Strain.

2. Has Denis O’Hare won any awards for his acting?

Yes, Denis O’Hare has received several accolades for his outstanding performances. He won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for his role in “American Horror Story: Hotel.” O’Hare has also been nominated for multiple awards, including a Tony Award for his performance in the Broadway play “Take Me Out.”

3. Does Denis O’Hare have a background in theater?

Yes, Denis O’Hare has a strong background in theater. He has performed in numerous Broadway productions, earning critical acclaim for his roles in plays such as “Take Me Out” and “Sweet Charity.” O’Hare’s stage presence and versatility are widely recognized and appreciated in the theater community.

4. What other television shows has Denis O’Hare appeared in?

Denis O’Hare has made guest appearances in popular television shows such as “The Good Wife,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Brothers & Sisters,” and “The X-Files.” His talent and versatility have allowed him to excel in a variety of roles across different genres.

5. Is Denis O’Hare involved in any philanthropic work?

Yes, Denis O’Hare is actively involved in charitable work. He is a supporter of various LGBTQ+ organizations, including the Trevor Project and the Hetrick-Martin Institute. O’Hare uses his platform to advocate for equal rights and raise awareness about important social issues.

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