Benoite Rolon

Benoite Rolon

Published: 19 Sep 2023


Ghelamco Arena is a stunning architectural masterpiece located in Ghent, Belgium. This state-of-the-art stadium is not just a sporting venue but a true landmark in its own right. With its sleek design and innovative features, the Ghelamco Arena has captivated visitors from all around the world.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Ghelamco Arena and discover 15 astonishing facts that make it a truly unique landmark. From its impressive size to its eco-friendly initiatives, this stadium is more than just a place to watch football matches – it is a testament to human ingenuity and progress.

So, buckle up and get ready to be amazed by the incredible features and secrets that the Ghelamco Arena holds!

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The Birth of Ghelamco Arena

Ghelamco Arena, commonly known as the “Temple of Football,” is a state-of-the-art stadium located in Ghent, Belgium. It was officially opened in 2013, making it one of the newest sports venues in the country.

The Construction Marvel

Ghelamco Arena took approximately two years to complete and required an investment of over €70 million. The stadium stands as a testament to modern architectural brilliance, boasting a unique design and impeccable engineering.

Capacity and Ambience

Ghelamco Arena has a seating capacity of 20,000 spectators, creating an electric atmosphere during matches. The stadium has garnered a reputation for its vibrant and passionate fanbase, adding to the overall excitement of the games held here.

Green Initiatives

Ghelamco Arena is not only impressive in terms of sports, but it is also an environmental pioneer. The stadium is equipped with over 3,000 solar panels, providing sustainable energy and contributing to reducing its carbon footprint.

Award-Winning Design

The innovative design of Ghelamco Arena has earned numerous accolades and recognition in the architectural world. It was awarded the prestigious Stadium of the Year title in 2013, solidifying its status as a remarkable sporting venue.

The LED Light Show

Ghelamco Arena is renowned for its stunning light displays. The stadium features an elaborate LED lighting system that enhances the spectator experience with captivating visuals and thrilling pre-match entertainment.

Multipurpose Venue

Ghelamco Arena is not limited to hosting football matches. The stadium is versatile and can be adapted to accommodate various events such as concerts, conferences, and even ice hockey games, making it a true multi-purpose entertainment hub.

Home of KAA Gent

Ghelamco Arena serves as the home ground for the KAA Gent football club. The venue is hallowed ground for the team and its ardent supporters, providing an unbeatable home advantage for the players.

Record Attendance

Ghelamco Arena holds the record for the highest attendance at a KAA Gent match. On December 9, 2015, a thrilling UEFA Champions League encounter against VfL Wolfsburg drew a phenomenal crowd of over 20,000 enthusiastic fans.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Visitors to Ghelamco Arena can enjoy a host of modern amenities, including spacious and comfortable seating, numerous food and beverage options, as well as top-notch restroom facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

Legendary Performances

Throughout its history, Ghelamco Arena has witnessed numerous legendary performances by footballing greats. From breathtaking goals to historic victories, the stadium has become a stage for unforgettable sporting moments.

Recognition on a Global Scale

Ghelamco Arena has gained international recognition as one of the most impressive football stadiums. Its architectural splendor and cutting-edge facilities have earned it a spot among the world’s top sporting venues.

Unforgettable Atmosphere

Stepping foot into Ghelamco Arena is an experience like no other. The passionate fans, the roar of the crowd, and the electrifying energy make for a truly unforgettable atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits.

Hosted European Matches

Ghelamco Arena has had the honor of hosting UEFA Europa League matches, showcasing the stadium’s capability to host high-profile continental competitions. These matches have brought together football enthusiasts from across Europe to witness the action unfold.

Positive Impact on the Community

Ghelamco Arena is not just a remarkable sporting venue but also a source of pride for the Ghent community. It has become a focal point for fans to come together, share their love for football, and celebrate the spirit of unity and sportsmanship.

In conclusion, Ghelamco Arena stands as a shining example of modern stadium construction and design. With its impressive facilities, electrifying atmosphere, and a commitment to sustainability, it has established itself as one of the most iconic and beloved sports venues in Belgium and beyond.


In conclusion, the Ghelamco Arena is truly an astonishing landmark filled with fascinating facts. From its unique architecture to its impressive capacity, this stadium stands out as a testament to modern engineering and design. The combination of versatility and sustainability makes it a true marvel of our time. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or simply interested in iconic landmarks, the Ghelamco Arena is a must-see destination. So, plan your visit and be prepared to be amazed by all that this remarkable stadium has to offer.


Q: How old is the Ghelamco Arena?

A: The Ghelamco Arena was opened in 2013, making it just over 8 years old.

Q: Can I visit the Ghelamco Arena without attending a sporting event?

A: Yes, the Ghelamco Arena offers guided tours for visitors who would like to explore the stadium and learn more about its history and architecture.

Q: What is the seating capacity of the Ghelamco Arena?

A: The stadium can accommodate approximately 20,000 spectators for sports events and up to 22,000 for concerts and other entertainment events.

Q: Does the Ghelamco Arena have any unique architectural features?

A: Yes, the Ghelamco Arena is known for its striking asymmetrical design, with one side of the stadium featuring a wave-like pattern that creates a visually dynamic and modern look.

Q: Is the Ghelamco Arena environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, the stadium was designed with sustainability in mind. It features solar panels, rainwater collection systems, and energy-efficient lighting, among other eco-friendly initiatives.

Q: How many parking spaces are available at the Ghelamco Arena?

A: The stadium has a dedicated parking area with approximately 3,000 parking spaces for visitors.

Q: Can I book tickets for sporting events at the Ghelamco Arena online?

A: Yes, you can purchase tickets for sporting events at the Ghelamco Arena online through their official website or from authorized ticketing platforms.