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Countries ghana facts

Ghana Facts

Ghana Houses the Largest Open Air Market in West Africa The first of our Ghana…

US States Vermont Facts

Vermont Facts

Vermont Is the 2nd Least Populous State Much of the Northeastern United States is densely…

US States Utah facts

Utah Facts

The Name Utah Comes From a Tribe of Native Americans Utah facts indicate the name…

Continents Europe Facts

Europe Facts

Europe Is the World’s Second Smallest Continent The current size of Europe is 3,930,000 square…

Countries haiti facts

Haiti Facts

Haiti Was the First Country to Become a Black Republic The first of our fascinating…

Countries Morocco Facts

Morocco Facts

Morocco Is Located in North Africa Morocco is an Arab country located on the northwest…

Countries Vatican City Facts

Vatican City Facts

Vatican City Is the World’s Smallest Country Vatican City, officially known as Vatican City State,…

Cities Chicago Facts

Chicago Facts

Chicago Is The 3rd Largest City in The US Chicago facts tell us that this…

Countries Luxembourg Facts

Luxembourg Facts

Luxembourg Is The World’s Only Grand Duchy Luxembourg is currently the world’s only grand duchy.…

Countries Kenya Facts

Kenya Facts

Kenya Has 4 National Dishes The first of our Kenya facts centers on food. Kenya…

Countries Thailand Facts

Thailand Facts

Thailand Is the 13th Most Friendly Place to Visit Thailand facts reveals that Thailand has…