Amberly Gilson

Amberly Gilson

Published: 02 Oct 2023


Mount Democrat, located in the Mosquito Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, is a breathtaking landmark that captivates both nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Rising to an elevation of 14,148 feet (4,312 meters), Mount Democrat is part of a group of prominent peaks known as the Fourteeners, which refers to mountains in the United States that soar above 14,000 feet.

This majestic mountain, named after the Democratic Party, offers a wealth of astounding facts and intriguing features that make it a must-visit destination for hikers, climbers, and all those who appreciate the beauty of nature. Whether you’re planning a challenging ascent or simply want to admire its grandeur from the base, Mount Democrat has something extraordinary to offer everyone.

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Mount Democrat is one of the fourteeners in Colorado.

At an elevation of 14,155 feet (4,315 meters), Mount Democrat is part of the Mosquito Range in the Rocky Mountains.

It is located in the Pike and San Isabel National Forests.

These forests encompass a vast area of central Colorado, providing a stunning backdrop to Mount Democrat.

Mount Democrat was named after the Democratic Party.

The mountain was named during the 19th-century silver rush when miners named peaks after political parties.

It is one of the four peaks in the “Decalibron” loop.

The Decalibron loop is a popular hiking trail that includes four fourteeners: Mount Democrat, Mount Cameron, Mount Lincoln, and Mount Bross.

Mount Democrat offers breathtaking panoramic views.

From the summit, hikers can enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding mountain ranges, including the nearby Tenmile Range.

It is a relatively accessible peak for hikers.

While it requires physical endurance and hiking experience, Mount Democrat is considered one of the more approachable fourteeners in Colorado.

The standard route up Mount Democrat is Class 2.

The standard route involves hiking along a well-defined trail, with some sections of loose rock and steep inclines.

Mount Democrat is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

With its stunning alpine scenery and challenging hiking routes, the mountain attracts hikers, mountaineers, and nature lovers from around the world.

The peak is surrounded by beautiful alpine meadows.

During the summer, vibrant wildflowers blanket the slopes, adding to the picturesque landscape.

Mount Democrat is located in Park County, Colorado.

Park County is known for its scenic beauty, historic mining towns, and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities.

Wildlife can be spotted in the area.

Animals such as marmots, mountain goats, and pikas inhabit the high-altitude environment around Mount Democrat.

Mount Democrat is a challenging winter ascent.

During the winter months, Mount Democrat poses additional challenges due to the potential for extreme weather conditions and avalanche hazards.

The mountain offers diverse hiking options.

There are multiple routes to explore, including variations that involve neighboring peaks such as Mount Cameron, Mount Lincoln, and Mount Bross.

On a clear day, Mount Democrat can be seen from miles away.

Its prominent silhouette and towering presence make it easily recognizable from nearby towns and surrounding mountains.

The summit of Mount Democrat can be reached in a day hike.

With proper planning and preparation, motivated hikers can tackle the mountain and be rewarded with a memorable summit experience.

Mount Democrat is a testament to nature’s grandeur.

Standing atop this majestic peak allows one to appreciate the beauty and immensity of the natural world.


Mount Democrat is truly an astounding landmark, with its rich history, breathtaking beauty, and challenging hiking trails. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a nature enthusiast, Mount Democrat offers an unforgettable experience. From its towering summit to its scenic surroundings, this mountain has an allure that captivates adventurers from all over the world.

As you embark on your journey to Mount Democrat, remember to be prepared, respect the environment, and take in the incredible sights along the way. With its impressive altitude, stunning views, and unique geological features, Mount Democrat is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for any lover of the great outdoors.


Q: How tall is Mount Democrat?

A: Mount Democrat stands at an impressive height of 14,155 feet, making it one of the Fourteeners in Colorado.

Q: Are there any hiking trails on Mount Democrat?

A: Yes, there are several hiking trails that lead to the summit of Mount Democrat. The most popular routes include the Mount Democrat Trail and the North Face Couloir Trail.

Q: Is Mount Democrat a difficult mountain to hike?

A: Yes, Mount Democrat is considered a challenging mountain to hike. It requires proper preparation, physical fitness, and knowledge of high altitude mountaineering techniques.

Q: Can I camp on Mount Democrat?

A: Camping is allowed in the nearby national forest, but not on the mountain itself. There are designated campsites where you can set up your tent and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding wilderness.

Q: What is the best time to visit Mount Democrat?

A: The best time to visit Mount Democrat is during the summer months, from June to early September. This is when the snow has melted, and the weather is more favorable for hiking and climbing.