Laurella Luo

Laurella Luo

Published: 22 Sep 2023


Welcome to the thrilling world of Viking Stadion, also known as SR-Bank Arena! This remarkable landmark has captured the hearts of both sports enthusiasts and architecture aficionados. Located in the captivating city of Stavanger, Norway, Viking Stadion stands tall as an emblem of power, passion, and innovation.

As we delve into the astonishing facts about Viking Stadion, prepare to be mesmerized by its grandeur and rich history. From its inception to its modern-day glory, this article will take you on a journey through time and space, uncovering hidden gems and intriguing details along the way.

Join us as we explore the hidden secrets and architectural wonders of Viking Stadion, and discover why it has become a hallowed ground for sports fans and a symbol of pride for the city of Stavanger.

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Viking Stadion (or SR-Bank Arena) is located in Stavanger, Norway.

Viking Stadion, also known as SR-Bank Arena, is situated in the beautiful city of Stavanger in Norway. It serves as the home stadium for Viking FK, one of the country’s most prominent football clubs.

The stadium opened its doors in April 2004.

Viking Stadion (or SR-Bank Arena) was officially inaugurated in April 2004 with a capacity of approximately 16,300 spectators. Since then, it has been a focal point for football enthusiasts in the region.

The unique roof design resembles a Viking ship.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Viking Stadion is its striking roof design, which resembles the shape of a traditional Viking ship. This architectural feature not only pays homage to the club’s name but also adds to the stadium’s visual appeal.

The stadium has undergone several expansions.

Over the years, Viking Stadion has undergone several expansions to meet the increasing demands of the fans. The most significant expansion took place in 2018, which increased the stadium’s capacity to approximately 16,500 spectators.

It boasts a vibrant and electric atmosphere during matches.

When a game is underway at Viking Stadion, the atmosphere becomes electric. The passionate fans, known as the “Siddis” crowd, create an incredible ambiance, chanting and cheering for their beloved team throughout the match.

Viking Stadion has hosted international matches.

Thanks to its modern facilities, Viking Stadion (or SR-Bank Arena) has hosted several international matches, including UEFA Europa League and UEFA Women’s Championship qualifying games. It has proven to be a suitable venue for top-level football competitions.

The stadium offers excellent views from every seat.

Whether you are seated in the stands or closer to the pitch, Viking Stadion ensures that every spectator enjoys excellent views of the action on the field. This enhances the overall match-day experience for fans.

Viking Stadion is surrounded by picturesque scenery.

One of the unique aspects of Viking Stadion is its picturesque surroundings. Located near the Gandsfjorden, the stadium offers breathtaking views of the water and mountains, adding to the overall charm of the venue.

The stadium has hosted concerts and other events.

Viking Stadion is not solely dedicated to football. It has also been a venue for numerous concerts and other events, attracting various artists and performers to showcase their talents in this unique setting.

The stadium has state-of-the-art facilities.

Viking Stadion (or SR-Bank Arena) boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including modern dressing rooms, press conference rooms, and VIP areas. These amenities contribute to making it an ideal location for hosting high-profile events.

The pitch is made of artificial turf.

Unlike traditional grass pitches, Viking Stadion features an artificial turf surface. This ensures a consistent playing field and requires minimal maintenance, allowing matches to go on regardless of weather conditions.

Viking Stadion offers unique hospitality packages.

For those seeking an enhanced match-day experience, Viking Stadion provides various hospitality packages that offer exclusive access to premium seating areas, gourmet food and beverages, and personalized services.

The stadium is easily accessible by public transportation.

Viking Stadion is conveniently located near public transportation options, making it easily accessible for fans attending matches. This accessibility ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey to and from the stadium.

The stadium has a dedicated museum showcasing the club’s history.

Viking Stadion houses a dedicated museum that chronicles the rich history of Viking FK. Fans can delve into the club’s illustrious past, explore memorabilia, and learn about the achievements and legacy of the team.

Viking Stadion supports sustainability initiatives.

The stadium is committed to promoting sustainability initiatives. It has implemented actions to reduce its environmental impact, such as utilizing renewable energy sources, waste management programs, and promoting eco-friendly practices.

The stadium’s record attendance is over 16,900 spectators.

Viking Stadion (or SR-Bank Arena) reached its record attendance during a highly anticipated match, with over 16,900 enthusiastic fans filling the stands to support their team, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Viking Stadion offers guided tours for visitors.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the inner workings of Viking Stadion through guided tours. These tours provide insights into the stadium’s architecture, history, and offer behind-the-scenes access to areas typically off-limits to the public.

Viking Stadion symbolizes the pride and passion of the community.

Viking Stadion (or SR-Bank Arena) stands as a symbol of the community’s pride and passion for football. It serves as a gathering place for fans to come together, celebrate their team, and create lasting memories.


Viking Stadion, also known as SR-Bank Arena, is truly an astonishing landmark. With its impressive architecture, state-of-the-art facilities, and rich history, it stands as a testament to the Viking spirit and the city of Stavanger. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a history buff, or simply appreciate fine engineering, a visit to this iconic stadium is a must.

From its stunning panoramic views of the Gandsfjord to its impeccable pitch and world-class amenities, Viking Stadion offers an unparalleled experience for both spectators and athletes alike. It has not only become a hub for soccer matches but also serves as a venue for various other events and concerts throughout the year.

So, if you find yourself in Stavanger, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the grandeur of Viking Stadion. It’s a place where sports, culture, and heritage come together to create everlasting memories.


1. When was Viking Stadion inaugurated?
Viking Stadion was inaugurated on April 1, 2004.

2. How many seats does Viking Stadion have?
Viking Stadion has a seating capacity of approximately 16,300 spectators.

3. Can I take a guided tour of Viking Stadion?
Yes, guided tours of Viking Stadion are available. You can explore the facilities, learn about its history, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the stadium.

4. Are there parking facilities available?
Yes, there are parking facilities available near Viking Stadion for visitors attending events at the stadium.

5. Can I host private events at Viking Stadion?
Yes, Viking Stadion offers the option of hosting private events such as corporate functions, weddings, and concerts. You can contact the stadium management for more information.

6. Is Viking Stadion easily accessible by public transportation?
Yes, Viking Stadion is well-connected by public transportation. There are bus and train services available that can take you directly to the stadium.

7. Are there any nearby attractions to visit?
Yes, there are several attractions near Viking Stadion, including the Stavanger Cathedral, Norwegian Petroleum Museum, and the charming Old Stavanger district.