Jaclin Sayles

Jaclin Sayles

Published: 26 Sep 2023

Source: Globes.co.il

Israel Discount Bank is one of the leading banks in Israel, with a rich history and a strong presence in the country. Established in 1935, the bank has played a crucial role in the development of the Israeli banking industry and has become a major financial institution in the region. With its headquarters located in Tel Aviv, Israel Discount Bank offers a wide range of banking services to individuals, businesses, and corporations.

In this article, we will explore 19 fascinating facts about Israel Discount Bank, including its origins, growth, unique features, and contributions to the Israeli economy. From its early days as a small bank serving immigrant communities to its current status as a top player in the banking sector, Israel Discount Bank has a compelling story to tell. So, let’s dive into these facts and discover more about this remarkable financial institution.

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Israel Discount Bank has a rich history.

Established in 1935, Israel Discount Bank is one of the oldest and largest banks in Israel, with a legacy spanning over 85 years.

It offers a wide range of financial services.

Israel Discount Bank provides a comprehensive suite of banking services, including personal banking, business banking, wealth management, and corporate banking solutions.

The bank has a strong presence in Israel.

With over 100 branches across the country, Israel Discount Bank serves customers from various cities and towns, making it highly accessible to the local population.

It has an international footprint.

In addition to its domestic operations, Israel Discount Bank has a global presence, with representative offices and subsidiaries in key financial centers around the world.

The bank caters to both individuals and businesses.

Whether you’re an individual looking for personal banking solutions or a business in need of financial services, Israel Discount Bank has tailored offerings to meet your needs.

It prioritizes technology and innovation.

Israel Discount Bank embraces technological advancements and continuously invests in innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and streamline banking operations.

The bank places strong emphasis on security.

Ensuring the safety of its customers’ assets and information is of utmost importance to Israel Discount Bank. It implements robust security measures to protect against cyber threats and fraud.

Israel Discount Bank supports the community.

The bank actively participates in various corporate social responsibility initiatives, contributing to the well-being and development of the communities it serves.

It has won numerous accolades.

Israel Discount Bank has been recognized for its excellence in banking and customer service, earning prestigious awards and rankings in the industry.

The bank offers specialized financial products.

From mortgages and loans to credit cards and investment options, Israel Discount Bank provides a diverse range of financial products to cater to different financial needs and goals.

It has a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Israel Discount Bank aims to deliver exceptional customer service, prioritizing the needs and preferences of its clients and striving to exceed their expectations.

The bank has a user-friendly online banking platform.

Israel Discount Bank offers a convenient and secure online banking platform, allowing customers to manage their accounts, conduct transactions, and access a range of banking services from anywhere.

It supports entrepreneurship and startups.

Israel Discount Bank promotes and fosters innovation in the business landscape, actively supporting entrepreneurs and startups through dedicated programs and financial assistance.

The bank values diversity and inclusivity.

Israel Discount Bank embraces diversity in its workforce and promotes an inclusive culture, recognizing the importance of different perspectives and experiences in driving success.

It has a strong commitment to sustainable practices.

Recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability, Israel Discount Bank incorporates eco-friendly initiatives and practices into its operations to minimize its ecological footprint.

The bank provides financial education.

Israel Discount Bank offers educational resources and programs to help individuals and businesses improve their financial literacy and make informed financial decisions.

It supports digital transformation.

Israel Discount Bank is at the forefront of digitalization, embracing technology-driven solutions to enhance efficiency, convenience, and accessibility for its customers.

The bank has a dedicated customer support team.

Israel Discount Bank’s experienced and knowledgeable customer support representatives are available to assist customers with their inquiries, ensuring a seamless banking experience.

It continues to evolve and innovate.

As the banking industry evolves, Israel Discount Bank remains committed to adapting to changing customer needs, embracing innovation, and staying ahead of the curve.


In conclusion, Israel Discount Bank is a truly fascinating institution with a rich history and unique offerings. As one of the largest banks in Israel, it has made significant contributions to the country’s financial sector and played a key role in the development of its economy. From its innovative digital services to its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Israel Discount Bank continues to be a leading player in the industry.With a diverse range of products and services, including personal banking, business banking, and international banking, Israel Discount Bank caters to the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Its strong financial position and customer-centric approach make it a trusted choice for banking services in Israel and beyond.Whether you are planning a visit to Israel or simply interested in learning more about the country’s financial landscape, exploring the fascinating facts about Israel Discount Bank offers a glimpse into the intricacies of the banking industry in the region.


Q: What is the history of Israel Discount Bank?

A: Israel Discount Bank was established in 1935 and has a long and prestigious history. It played a crucial role in facilitating economic growth during the early years of Israel’s statehood.

Q: What services does Israel Discount Bank offer?

A: Israel Discount Bank offers a wide range of services, including personal banking, business banking, investments, mortgages, foreign exchange, and international banking.

Q: How can I open an account with Israel Discount Bank?

A: Opening an account with Israel Discount Bank is a straightforward process. You can visit a branch office or complete an online application form on their website.

Q: Does Israel Discount Bank have digital banking services?

A: Yes, Israel Discount Bank offers comprehensive digital banking services, allowing customers to manage their accounts, make payments, and access a range of banking services online or through their mobile app.

Q: What is Israel Discount Bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility?

A: Israel Discount Bank is committed to corporate social responsibility and actively engages in initiatives that promote education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and community development.

Q: Is Israel Discount Bank only available in Israel?

A: While Israel Discount Bank has its roots in Israel, it also operates internationally, providing banking services to clients around the world.