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Kids Bikes
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There is nothing so fantastic when seeing a kid riding a bicycle. Nothing can beat the pure joy on their face when they are biking, and the wind is passing through their hair, that new sense of freedom. This is a memory that lasts always. Costway kids bikes with training wheels are actually the best option!

Costway is your complete lifestyle solution, providing everything you need to make your home comfortable and pleasant. We are a lifestyle brand that provides our clients with a calm, focused, and enjoyable shopping experience. Costway reviews for kids’ bikes by customer are mixed. Some commend their low cost, some of them like the ease of assembly, and some customers love the child-friendly features, such as training wheels and baskets.

With a strong dedication to quality, we source a diverse assortment of materials to ensure you have everything you need to bring your idea to life. To provide a seamless and enjoyable purchasing experience, we prioritize high-quality products at competitive rates, as well as great customer service.、

1. Costway Kids Bike with Training Wheels

For several children, a bike with training wheels will be the first step towards independence and the beginning of a cycling passion that will last forever. It is an adventurous time when the tottering steps finally transform into steady steps, and even the paved driveways appear like race tracks.

The children’s bike to be offered by Costway is a fun and fully secure first set of wheels for kids aged 3-8. It can be found in several sizes (12″, 14″, 16″, and 18″). It provides for the sizing specifications of developing kids and guarantees a perfect fit as they traverse their early cycling journey.

Key Features

  • Safe Handbrake and Coaster Brake

Safety comes first! This bike is equipped with numerous features that guarantee your child’s security. The dual brake combines the handbrake and coaster brake. Having control of the brakes gives your child a choice of the most suitable braking technique.

  • Adjustable Comfort for Growing Kids

Growing kids, growing bikes! The bike has an adjustable handlebar and seatpost to overcome this. You can adjust the position of the seat and handlebar to suit the height of your child. This will ensure he is comfortable and feels confident while riding.

  • Easy Assembly and Smooth Riding

For added convenience, the bike comes 95% pre-assembled. With just a few quick steps, you’ll have your child cruising around in no time. The sturdy carbon steel frame ensures long-lasting durability, while the training wheels provide essential stability for those new to cycling.

  • Beautiful Outlook with Basket

This stylish kid’s bike has an attractive design, making it the perfect choice for beginners learning to ride. Its cute basket not only provides storage for kids’ essentials but also adds an extra element of fun to their riding experience.

2. Costway Kids Bike with Removable Training Wheels

This 16-inch bike by Costway is regarded as a durable friend for pre-school kids of the 4 to 7 age group.

Key Features

  • Dual Brakes and Fully Enclosed Chain

Equipping your child with a safe bike is paramount. This Costway kids bike for 4-8 years old features a dual-brake system, with a handbrake and a coaster brake. The hand brake features short levers that are designed for smaller hands, while the coaster brake ensures that your child can easily stop by pedaling backward.

  • Adjustable Handlebar and Saddle

Kids are growing fast and so their bikes should grow quickly too! This bike fixes this by offering an adjustable handlebar and seatpost. This makes it easy for you to get the right measurement fitting the child’s height for a great, comfortable and confident riding experience. An added perk is the removable storage basket, providing a space for your child to bring along their favorite toys or snacks for the ride.

  • Hassle-free 95% Pre-assembled Design

For increased convenience, the bike is 95% pre-assembled. With a few simple steps instructed by the directions, your toddler will be cruising around in no time. The wear-resistant pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride over various terrains, and the robust carbon steel frame ensures long-term reliability.

  • Comfy and Reliable Toddler Riding Gift 

Gift your toddler tons of fun with this comfy and reliable kid’s bicycle. It features a PP-covered seat for comfort and a removable basket for storage, making it perfect for little riders. The sturdy carbon steel frame ensures durability for long-lasting enjoyment.

Kids Bikes

3. Costway 18 inches Kids Bike With Kickstand and Coaster Brake

Key Features     

  • Adjustable Handlebar and Seat

The cycle has a unique feature that helps to adjust the handlebar and seat for growing kids.

  • Dual Brakes

For a safe cycling experience for your kids the bike comes with dual Brakes – hand brake and coaster brake. Apart from that the chain is fully enclosed so that the kids don’t get pinched or hurt while cycling.

  • 95% Pre-assembled 

The Costway kids bike for 4-8 years old kid is 95% Pre-assembled so that you don’t have to waste much time on it. You will finish the remaining assembly within a few minutes.

  • Comfy and Reliable 

It is a perfect gifting option for your kid. It’s features like the PP covered seat, the carbon steel frame, and the beautiful basket make it beautiful, comfortable, and a reliable option for gifting.

Home of Delights: Filling Your Life with Joy

Costway has a mission to make it more than just a furniture brand. The goal is to become “A Home of Delights”, bringing more creativity and happiness to your life. This philosophy goes further than the products they offer as they make sure their customers are cared for throughout the entire experience of shopping.

Quick and dependable shipping gets your furniture to you as fast as possible, and great customer service smooths out all problems. Costway also provides a 30-day returns policy. They value your privacy and ensure data safety.

Along with Costway+ Care, you can make your purchases with confidence, taking it for granted that you will buy not only quality furniture but also a delightful experience.


At Costway, we believe that every ride should be an adventure. Our bikes are designed to help your child develop confidence, coordination, and a love for the outdoors.  With exceptional quality,  a variety of features, and unbeatable customer service, Costway Kids Bikes is the perfect way to get your little one rolling!

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