Carlyn Wanner

Carlyn Wanner

Published: 19 Sep 2023


Purling Brook Falls is a stunning natural landmark located in the Springbrook National Park in Queensland, Australia. It is a place of awe-inspiring beauty and is considered one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the region. With a total height of 109 meters, Purling Brook Falls is a magnificent sight to behold, drawing in nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers from all over the world.

But there is much more to Purling Brook Falls than just its breathtaking beauty. This natural wonder has a fascinating history and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. In this article, we will delve into 17 mind-blowing facts about Purling Brook Falls that will leave you speechless and eager to explore this incredible landmark for yourself.

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Purling Brook Falls is located in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Surrounded by the lush greenery of Springbrook National Park, Purling Brook Falls is a breathtaking natural wonder that attracts visitors from around the world.

The waterfall has a total drop of 109 meters.

Plunging down into a deep valley, Purling Brook Falls mesmerizes with its impressive height, making it one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Australia.

It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

Immersed in the rich biodiversity of the Gondwana Rainforests, Purling Brook Falls showcases the incredible natural heritage of the region.

The falls are fed by a permanent spring.

Throughout the year, the falls maintain a steady flow of water, providing a constant display of cascading beauty.

There is a well-maintained walking track to reach the falls.

Visitors can embark on a scenic hike through the rainforest, following the Purling Brook Falls Circuit track to witness the grandeur up close.

The track features stunning viewpoints along the way.

As you make your way to the falls, be sure to stop at viewpoints that offer panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape, allowing you to soak in the natural splendor.

The circuit track is approximately 4 kilometers long.

Embarking on the Purling Brook Falls Circuit allows you to enjoy a moderate-level hike that takes you through diverse terrain and captivating surroundings.

Purling Brook Falls is a popular spot for photography.

With its picturesque setting and awe-inspiring cascades, this magnificent waterfall provides photographers with endless opportunities to capture stunning shots.

Swimming is not permitted in the Purling Brook Falls plunge pool.

Due to safety reasons and the fragile ecosystem, swimming is restricted at the base of the falls. However, visitors can still enjoy the mesmerizing views and cool mist from a safe distance.

There is an accessible lookout platform near the falls.

For those with limited mobility, a specially designed lookout platform provides a vantage point to admire the falls without the need for hiking the full circuit.

The falls are surrounded by ancient rainforest.

The lush green canopy of the ancient rainforest creates a stunning backdrop for Purling Brook Falls, transporting visitors to a world of natural wonder.

Purling Brook Falls is home to diverse flora and fauna.

The surrounding rainforest is teeming with life, including a variety of plant species, birds, and other wildlife, offering nature enthusiasts a chance to observe and appreciate the ecosystem.

Visitors may spot native wildlife such as the crimson rosella and eastern whipbird.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the vibrant crimson rosella and the distinct call of the eastern whipbird as you explore the Purling Brook Falls area.

The falls can be visited year-round.

Regardless of the season, Purling Brook Falls is a captivating sight, whether it’s the lush greenery of summer or the misty ambiance of winter.

Picnic facilities are available near the falls.

Take a break from your hike and enjoy a picnic amidst nature, with designated picnic areas providing a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate.

There are other waterfalls in the vicinity of Purling Brook Falls.

For waterfall enthusiasts, exploring the nearby Warringa Pool and Tanninaba Falls adds an extra layer of adventure to your visit to Purling Brook Falls.

Purling Brook Falls offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

The soothing sound of cascading water and the tranquil surroundings make Purling Brook Falls a haven for those seeking solace in nature’s embrace.


Purling Brook Falls is truly a spectacular destination that should not be missed. With its stunning natural beauty, fascinating history, and numerous recreational opportunities, it offers something for everyone. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a serene escape, Purling Brook Falls will leave you in awe.

Make sure to plan your visit properly, follow any safety guidelines, and take in the breathtaking views. Whether you are hiking the trails, taking a dip in the rock pools, or simply admiring the cascading waters, Purling Brook Falls is a sight you won’t forget.

So, why wait? Start planning your trip to Purling Brook Falls today and experience nature at its finest.


Q: How tall is Purling Brook Falls?

A: Purling Brook Falls stands at an impressive height of 100 meters (328 feet), making it one of the tallest waterfalls in Queensland, Australia.

Q: Can we swim at Purling Brook Falls?

A: Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed at Purling Brook Falls due to safety concerns. The water currents and jagged rocks make it dangerous for visitors to swim in the area.

Q: Is there an entrance fee to visit Purling Brook Falls?

A: No, there is no entrance fee to visit Purling Brook Falls. It is a free attraction open to the public.

Q: Are there any hiking trails near Purling Brook Falls?

A: Yes, there are several scenic hiking trails near Purling Brook Falls, including the Purling Brook Falls Circuit, which offers stunning views of the waterfall and the surrounding rainforest.

Q: Can we have a picnic at Purling Brook Falls?

A: Yes, there are designated picnic areas near Purling Brook Falls where visitors can enjoy a picnic amidst the beautiful natural surroundings. Remember to clean up after yourself and leave no trace.

Q: When is the best time to visit Purling Brook Falls?

A: The best time to visit Purling Brook Falls is during the wet season (November to March) when the waterfall is in full flow. However, it is also stunning to visit during the dry season when the surrounding vegetation is lush and green.

Q: Are there any guided tours available for Purling Brook Falls?

A: Yes, there are guided tours available for Purling Brook Falls, providing visitors with a wealth of information about the history, geology, and ecology of the area. It is a great way to enhance your experience and learn more about the falls.

Q: Can we see wildlife at Purling Brook Falls?

A: Yes, Purling Brook Falls is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Keep your eyes peeled and you might spot some native Australian fauna during your visit.